Mark Catesby's Natural History - An Introduction

This handsome book is the perfect introduction to Mark Catesb), -artist, scientist and nplorer. It provides an overview of Catesby's travel:$ as he explored southeanemNorthJUnerica before the land wu extensively populated byEurope.ans. His paintings we- r ecreated to showth� wonders ofAmerica to the people across theAtlantic who could never travel so far. Thanks to this book and it; interpretive te,..1, we can still marvel at these pictures today.

Gtyn Church,New Zealand -Author of CompleteH,ydrangea.s and horticulturist

Mark Catesby wa; a plantmian of rare vision and an artist of ex.b'aordin.ary slcilL As anaturalist, Cates:b)• was the first to suggest the intricate relationships between plants and birds long before the term "ecology" was widemood. Thu beautifulty illustrated bookintroduces Catesby•s genius to anyone cwiow about the natural world. A splendid introduction for rtudents and for all those who still love to explore.

Linda of BeatrixPoner: .A Life inNanue.

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