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BUSINESS February 1957


Another 8-page Green Report: The Cult of Anglo-1sraelism see page 23



Today at BIOLA there are 134 students in the college program training to be public school teachers. There’s a lot of talk nowadays about how bad things are in our public schools. Actual­ ly our public schools are doing a tremendous job . . . but we believe it’s mighty impor­ tant what the teachers believe. You don’t have to worry about a Bible college-trained teacher getting involved in atheistic Com­ munism . . . or any atheistic philosophy. A Christian public school teacher not only teaches our traditional democratic way of life . . . he also takes time to develop and protect the all-important spiritual values of each pupil. Isn’t this worthwhile? BIOLA can train students for such im­ portant life jobs only as Christians give generously. Your gift is needed now more than ever before. BIOLA has four schools: Bible Institute, College, Schocl of Mission­ ary Medicine, Talbot Theological Seminary. Please use coupon on page 37.

Field Department Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc 558 So. Hope St., Los Angeles 17

Hawaii’s all yon expected

and more!


Jointie 1957 CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE CRUISE with Dr. James T. Martin

of the Pacific combined with Christian fellow ship and Bible Study.

Highlights of Your Trip Bible study under three outstanding pastors and Bible scholars Seven Conference Sessions in three Honolulu Churches. V isits to M ission Stations. Daytime reserved for sightseeing. Five organized Island Tours. Leisurely living in Luxurious M oana Hotel on W a ik ik i Beach. H aw aiian Luau — N ative Feast — served by local church. O ptional tours to neighbor islands. Round trip cruise aboard palatial Luxury Liner SS Lurline 4 V 2 days in each direction. A ll First Class. Finest of Food. Or, 7 V i hours each way on Pan Am erican's new D C 7C "m id n ig h t to daw n" fast and com fortable carriers. Your Hosts Rev. and Mrs. Arvid F. Carlson of Pasadena's Mission Covenant Church. Dr. and Mrs. John G. Mitchell of Portland's Central Bible Church. Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Munger of Berkeley's First Presbyterian Church. MAIL COUPON TODAY —

'4 d a y - s*4 H a * a ,L ' *

SEE breathtaking beauty in an enchanted won­ derland. .;

for information regarding baggage, clothing, costs, and reservations.

Dr. James T. Martin Chevy Chase Baptist Church 1209 East Garfield Glendale 5, California

Please send complete details regarding the H aw aiian Christian Conference Cruise.


O PT ION A L ROUND TRIP BY AIR If your tim e is lim ited you can go v ia Pan Am erican Airw ays leaving Los Angeles, San Fran­ cisco, Portland or Seattle on Fri­ day, A ugust 9. Return August 26. This gives you 16 fu ll days in the Islands.



. Zone_

L e a r n t h e

D e e p T r u t h s of G o d ’ s W o r d i n MOODY

New happenings with staff & contributors O f the four leading evangelical maga­ zines today as far as we know, T h e K i n g ’ s B u s in e s s is the only one printed by a Christian press (the Church Press, Glen­ dale, Calif.). The press is owned by Bernard Farson and son, Ken. Ken’s brother, Allen, is also in the printing business. After going out as a missionary with Wycliffe, Allen now (for more than


A g a in t h i s y e a r . .

FUS TW O G R E A T 3 -W E E K S E S S IO N S I 111 L . J u n e i f _ to J u l y 5 J u l y 8 to J u l y , 2 6 : MORE THAN 50 BIBLE-CENTERED SUBJECTS including analysis courses in Leviticus, Psalms, Zechariah, John, Acts and Hebrews—and Bible Synthesis covering the Old Testament from Job to Malachi A Consecrated Faculty of 40 • No Tuition to Pay • Only $15.00 a Week for Room and Board • Located in Chicago Near Beautiful Lake Michigan HERE'S WHAT STUDENTS SAY ABOUT SUMMER SCHOOL: Courtes: “ Bible subjects very inspiring" “Instruction most helpful" Food: “Excellent meals!" “Well planned and varied menus!" Faculty: “Always so friendly and ready to help" “Sincerely interested in students" Christian Work Assignments Facilities: “Little kitchens in dorms are ideal!” “Bookstore handy, sweet shop convenient!”

Allen & Ken Farson In Cuernavaca, gay entertainment.

