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Someone asked me recently what my favorite thing about August was. I said, “It’s too hot for anything to be my favorite.” That isn’t completely true. August is the sweltering bookend of the Louisiana summer that seems long, but we miss it when it’s gone. You could chalk my momentarily cynical attitude up to the heat of the day.

the Fourth of July, and the little adventures they went on with their friends. They’ll think fondly of those lazy afternoons on the riverbanks with their lines in the water.

Of course, they have evenings and weekends to keep that up, just as we do. But when I was a kid in school, I certainly daydreamed about those quiet afternoons by the water, impatiently waiting to catch a crawfish or two.

When I really reflect on August, my mind goes to the upcoming months when we’ll miss summer the most. We’ll have periods where the wind and rain will sting, and the temperatures will cool down so much that we can’t let our screen doors filter the chilly air. Even though the heat can be suffocating, we ought to make a final note of the joys of summer.

The kids accept their fate, but summer doesn’t always go so quietly. You and I both remember how bad the

floods were last year; the rain seemed relentless. They say the floods cost $10–15 billion in damages. Likewise, August finds us in the peak of hurricane season. I pray that whatever comes, we can be safe, and that our law firm can do its part to help the community in times of crisis.

One demographic is particularly skilled at appreciating summer and everything that comes with it. At the end of August, the school bells ring and class begins for the young people of our community.

Whatever happens, at least we have football to look forward to. It seems to me that Ed Orgeron has put together a great team this year that can compete against other strong SEC teams. We also have the Warriors of Oakdale and other area high school teams to tailgate for and support. There’s nothing like a good game of football to bring a community together.

Just as I miss the warmth, I also find myself missing the steady noise of children playing around the neighborhood. Their laughter, often confused for ruckus, is one of the little things that makes our town feel like a community. If they’re anything like me, the pupils will spend periods of their class time daydreaming about the freedom of summer. In their minds, they’ll replay the pool parties, the sights and tastes of

From us to you, enjoy the rest of your summer!

– J. Cra ig Jon e s a nd Cra ig Ra y Hill


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