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There is more to this system than meets the eye! You can perform both static and dynamic assessments and training with up to 20 different levels of instability.

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INSIDE : • Introducing Our Virtual Reality Balance System • Activities To Improve Your Balance

• Thank You For Being Our Valentine! • What Our Patients Have To Say


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INSIDE : • Activities To Improve Your Balance • What Our Patients Have To Say Our tecnobody balance system has a wide base which allows both single and double leg stance assessments to be performed while also having the ability for one of the two main axes to be locked, limiting movement to be solely front-back or solely left-right. It also has a trunk sensor so the patient’s trunk movements can be assessed as well. Each patient’s specific training programs and profiles are recorded and provides real time assessment and data analysis so their therapist can keep track of their progress and the patient can bring the report to their doctor! In addition; it has training protocols for specific conditions, base line concussion testing, keeps a report on patients statistics which include force, balance, stability, flexibility, flexion and more!

• Thank You For Being Our Valentine! • Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The purpose of the games are for training specific conditions and movements tailored to each patient. Each patient will have their own unique assessment which will provide precise and detailed data that will be used to measure progress and create specific training plans and programs for evidence based outcomes! The software of every TechnoBody system offers a wide range of assessments, training, games, and activities that provide precise and detailed data that is used to measure progress and create powerful specific training plans and programs.

Available in both Great Neck and Farmingdale offices!


Activities To Improve Your Balance

You can benefit from better coordination and balance activities at any age. A stronger, more balanced body relieves aches and pains, while improving your ability to move faster... Here are some activities to improve your balance: 1. Standing Glute Set - Stand with feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent. Squeeze buttocks together gently, knees should turn out a little. Do not squeeze so hard that you tilt your pelvis hold for 10 seconds, 10 times. Progression - Repeat this exercise standing on one leg. This exercise should be done near a counter or in a doorway for support as needed. Balance for as long as you can up to 1 minute 3 times on each leg. 2. Single Leg Stance - Stand on one leg with knee slightly bent. Make sure your hips remain even. This exercise should be done near a counter or in a doorway for support. Balance for up to 1 minute using assistance as needed, repeat 3 times on each leg. Progression - Repeat single leg stance standing on a pillow or cushion to increase difficulty. Visit a Physical Therapist: Physical therapy is very important to strengthening joints and learning the right exercises to improve balance. A professional can help you develop a program that plays into your strengths while increasing your ability to balance and reduce back injuries.

Back injuries plague the majority of people in the United States, yet you don’t have to be one of them. Strengthening and improving the flexibility of your spine along with better balance most often completely relieves symptoms. Contact your physical therapist to come in for a free balance screening today. Discover the root cause of your problem, before it’s too late!!

What Our Patients Have To Say

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“Reddy-Care is the best thing that has happened to me in my life.” “BENEFICIAL TO ALL AND THANK YOU FROM THE SENIORS! I love Kate and I am so happy with her! Reddy-Care is the best thing that has happened to me in my life. When I fell and couldn’t get up I knew physical therapy would help. I was recommended to Reddy-Care and it has made me a different person. I have another life besides the disability now.” - Rita “They made me feel as comfortable as much as possible...” “I love Reddy-Care!!! I went for a year from September 2017 - September 2018, for a “Frozen Shoulder,” and other ailments for which I can’t even explain. My condition was horrible, I couldn’t even lift my arm or do daily activities without crying. The pain was excruciating. I had two great therapists Prabal and Stelios, who pushed me to attend my appointments, perform at-home exercises, and eventually modified yoga. I thank God for these two therapists, they were amazing and funny. They made me feel as comfortable as much as possible, even in the midst of pain. I now have my independence, able to do yoga, lift weights and am able to engage in normal daily activities with no pain. Thanks, Gerri, Prabal, and Stelios!!!!” - Samantha “...I truly suggest everybody to come here. The therapists are great.” “Reddy-Care is great! I think everyone should come to Reddy-Care! I’ve been here so many times, even if I don’t have to do have physical therapy I will come just to exercise. I truly suggest everybody to come here. The therapists are great. I work with Stephanie, she is #1. And all the other assistants are wonderful as they give you a lot of attention. I’ve only had good experiences!” - Jaynie

Rita Levey, Occupational Therapy Director Rita graduated from New York University with a Masters of Arts in Occupational Therapy. Since then, she has received several awards for her leadership and service and loves to participate in post-graduate work. Rita has over 25 years of experience and is now the director of our In-Home Occupational Therapy Program! Rita has extensive experience that ranges working with patients who’ve had injuries to their hand, spinal cord, brain, neurologic dysfunction, stroke recovery, MS, Parkinson’s, and the severely disabled. We are excited to have Rita part of our team and know she will make a huge difference in her patient’s lives, as she’s had for many years! Here is what one of her patient’s has to say: “The occupational therapy by Rita Levey, OTR is really improving the quality of life for my husband, Alan. Rita is detail oriented, flexible, and incredibly supportive of my husband. Rita goes above and beyond in scheduling the sessions to optimize his strength, sometimes of the day are more tiring for him. Rita assessed our home for improvement; our son is thrilled that his dad’s in house wheelchair will be used in the kitchen. Rita will integrate Alan’s fine motor skills to join the family as a meal mate. Alan has really benefited from the therapy as well as the face to face interactions with Rita. Rita is a terrific therapist, she has the empathy that goes with her expertise. Specifically, the sitting in the chair to help his trunk support and fine motor skills is the noteworthy improvement. Thank you!” - Dana Staff Spotlight

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

In-Home Physical & Occupational Therapy

Defy The Effects Of Gravity! The Anti Gravity Treadmill can reduce your body weight to as little as 20%! This technology supports walking and running biomechanics, helping you to achieve your goals and improve your daily functions. Balance training on the Anti-Gravity Treadmill improves walking capacity and postural balance in patients who have deconditioned and are weak. It may be hard for patients to do this while fully bearing weight on the ground. Therefore, reducing the amount

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of gravity helps patients work on their mechanics with ease. Here Edmon is using the treadmill to reduce the pain in his back, allowing him to be able to walk for longer periods of time. Eventually, he’ll be able to bear his full weight on the ground and will be able to walk with better posture, for a longer period of time.

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