10 years) runs a large printing establish­ ment in Cuernavaca, some 50 miles Aca­ pulco-way from Mexico City. His specialty is turning out gospel literature in Spanish and difficult Indian dialects. All of which brings us around to saying that a fort­ night ago brother Ken returned after a three-week visit with brother Allen. The visit is a yearly affair. And this year as usual the brothers Farson took time out to run through a stack of music rolls for Allen’s ancient player piano. Just about the gayest entertainment in Cuernavaca. As far as we are concerned the Farsons— father and sons— are three gentlemen with just about the most genuine Christian wit­ ness we know. Last month we carried a story about an ex-gambler who now manufactures vita­ mins. A nice switch. Which reminds us of another Christian in the vitamin busi­ ness. He’s Leslie C. Ward. His is the Pas-Cal Company of Altadena, Calif. He’s been a steady advertiser in T h e K in g ' s B usiness for a good many years now. Ward is the kind of Christian who believes in giving more than the biblical tithe . . . a custom more talked about than prac­ ticed nowadays. The Pas-Cal people give a whopping 40% discount to missionaries equipping for foreign fields and 15% to full time Christian workers in the U.S.

(Optional for Summer School students): “Challenging" . . . “very fine experience" “A very special blessing to me” Devotional Program: “Inspiring” . . . “exceptionally good" “A great personal blessing" Christian Fellowship: “Friendliness was outstanding" “One of the best things"

CHURCH MUSIC WORKSHOP . . . will be offered by the Sacred Music Department during the first week of the second session. Summer School students may attend some sessions of the workshop if they choose. For information write the Sacred Music Department at the Institute.

Because of the large num ber of students planning to attend Summ er S ch ool this year, we suggest you apply early! Registration has been greatly sim plified . . .

HURRY! • • •

WRITE TODAY for free catalog and application papers.

A d d ress O FFICE O F A D M IS S IO N S , Dept. K-37-331

Dr. William Culbertson, president

Dr. S. Maxwell Coder, dean



A publication of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor


S. H. Sutherland, President

Ray A. Myers, Chairm an of the Board

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FEBRU ARY In the year o f our Saviour

VoK 48, No. 2

Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Seven

Established 1910

S 1

Dedicated to the spiritual development of the Christian home

ARTICLES FOR MEN ONLY — Beautiful girls & my uncle Charlie ................. 11 HELP FOR LITTLE LA U R A— Photo Story ......................................... 12 PERSEVERING PRAYER — Andrew Murray ......................................... 14 LIVING IS CHRIST — Arthur B. Whiting ........................................... 16 THE CULT OF ANGLO-ISRAELISM — Louis T. Talbot .................... 23 YOUR CARE AND CHRIST— Poem — Albert Simpson Reitz ...... 29 FEATURES NEW — Happenings with staff and contributors ............................... 4 READER REACTION ................................................................................ 6 UNDER THE PARSONAGE ROOF — Althea S. Miller ...................... 8 PEOPLE — A monthly column of names in the news .................... . 9 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK ..................S............................................... 10 WORLD NEWSGRAMS — James O. Henry .................................... 20 WORDS FROM THE WORD — Charles L. Feinberg ........................ 22 OUT OF THE LAB: The Bible & Science— Donald S. Robertson .. . 31 THEOLOGICALLY THINKING — Gerald B. Stanton ......................... 32 JUNIOR KING'S BUSINESS ROUND-UP Fancy Frank — Leonard Eilers ....................................................... 33 Lazy Little Beaver — Betty Bruechert ......................................... 38 BOOK REVIEWS — Donald G. Davis .................................................... 42 SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES: ACTS — Chester J. Padgett ........ 44 DR. TALBOT'S QUESTION BOX ................................|.......................... 48 TALKING IT OVER — A psychologist answers — Clyde Narramore 49


S TA R T with this issue. Glance down the list of contents in the column at the left. There’s an article on a really prac­ tical approach to Christian living by Dr. Whiting. Another on cults by Dr. Talbot. A prayer classic by Andrew Murray. Then there’s a brand new feature for "men only” that is planned with the unchurched male in mind . . . this page might even be of interest to women too! And for the boys & girls . . . more pages than ever. All this year we’ll be featuring Western-style stories by Leon­ ard Eilers . . . the kind of reading that fairly breathes with the vitality of the open range. Well, that’s just a start. We’ve planned this issue and all the ones throughout the coming year to appeal to every member of the family. Send in your order now . . . and pay later if you wish. Thank you.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION OBJECT LESSONS — Elmer L. Wilder .................................................. 46

