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The bones in your spine are called the vertebrae. The vertebrae are held together and in place by ligaments and small discs that act as shock absorbers. These control the spine’s range of motion, flexibility and keep the bones and spinal cord safe from damage. However, when a disc is damaged, the inside of the disc can slip out of its place and either bulge or herniate, leaving the spinal joints susceptible to damage. When this occurs, the result is called a “herniated disc”, as well as a “slipped” or “ruptured disc.” Bulging discs are the beginning phase of herniated discs. Very often people have a bulging disc and don’t even know it. Only when the outside of a bulging disc becomes irritated and affects the surrounding tissue does it begin to cause localized pain. With the passage of time, a disc problem can advance and contribute to arm or leg pain depending if the problem is in the neck or back. A herniated disc can be incredibly painful thus hindering a person’s mobility and overall ability to perform day-to-day tasks. Often there is a local mechanical problem in the spine contributing to disc and joint strain, or the body may be compensating, sometimes long term, with faulty movement strategies as we attempt to accomplish our daily routines. These underlying problems persist until appropriate intervention can correct these ingrained patterns.

Elite Physical Therapy Relieves Sciatica TREATMENT FOR HERNIATED DISCS A herniated disc in the neck can be just as painful as a herniated disc in the back. Arm pain from a cervical herniated disc is one of the more common cervical spine conditions treated by spine specialists. A cervical herniated disc usually develops in the 30 - 50 year old age group.

Although a cervical herniated disc may originate from some sort of trauma or injury to the cervical spine, the

symptoms, including arm pain, commonly start from poor posture or muscle strains.

At Elite Physical Therapy, we help people with disc problems everyday. We have successfully treated thousands of people with disc injuries and helped them get back to the activities they love. Our Elite Physical Therapists are trained to examine your spine and movement to find the root cause of your problem. Then we work with you and your doctor to put together a plan that helps you achieve optimum results.

We are so proud to celebrate Elite Physical Therapy’s 15th birthday. Thank you to our patients and providers for your trust, loyalty, and word of mouth, it means the world to us. Thank you for choosing Elite Physical Therapy!

Patient Results

“I am thankful for such an amazing staff!” “During my Rehabilitation progress at Elite Physical Therapy, I found the process which includes scheduling my appointments so stress free! My Elite Physical Therapists knowledge and hands-on expertise helped transition a speedy & successful recovery! I am thankful for such an amazing staff at Elite Physical Therapy!” -N.B.


Elite Physical Therapy Announces Newest Location in Cranston Chapel View

Warwick, RI – Elite Physical Therapy is excited to announce the opening of its newest and ninth Rhode Island location in Chapel View of Cranston, RI. For the past 15 years, Elite Physical Therapy has had great success in helping patients all over Rhode Island, and is now continuing to make traveling easier for their patients by having a second clinic in Cranston. The other clinic will still remain on the East Side of Cranston at 1681 Cranston Street. Elite Physical Therapy’s award-winning team of compassionate highly trained Physical Therapists work one on one with each patient and their doctors to create personalized rehabilitation programs. The Elite Physical Therapists are from around the country and have advanced degrees and specialty training in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, painful spine conditions, surgical rehabilitation, and manual “hands on” treatment techniques. “We are excited about the opportunity to expand in Cranston and share our brand of Physical Therapy”, said Elite Physical Therapy’s Founder and long- time Rhode Islander, Dr. Michael Nula. “Cranston is a great community, and we look forward to making every effort to exceed their expectations when it comes to helping people with their aches and pains.” Elite Physical Therapy’s hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 7am-7pm, and Friday 7am-4pm. Patients are seen within 24 hours, and over 150 different health insurance plans are accepted. Convenient parking is also available at each location.


Exercise Essential Try this simple exercise to relieve back pain...

Helps Relieve Back Pain

PLANK- Forearms and knees While lying face down, lift your body up on your forearms and knees. Try and main- tain a straight spine. Do not allow your hips or pelvis on either side to drop. Try and hold it for 1 minute. Increase duration and frequency as you get stronger.

Have youmet your annual insurance deductible? An insurance deductible is the amount of money that you must pay before your insurance company pays for your medical services. If your deductible is met, your Physical Therapy may not cost you anything. How do you check to see if your deductible has been met? You can call your insurance and ask them, or you can call us and we will gladly check your benefits for you.

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