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Product Safety and Management

Product Safety Management Systems An efficient product safety management system encompasses the entire lifecycle of the product. With extensive expertise in safety management for land, sea, and aviation products, we ensure the physical and functional safety of your items. Drawing upon our vast experience in these industries, we can assist your organisation in creating a tailor-made safety management system that addresses your specific requirements. A robust safety management system establishes clear methods, processes, roles, responsibilities, and authorities, fostering a safety-conscious corporate culture that empowers the entire team to take ownership and pursue continuous improvement.

Our Safety Mangement Capabilities Our safety management methods identify and access legislation and other requirements applicable to your product and determine how these requirements apply. Techniques and processes applied then identify potential safety hazards, probabilities and residual risks ensuring they are properly documented, managed and reduced to a level that is at least tolerable and so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP) prior to the product’s exposure to end-users and maintainers. Associations built over decades allow us to consult specialist safety organisations for advice, certification, regulation, and approval as appropriate. The competence of our team is regularly assessed, monitored, and recorded. Our safety management experience and capabilities will help your organisation to make more informed decisions during the design process and post-production, reducing the likelihood of your product initiating accidents or incidents.

Key Outputs Key outputs of a safety management activities include hazard logs, summary reports and formal safety reports (safety cases/assessments). Based on comprehensive practical experience, we provide expertise in presenting a body of evidence and structured arguments that explore a product’s level of safety and suitability. These reports demonstrate that adequate requirements have been set, testing and analysis have been undertaken, hazards and probabilities have been identified, and controls along with mitigations have been identified and are in place. Documentation control and configuration is correspondingly maintained by our processes.


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