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Anchoring access to Kisaruni Anchoring access to Kisaruni in perpetuity. Leaving your legacy for generations to come.

Being in Kisaruni has been a life- changing experience. Some of us came here when we were shy but had big dreams for our futures, and now we are graduating as confident ladies, full of self-fulfillment. —Milcah Chepkirui

They say unity is strength and today I am proud to witness that in my life. This place has shown me that this is the right place to express my talent and personality. I am proud to be a learner at the Kisaruni Girls’ Campus. —Annitah Sintamei

We invite you to invest in the future of the Kisaruni Group of Schools though an endowment that will secure high school education opportunities for young women and men for generations to come.

the ethnic groups who live in the area, and will provide students with guaranteed scholarship availability to remove financial barriers that traditionally prevent them from attending high school. The Kisaruni model has proven to be successful, and now it is time to take that success and secure it for the future. To date, funding for scholarships has been made possible through our community of donors and supporters around the world on an annual basis, matching learners one-to-one with scholarship support. Now is our opportunity to unlock the incredible

Kisaruni Group of Schools. Your gift will empower this ground- breaking post-secondary education model serving young women and men across the Maasai Mara region in Kenya.

WE Charity is proud to be celebrating 25 years of impact at home and around the world. We have taken an extraordinary journey to get where we are today. From humble beginnings starting in 1995 with one child’s fight to end child labor, to building our first school in Nicaragua in 1998, to developing the WE Villages five-pillar model to address the root causes of poverty implemented in over 90 communities—the WE movement has come a long way. We believe the best way to celebrate a quarter-century of doing good is by making strategic investments that will ensure the long-term sustainability of community and regional projects, resulting in a return on investment that will last for generations. That’s why we are honored to invite you to help make this sustainability possible for the

Because of donors like you Kisaruni has been providing award-winning educational

experiences since its opening in 2011. We are now seeking your support to ensure that a long-term and self-sustaining funding model is established. This impact will have tremendous results, and will continue to empower learners to not just excel academically, but also deliver education rooted in job-skill development and meaningful experiences for students to become leaders who contribute to the development of their communities. Your help to establish this sustainable impact will mean Kisaruni can continue to bring peace and cooperation among

transformation Kisaruni has to

offer by endowing these scholarship placements for generations to come.



Unlocking the potential of young learners across the Maasai Mara

Kisaruni at a glance

Milimani (all-girls campus)

Ngulot (all-boys campus)

Kisaruni serves as more than a school, it is a place of inspiration, helping to unlock the potential of young learners across the Maasai Mara. Kisaruni is a home to students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to further their education.

Families spent their days securing the food and water necessary for basic survival. Of course, like all parents, they wanted better for their children. The problemwas finding schools in a region facing extreme poverty. Primary schools didn’t have the resources and classes to accommodate students. High schools were scarce, and those available were often too costly for parents, forcing them to decide which of their children received an education and who would be kept at home. Girls, traditionally responsible for household chores, rarely completed even a few years of primary school. But over the last two decades, families have forged a new path forward. In partnership withWE Charity, families have become healthier, more food secure and now have access to clean, safe drinking water. Parents are delaying the marriage of daughters, instead prioritizing their enrollment in primary education. Today, children are graduating fromGrade 8 in record numbers. But continuing on to high school is still often out of reach. Kisaruni. Every learner receives a scholarship, removing the financial barrier that traditionally prevented them from pursuing their dreams of furthering their education. We started with an inaugural class of 36 passionate girls and have now expanded Kisaruni to also include an all-boys campus, together these schools educate 360 students each year. That is why in 2011 we opened the doors to our first all-girls high school campus in the Maasai Mara,

240 students enrolled

234 students graduated

120 students enrolled

Opened in 2011

Opened in 2017

The first class of 33

students will graduate in December 2020



Ngulot’s learners during their IT class

Milimani’s learners enjoying the library

Milimani students during regular morning classes

Ngulot students engaging in their weekly debate sessions, hosted in their dining hall

Ngulot learners speaking with a local elder during weekly Cultural Friday’s

Ngulot’s learners participating in a science lesson

Welcome to Kisaruni’s all-girls campus, Milimani

More than an education

Extracurriculars at Kisaruni

Kisaruni learners are encouraged to participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities through clubs. Extracurriculars at Kisaruni have enabled learners to nurture their talents, improve on their innovation skills and learn more about themselves and how to cope with their daily life challenges. The clubs include:

