Breaking Down Sciatica & Getting Relief Naturally

“How Can I Fulfill My New Years Resolution With This Aching Back? ”


It’s a new year and I’re ready to start the year off right and feeling good! You want to make sure you live up to those New Year’s resolutions. And you want back pain and sciatica issues to be a thing of the PAST. We want all those things for you too, so we want to offer you the gift of knowledge and educate you on how powerful physical therapy can be as a natural pain reliever. You can have the lifestyle you want and get back to the fun stuff instead of living with pain or considering surgery. We want to help you get lasting relief from back pain and sciatica. We are the spine and joint specialists on the Northshore and are here to give you honest answers and a correct diagnosis. We can put your mind at ease and help you be pain free. What’scausing lowerbackpain?Someprimarycausesarearthritis,stenosis and disc degeneration. What does that even mean? Let us explain…  As we age, the space between the bones in our back decrease and because of that we shrink. Yikes! Shrink?! This process usually takes place in people 40 years and older...They might say things like: “My pain came on gradually and has just gotten worse over time.”

“It hurts to stand or walk too long or sometimes I just have to find somewhere to sit or lean on a counter to rest my back.”

“I feel better if I sit or lay down with my legs up.”

I know you’re probably thinking, since this is linked to aging, will I ever feel good again and make progress? Yes. We can help you gain mobility, strength and get relief!

“ Most any type of exercise can reduce your risk of low-back pain by between 25% to 40%. ”

- JAMA Internal Medicine, Jan. 2016

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