COVER The great deserts of A rizo n a and C a lifo rn ia are delightful places during the w inter months. M a n y Christians are finding the desert a vacation place that affords vast solitude and beauty, and a quiet setting for m editation on the things o f the Lord. T h is photo is of the sand dune area in Death V alley. — Photo by Haines

your name


S. H. SUTH ERLAND : editor

LLO YD H AM ILL: m anaging editor M ILTO N R. SUE: advertising manager J. RUSSELL ALLDER: business m anager

L U C Y B A R A JIK IA N : editorial assistant JA N E M . C LA R K : circulation manager




editorial board: Donald G. Davis, Charles L. Feinberg, James O. Henry, M artha S. Hooker, M argaret Jacobsen, Chester J. Padgett, Donald S. Robertson, Oran H. Sm ith, Gerald B. Stanton

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send g ift card signed this way




Greece is a predominantly Greek Orth­ odox country with a small Protestant minority which seeks to preach the Gos­ pel. To be a Protestant in Greece many times means persecution and discrimina­ tion. It costs something to be a born- again believer in Greece, but it costs more to serve the Lord. In a town called Volos, the 4th largest in Greece, there was a terrible earthquake which destroyed 80% of the buildings, among them houses of the believers, the Evangelical Church and the parsonage. The Gospel worker here is Rev. Basil Sakellis, supported by the American Mis­ sion to Greeks. From this missionary, who with his wife and two little children is living in a room that is ready to fall on them and kill them, came the following word after five new tremors which they recently experienced: “If you could only for one moment enter into our experience, you would be able to understand the pain of our hearts. An earthquake is the worst thing that one could experience. If you are ill, you know what to do; if you are thirsty, you know where to go to quench your thirst, but when the earth is furi­ ously shaking under your feet, and you cannot even stand upright, where can you go, how can you support yourself? With the help we have received from the American Mission to Greeks, you have allowed a ray of hope to come to us. Rescue us from death. We need shelter. We need to move out of the ruins. During one of our recent tremors part of the ceil­ ing fell on the bed on which our little boy and girl were lying and almost killed them. We have been able to build two rooms in an earthquake-proof manner, but we need another $300 for the doors and windows and the roof in order to move in.” Just think of these servants of Christ in the cold of winter. If you were in their place you would like someone to come to your rescue. Do unto them as you would have liked others to do unto you. And from Nitsa, the dear wife of this missionary, there came the following letter: "It is the utter need in which we are found that has forced me to write. My husband has no shirts to wear. I have been mending what he has over and over again, but there is nothing much I ' can do anymore. They are rags. Could you not please send him some? Our need is beyond description. I haven’t been able to buy milk or an egg for my children for two months now. I am ashamed to write this, but it is the heartbreaking need of my children that forces me to do it.” We hope that every reader’s heart will be deeply touched by the urgent need of this missionary couple laboring for Christ in Greece. W e hope and pray that their appeal to you will not go in vain. Send your gifts for them to: American Mission to Greeks, Inc., Box 423, Dept. K, New York 36, N.Y. (In Canada: 90 Duplex Ave., Toronto 7, Ontario.) Any good used clothing you wish to send, please address to: 265 West 79th Street, New York 24, N.Y. (Do not send clothing from Canada.)