Celebrating Kisaruni’s culture

Peace Club

Science and Maths Club

All too often parents are concerned that by attending school, their children will lose their cultural values and abilities that would typically be taught in their homesteads as they transition into adulthood. But Kisaruni stands uniquely as a place where learners are encouraged to be proud of their cultures, to communicate confidently and to engage actively in their own learning process. Working in partnership with community members, the student body and leading academic experts, we have designed a model of education that transforms the lives of young people so that they can become leaders who contribute to the development of their communities. Core tenets of this model include:

Red Cross Club

Scouting Club

Journalism Club

Young Farmers Club

Active learning

Valuing culture

Giving back

Environmental Club

Music and Drama Club

• School lessons are multi- dimensional, students who identify as “learners” engage actively in the process of exploring ideas, mastering and applying concepts, and generating solutions to problems • Students self-organize study sessions and tutoring to help other students who need support in a subject • Students host practice exams in preparation for the real exams, where students who are excelling in the subject provide test support to those who need it the most

• Cultural Fridays welcome parents and community members to share their knowledge, talents and skills • Senior Maasai and Kipsigis learners are paired with incoming students as part of the school-wide mentorship program • Students from both cultures sit side by side in class • Murals of Maasai and Kipsigis families are visible across the campus • Parents are encouraged to visit campus regularly

• As a way to promote leadership and maintain the learners’ relationships with their communities, students are encouraged to develop service-learning projects, that they implement during their school breaks, on issues like early childhood marriage, the importance of education or the environment • Students regularly give back to those who live close to campus. Activities include: • Smearing the homes of elders (a local method of maintaining the home) • Helping elders with chores and tilling their land



Making the impossible possible for students like Wilter

Growing up in rural Kenya, Wilter dreamed of one day completing a university degree, a nearly impossible feat. Wilter’s parents struggled to send her and her four older brothers to primary shcool full time. Like many families, they required help with household chores like fetching water and collecting firewood. As she got older, she found it increasingly difficult to keep up with her school work. In order to avoid repeating a grade, she relied on her brothers and friends to bring her schoolwork home and tutor her. As she approached the end of 8th grade, Wilter’s father expected her focus to shift to mastering the skills of household management—key for any future bride. But first she had to be circumcised. Her mother’s pleas to let Wilter finish primary school went unanswered. Wilter’s only choice was to flee. She spent the next month living in the forest, surviving off wild plants, but knew she couldn’t live in the forest forever. Knowing she couldn’t return home, she relied on the kindness of strangers for food and shelter for months. Along the way she learned about Kisaruni and the full scholarships offered.

But before she could apply, she needed her family’s blessing. So she returned home with the school principal to plead for her father’s permission. Reluctantly, he agreed. For the next four years, Wilter thrived. She got top grades and became head of the student council. She returned home for breaks with prizes and awards. And, over time, her father started to understand the impact her education could have on the whole family. By the time she graduated, he had become one of her biggest champions. Wilter’s journey isn’t didn’t end there. She recently graduated from the University of Mombasa with a degree in TourismManagement. And while she applies for her Master’s, she is putting her degree to work with WE, both as a trips facilitator and a mentor to students at Kisaruni. In their spare time, Wilter and her father remain committed to helping shift perceptions about the value of educating girls, so that others can learn from their shared journey.

“It wasn’t so long ago that my dreams of achieving an education were out of reach. But thanks to Kisaruni, the impossible has become possible.”

-Wilter, Kisaruni Graduate, pictured center with current Kisaruni students

Invitation to invest

What investing in Kisaruni’s future will unlock

We invite you to consider investing in the future

Sustainined funding for Kisaruni will provide up to 360 students per year access to a high-quality high school education in perpetuity. Funding will ensure that all operational and student costs are secured over the long term. These include:

students of Kisaruni. Your gift will fulfill the dreams of boys and girls, who right now, and in the future, are dreaming of one day calling themselves a “Kisaruni student.” This is a unique moment to create a true living legacy; one that your loved ones will be able to follow and visit when the moment is right. We look forward to working with you to bring this gift to life in a truly personalized way, meeting your unique philanthropic goals. Options include bequests, a gift in honor of a loved one, honoring a unique milestone like a graduation, wedding or retirement, a monthly gift, or part of a multi-year pledge. A gift of $50,000 USD ($65,000 CAD) can unlock a legacy for your family to cherish for generations to come.

