Portsmouth Aviation Brochure - TECHNICAL

In-Service Support

We understand that many of our customers require in service support after we have created their bespoke products. Consequently, we’ve invested heavily in developing both the expertise and capacity to do so. Our in-service support includes everything from spares provisioning and repairs, obsolescence management and modification, to engineering surveys, fault analysis and maintenance task analysis (MTA). We can also carry out level of repair analysis (LORA) and reliability centred maintenance analysis. As with all our manufacturing work, we collaborate closely with customers to ensure these post-design services satisfy their needs. This means that support is a major consideration from the moment we begin the design process. Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Research has shown that over the whole life cycle of a product, cost of procurement is small compared to the in-service cost of support, both financially and in the availability, or lack of availability, of assets in-service. Integrated logistics support (ILS) can be applied to product acquisition. ILS is a disciplined approach that influences product design and develops a product’s support solution to optimise supportability and Through life finance (TLF). It delivers the initial support package and ensures continued optimisation of the support solution considering product modifications and changes in operational use and requirements. Comprehensive Testing We also specialise in in-house testing, allowing us to fine-tune, adapt and improve weapons integration. Our experienced engineers will provide a comprehensive analysis of all test results and work closely with the customer to ensure that the system meets your precise specifications. Developing Components to Support Weapons and Systems Integration Our precision metal fabrication, 3D printing capabilities, and extensive design experience ensure that we’re able to create, develop and manufacture components to support weapon integration activities within a relatively short timeframe and at a competitive cost.

Technical Authoring and Illustration

Technical Publications Alongside our manufacturing capabilities, Portsmouth Aviation also provides through-life care for our products in the form of technical publications, such as user manuals, instructions and component maintenance manuals. In-House Service Drafting such complex documents requires an in-depth knowledge of the components and experience of drafting text that’s easy to interpret, comprehensible and relevant. Finding organisations or individuals who boast both qualities is remarkably difficult. That’s why we have had the process in- house and developed our own technical publications service for decades.

Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks pose an increasing threat to businesses in every industry.

While commercial aviation businesses have their customers’ personal data to protect, they also have the safety of both employees and clients to consider. In the military sector, the potential ramifications of a breach of cyber security are enormous. Cyber Security Training Alongside software solutions, we also offer cyber security training to those organisations that want to ensure that their employees have a good understanding of the threat they face and how they can protect customer data and their company’s digital systems.


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