¡ le a d e r l^ e u c tio n

text as it attempts to deal with Revelation 3:10. Does “keep from” mean “rapture out of”? If I may refer to the warning of our Lord in Gethsemane (“Pray that ye enter not into temptation” ) I may well ask: Did Jesus mean to pray to be raptured out of the world? If this cannot be proved, then neither can it be proved from Revelation 3:10. To be kept from the hour of world­ wide temptation does not necessar­ ily involve a pre-tribulation rap­ ture. To those who are about to be rap­ tured, all talk of the horrors of the tribulation would to all practical purposes be meaningless. What is the point of warning the Church about the antichrist if the Church is never going to meet him? But Paul emphatically does warn the Church on just this subject. It is an interesting phenomenon that pre- tribulationalism’s complacency is also coupled with a great amount of idle curiosity about the tribula­ tion. I don’t need to tell you about this. It is the stock in trade of many a prophecy speaker. I remem­ ber once T h e K in g ’ s B u sin e ss car­ ried a prophecy article by Louis Bauman entitled, “God and Gog in 1936 (? ).” That question mark didn’t quite save his reputation as far as I was concerned. But it illus­ trates perfectly what I am saying. San Francisco, Calif. Rev. Edwards E. Elliott First Orthodox Presbyterian Church Forty Years a Subscriber Sirs: I had thought I would have to do without the magazine this year but while reading the last issue, I decided that I could not well afford to do so. If I recall correctly I have been a steady subscriber for over

What's the Answer?

Sirs: Couldn’t help but notice the ad­ vertisement on the inside front cover of your January issue. Inter­ esting . . . but frightfully disturb­ ing! My roommate and I agree the little stick figures in the ad repre­ sent the 134 student teachers re­ ferred to. So we counted the stick figures. Our fast count produced 181. What’s the answer? Los Angeles, Calif. Laura Johnson Betty Freberg Sirs: That ad . . . the artist is haywire. I count 179. Portland, Ore. William Sprigs Th e answer (h igh ly unofficial) is 183. W e quizzed the artist and h ere’s his version: T h e little stick figures do represent the 134 student teachers. T h e 49 extra ones are a product o f over-enthusiasm, “. . . I just got started and couldn’t stop.” R eaders wishing to verify the num­ ber o f stick figures can take a crack at it again this month. T h e sam e ad appears on the inside front cover. —ED. Sirs: I would like to commend you highly for short items in the Christ­ mas issue this year. Althea Miller’s “Ready for Christmas” contains tre­ mendous truth. God bless you for printing this article. It should be made into a tract and given out by the thousands to Christians. Morro Bay, Calif. Ralph G. Wooding Pre-tribulationalism Sirs: The article on pre-tribulational­ ism (K.B., Oct., 1956) contains sev­ eral examples of reading into the Ready for Christmas

40 years. Tucson, Ariz.

Albert C. Stewart



DO YOU HAVE 1300, 1500 or 11,000?

This will interest YOU . . . Our field representatives meet Christian men and women quite frequently who are looking for places to invest their money. Most of them need a return on their savings. Some are considering investments in stocks. But because of their limited knowledge of stocks and bonds, they are reluctant to buy. Others hesitate because of market fluctua­ tions, uncertainty of dividends, etc. And some tell us of disappointing experi­ ences on their investments. * * * Without exception, a ll are looking for security . . . a guarantee that they will be as­ sured of a generous income. Something they can count on as long as they live . . . in good times or bad . . . regardless of whether the stock market is up or down. But they’re interested in something else, too. ♦ ♦ ♦ You should see their faces light u p . . . when we tell them about the DOUBLE DIVIDENDS provided by Moody Annuities. When we tell them that Moody Annuities assure them of a generous, guaranteed income as long as they live (up to 8 V a % depending on their age) . . . plus a share in the Lord’s work . . . they’re overjoyed! And when we tell them that every annuity is backed by all the resources of Moody Bible Institute, and that M B I has never missed a single payment in almost 50 years . . . they are convinced that it’s the plan for them!

Worldliness (cont'd)

Sirs: I was particularly pleased with “The Christian and Worldliness” in the November issue. The emphasis against the establishment of “lists” is necessary in evangelical circles. Perhaps you could have gone a little further and been bold by in- eluding an analysis of some of the typical items on such lists. Is it not possible for someone to either smoke, go to shows or even dance and still have a more genuine “spir­ ituality” than we are so quick to attribute to ourselves? For my part I think so. I would say therefore that your article is a good start in the right direction, but even more probing thinking is needed. Little mention was made of TV by the author. Why? The latter entertainment has been swallowed wholesale by fundamentalists in general with little discernment. This is, of course, a drastic contra­ diction. It reveals the shallowness of our so-called “separation” and our complete misunderstanding of the whole concept of worldliness. Mr. Stedman has done some sharp thinking and I am thankful for his article. However, we need to go further if we are ever going to shake up the stagnation and dol­ drums of fundamentalist thinking on worldliness. Such a step might lose a lot of subscriptions, but it would advance the cause of Christ in this present evil world. St. Paul, Minn. L. van Heerden, Manager Bethel Book Store Because o f the great number of requests fo r Rev. Stedman’s article on “T h e Christian and Worldli­ ness” w e have placed it into booklet form . It is 32 pages with an attrac­ tive two-color cover. Price is 10c ea ch , postpaid. — ED.