Room and board for all students

Classroom supplies

Uniforms for all students

Access to best-in- class education facilitators and program administrators

Extracurricular programs and resources

Student field trips

Ongoing maintenance and operations

In Partnership with RBC Investments Funds invested in Kisaruni’s legacy will be managed by RBC Wealth Management. RBC is Canada’s largest company by market capitalization and is ranked 10th by Global Finance for the World’s 50 Safest Banks. RBC Wealth Management serves the needs of institutions and individuals worldwide, managing over $700 billion of investments through a full range of tailored solutions. WE Charity has a close partnership with RBC and can confidently guarantee the greatest impact of your support.



Recognizing your investment in Kisaruni

Forever honoring your support

We would be honored to recognize this contribution by:

Your incredible gift will be permanently honored with custom plaque featured in the legacy pavilion, hosted centrally at Kisaruni’s all-girls campus, Milimani. The pavilion will be a special place for Kisaruni students, faculty and visitors for generations. It will serve a source of inspiration, where they can experience the incredible global community of supporters, like you, who have enabled the world-class education of Kisaruni to be possible. While the impact of your investment will be realized by the future generations of Kisaruni learners, we want to recognize this gift today. We will invite you to select a meaningful quote or words of encouragement to be featured on your custom plaque, that will inspire both current students of Kisaruni, and students for generations to come. We hope that your friends and loved ones will also visit and be inspired by the very words you choose today. Passing this legacy on, from generation to generation. Celebrating this legacy of education, from generation to generation.

• Providing annual reports on the ongoing activities at Kisaruni Group of Schools and the successes of the students

• Sharing updates with stories from the students throughout the year

• Recognizing your gift inWE Charity’s annual report

• Inviting you to join us in Kenya at Kisaruni for the annual student graduation ceremony

• Sharing a welcome note from the incoming freshman class

• Installing a plaque in our legacy pavilion at Kisaruni, celebrating your investment



Join us to make sustainable, transformative change happen Anchoring the future of Kisaruni will empower a generation of young Kenyans with the opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their families. The impact of this transformational gift will help shape the future of our WE Villages partner communities, helping them achieve what they never dreamed possible. Families have done their part: they have delayed the marriage of their daughters. They have worked hard to invest in their children’s educations. It’s time for us to do our part. Contact us today to ensure Kisaruni’s doors remain open for generations to come.

To discuss your legacy, we invite you to contact us or email donate@we.org.


WE Charity has a proven track record of success

Financially efficient

A trusted partner and award-winning organization 90% 10% of donations go directly to programs of donations go to administrative costs

WE is proud to celebrate 25 years of doing good. WE Charity works to ensure high impact, accountability, transparency, efficiencies and innovation. Our models of engagement and operations ensure the most effective use of donations.

International development

WE Villages is a proven model of development in Africa, Asia and Latin America, working with over one million beneficiaries. Five Pillars of Impact—education, water, health, food and opportunity—provide our partner communities with tool to lift themselves out of poverty and work toward self-sufficiency within five to eight years.

Good Housekeeping Humanitarian Seal, 2017

World Economic Forum, 2008

Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, 2007

200,000 students provided with a quality education



people with access to clean water and sanitation programs and facilities

in medical supplies provided to health facilities serving our partner communities

Interbrand Iconic Canadian Brands, 2017

Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures, 2013 and 2016

Canada’s Most Admired CEO, 2015

15M+ 30,000+

nutritious meals produced by farmers and families with our support

women empowered with financial independence

Service-based learning

MoneySense “The Charity 100”, 2017


State of the World Forum Award, 1997

WE Schools is an experiential service-learning program where students apply their academic learning to real-life challenges, and are empowered to create positive change in their community and around the world. The program has proven outcomes for students including increased academic engagement, improved university and workplace readiness, and increased active citizenship.


5.3M $321M+

Notable – Canada’s Top 5 Charities Run by Young Professionals, 2013

Canada’s Top Employers for Young People, 2011, 2012, 2013

Roosevelt FreedomMedal, 2008

schools and school groups engaged

youth engaged globally

created in social value annually *

*Social Value = total funds raised for local and global causes + value of the weight of food collected + the value of hours volunteered. Source: WE Schools, Global Year in Review 2018-2019.

We’ve also been recognized by Charity 100, The Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards, World’s Children’s Prize and WANGO, among others.



339 Queen St E, Toronto, Ontario M5A 1S9 Canada tel: 1-800-203-9091 ext. 1112 | e-mail: donate@WE.org Tax ID: Canada 88657 8095 RR0001, U.S 501 (c) (3)-16-1533544, England & Wales 1138645, Scotland SC045815


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