Beyond Times Square July 2017

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When I was a kid, summer was a chance to take a break. School was out, and the pressures of life seemed to melt away. Those 60 or so days were when I felt most free, and I still cherish those times. Some of my most vivid summer memories involve the years at French Woods Performing Arts Camp. I’ll confess, I was never much of an actor, but I built sets and new friendships. I didn’t worry about homework, grades, or social status. French Woods may have been only a few hours drive from New York City, but it felt like another world entirely.

know what our friends were eating, wearing, and doing every

moment of every day. I’m not saying that technology has made our lives worse, but I do wonder if kids today have the chance to disconnect and just be kids.

As an adult, I find myself reminiscing about the marked difference summer meant to me during my youth. These days, I may not have 60 days away

Living in New York City, I observe the busy, chaotic nature of modern life every time I walk down the street or get on the subway. Commitments only seem to grow bigger and more numerous, and society places a lot of pressure on us to keep moving. This summer, no matter your age, I hope you have a chance to take some time off from your normal routine. Whenever you find some time for solitude and freedom, take it. It may not rival those long summer days you spent as a kid playing all day without a care in the world, but it can still be a powerful experience. When you get that Instagram update or Facebook alert, ignore it. The world will be waiting for you when you get back, but the summer will be over before you know it. – Eric

from my primary responsibilities, but I still value

whatever time I have to take for myself. It’s getting harder and harder, as the world becomes exponentially more connected, but the opportunity to relax and reset is important to me, and I hope you’ll get to experience a little of it in the next few months. Even for kids, these moments are increasingly fleeting. When I was young, I hardly saw my friends from school during summer vacation. We went our separate ways, and there were fewer ways to stay in touch. We certainly didn’t have an endless number of social media platforms letting us


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