We’ll be happy to send you the f r e e booklet, d o u b l e DIVIDENDS, which explains the Moody Annuity Plan in detail. Contains a chart showing income rates for all ages, explains tax benefits and tells you all about the many ministries of Moody Bible Institute in which you’ll have a share. C L I P AND M A I L COUPON T O D A Y !

Write: Carl J. Frizen, Stewardship Department MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE

Dept. K-57-31-2

■' 820 N. LaSalle Street • Chicago 10, Illinois D Please send me, without obligation, do uble dividends , story of Moody Annuity Plan. CD Please send folder, W here T here’s a Will, relating to stewardship.

Name ___ Address_ City ____






Under the Parsonage Roof by Althea S. Miller LOVE OF EASE

Vitamins & Minerals rrFamily Food Supplement” distributors and district managers wanted Family Food Supplement is creating a sen­ sation. We need distributors to serve their friends by making this outstanding product available to them. It sells itself! An unusual opportunity. write for details — owners — The Paul Ebling Family 2042 Larkwood W est Covina, California Do you need a SPEAKER for an evangelistic campaign? An ex-Hollywood cowboy actor, Leonard Eilers, has for years used his unusual talent to present the gospel in a homespun way that has captured tne hearts of thousands from coast-to-coast. Here's what a Los An­ geles City school principal said after Mr. Eilers appeared before the students: "I en­ joyed it myself throughout and wish he could appear before every school in the city. I cannot recommend him too highly.” Mr. Eilers is a graduate of the Bible In­ stitute of Los Angeles. For speaking engage­ ments write to him in care of T h e K in g ' s B u s in e s s , B o x 31, 558 So. Hope St., Los Angeles 17, .Calif. AVAILABLE FOR EVANGELISTIC SERIES EVANG. & MRS. JOSEPH T. LARSON, 4203 ALCOTT ST., DENVER 11, COLO. About 250 series in over 30 years; among 15 denominational groups; but is Baptist. Wife is able pianist & organist, also flannelograph talks for children. About 119 series in past 11 years with 2,500 decisions. "HEAVEN AND HOW TO GET THERE,” 64 pages, 60c each; Intro. Dr. Robert G. Lee, in fore­ word. Hundreds won by this sermon. Invite Correspondence to above address. radio can be your devotional guide Radio is a marvelous privilege and con­ venience. W e a t the Bible Institute of Los Angeles rejoice in the opportunity to pre­ sent the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the W est three times each week on the Bible Institute Hour. For those of you who are new to the West why not start your day by letting the Bible Institute H our be your devotional guide? Tim e is 8:30 A .M . in most areas over the M u tu al Don Lee Network. Consult the radio page of your local paper or write for free station log. The Bible Institute Hour, Los Angeles 17, C alif. And ask your neighbor to listen tool 8

G entlemen, g iv e n n o t h i n g , find everything and prove it three ways.” The sonorous to n e s o f th e brilliant professor froze the fledgling architects and engineers into momen­ tary immobility. “We make no allowances for any mistakes. Just one and you w ill fail the exam. When and if you gentlemen ever wrest a diploma from this re­ vered place of learning, you w ill fan out into the industries of our nation and assume positions of grave respon­ sibility. If you make one mistake there, you may count on it to be your last. We do not train for mistakes in these halls.” When our architect-friend recount­ ed this story of his experience in a famous American university, we knew such training bore fruit. Here was a young man whose name is respected in his chosen profession. He has learned to control and subordinate his thinking for the ultimate welfare of his client and, at the same time, give free reign to the soul of the artist within him. Mother has pondered that story many times as she has battled with and for the inertia of her children’s wills and minds. “This math is too hard; it’s hard to get an A in this school.” “I just can’t make my note­ book any neater.” “It’s too hard to scrub the floor the way you want it done.” Of course the math is difficult. But it’s a challenge to the mind’s develop­ ment. W ork at it. Be glad the stan­ dards of your school are high. The rigors encountered w ill help make a man out of you. You can and will make your notebook neater. It doesn’t take any brains to be careless but it takes just a little extra push to rise above the mediocre crowd. You will learn to do that floor thoroughly because it is right for appearance’ sake, it is right for your own moral growth, and it is right because you only please God when you do all things, no matter how menial, as unto Him. Who ever promised you ease in this life? The Christian is told he is in a daily spiritual warfare. He is en­ joined to don the whole armor of God, “fight the good fight of faith,” and “. . . endure hardness [not ease], as a good soldier of Jesus Christ” (2 Tim. 2 :3 ). God make us parents and children good soldiers.

m eA tc a iir fMESSIANIC FELLOWSHIP Formerly Chicago Hebrew Mission Radio to the State of Israel Daily 8:30 - 9 P.M. Workers in Jerusalem and many Amer­ ican cities. Hear how God is working! Write today to: MILTON B. LINDBERG — or ARCHIE A. MACKINNEY 7448 N. Damen Ave., Chicago45^lll.

■A com p le te so n g - book o f 128 hymns and choruses—meets the need for singing en jo ym en t and in ­ spiration. TWO SIZES: Large Size, 60c each, 3 for Si.75; Pocket Size, 35c each, 3 for S i 00.

Its low cost means everyon e in your group can have a songbook! Spark up your Singing Youth w ith YOUTH SINGS! PRA ISE BO O K PUBLICATIONS KB27, Mound, Minnesota AT BOOKSTORES EVERYWHERE THE KING'S BUSINESS

Iii i i f r l r O N r m A I R * * * j l S K i i k FROM TIMES SQUARE ! O W O RD . ¿ f i# O F L I F E I w i t h

A monthly column of names in the news For years Christian c o n fe r e n c e cruises to faraway places have been a huge attraction to well-heeled va­ cationers east of the Rockies. Then three years ago Dr. James T. Martin, pastor of the Chevy Chase Baptist Church, Glendale, Calif., tried a Christian cruise to Hawaii. The cruise was a sell-out. Again this summer Dr. Martin is heading a cruise to Hawaii with three fellow pastors as hosts: the Rev. Arvid F. Carlson of Pasadena’s Mission Covenant Church, Dr. John G. Mitchell of Portland’s Cen­ tral Bible Church and Dr. Robert B. Munger of Berkeley’s First Presbyter­ ian Church. In New York City, a large crew of workers is on an almost around-the-

Jack W y r t z e n

'A § p ; |. J R >

Am ericas only

Coast to Coast

v4 ' \

Youth Broadcast

n ow on M U T U A L RADIO N E TW O R K every Saturday night E A S T .......................... 7:30 P.M. CENTRAL .................6:30 P.M. MOUNTAIN ............ 7:00 P.M. PACIFIC ................... 7:00 P.M. :L | i. Note: Some stations at different times Bmtee, Wrilu for free radio log WORD OF L I F E Box 511, NewYork 8, N.Y.

Whiii> sister Trio and Organist

and Pianist.

Billy Graham W ith every dial, a prayer.


clock schedule laying the ground work for Billy Graham's mammoth cru­ sade to start there May 15. In an effort to enlist thousands of prayer supporters for the crusade the Gra­ ham organization has designed a plastic telephone disc prayer reminder that slips over the center of any standard telephone dial (see photo). Prayer partner enrollment cards and the telephone discs may be secured by writing the Graham organization, 165 West 46th St., New York 36. In Chicago, religious freedom on TV has been threatened by recent action of station WGN-TV. Originally scheduled for its world TV premiere in late December, the film, Martin Luther, was cancelled as a result of pressure by a minority religious group. Station officials said it was they and not the sponsor that can­ celled the film on the flimsy pretext that the station did not want to an­ tagonize any segment of Christian opinion. Some thoughtful protestants were wondering if WGN-TV officials ever worried about “antagonizing” the majority Christian opinion by such high-handed action.


40,000 heartbroken families will know—because of traffic accidents this year, unless all of us do something about it!


Insist on strict enforcement of traffic laws in your com­ munity. They work fo r you, not against you. Where traffic laws are strictly enforced, deaths go DOWN I

1 Drive safely and courte­ ously yourself. Observe speed limits and warning- signs. Where drivers slay alert and obey the law, deaths go DOWN!

Support your local sa fety organization



She Struck a Blow for World Peace


theeditor's desk

Christian Education Crusade I t is refreshing to discover that evangelical Christians can work to­ gether for the cause of Christ. Because of their great concern for the youth of America, and particularly in the California area, leaders of the Gospel Light Press, Scripture Press, Christian Workers’ Service Bureau and the Bible Institute of Los Angeles met recently to co-sponsor a conference for the benefit of pastors, directors of Christian education, and youth directors. Recognizing that the pastor is the true educational director of any church, and that the Sunday school is the missionary arm of the church, a Christian Education Crusade has been planned for these leaders on March 14, 15 at B i o l a . Interested ministers and educational leaders in the local church are urged to write the Bible Institute at 558 So. Hope St. for further information. — T. B. F or the second time, a Federal court has determined that the Hoxsey medicines for internal cancer are worthless. On November 15, 1956, after a six-week trial in the Federal court at Pittsburgh, the jury returned a verdict that these medicines, in pill form, were illegally offered as an effective treatment of cancer. The public should know, however, that this action does not end the menace of this fake treatment. It merely means that half a million of the Hoxsey pills, which were seized shortly after the opening of a second Hoxsey Clinic at Portage, Pa., will now be destroyed. An injunc­ tion is being sought to stop further interstate shipment of the,Tulls. In the meantime it is of the utmost importance that cancer patients and their families, who may be planning to try the Hoxsey treatment either at Dallas, Texas, or Portage, Pa., should acquaint themselves with the facts about it. All such persons are advised to secure a copy of the Public Warning which was issued by the Food and Drug Administration last April. They may do this by writing to the Food and Drug Admin­ istration, Washington 25, D.C. Harry M. Hoxsey has continued to promote his worthless cure for more than 30 years, notwithstanding numerous local and state court actions. Over the years thousands of persons have been deceived by the false claims for the Hoxsey liquid medicines and pills. At the Pittsburgh trial there was testimony concerning persons who may have died of cancer as a result of reliance on the Hoxsey treatment instead of seeking competent medical treatment in the early stages of their condition. The Government’s evidence showed that alleged “cured cases” presented by defense attorneys were people who either did not have cancer, or who were adequately treated before they went to the Hoxsey clinic, or who died of cancer after they had been treated there. [A Public Service Statement] Hoxsey Cancer Treatment B Y GEO. P. L A R R IC K Comm issioner of Food and Drugs, U.S. Government

. . . and gained her own security! "One of the best ways to bring about peace,” this good lady rea­ soned, “is by bringing the light of the Gospel into far corners of the world. How can I best help do this with my limited means?” The American Bible Society sug­ gested she put her money into Annuity Agreements, which gave her a high rate of return, freedom from anxiety, and a safe, regular, partially tax exempt income. She knew any remaining principal would be used to further the work of translating and distributing the Bible all over the world. You, too, can help spread the Gospel

of the Prince Peace. Why n investigate? Send coupon today!

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If we p lace our progress in religion on ly in outward ob­ servances, our devotion will qu ickly be at an end. — Thomas a Kempis


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BEAU T IFU L G IRLS & my unde Charlie

Uncle Charlie was an independent critter. And a wonderful fellow. He ran a small general store up in the Sierras. But he never let business interfere with living. He liked to fish and hunt and roam those vast and beautiful mountains. He liked the high country. Up around the glacial cirques and treeless ridges. The booming of a grouse or the lazy circling of a giant hawk was an endless joy to him. But then most things were a joy to Uncle Charlie. Take girls. A beautiful girl to Uncle Charlie was sort of a combination of the pleasures of nature. He saw in a young woman the gracefulness of a circling hawk and the gaiety of a blue jay on a sunlit morning and the innocent shyness of a yearling doe. Somehow even though he wasn’t an artist or a philosopher I think he understood beauty the way God meant it to be understood. And understanding it Uncle Charlie knew how to appreciate it. I learned a lot from Uncle Charlie. And I admired him. But not everybody admired him. Over the years Uncle Charlie built up an aversion to church going. This aversion coupled with his admiration for beautiful women marked him as pretty much of a sinner in the eyes of his wife. It’s against this background that I’d like to pin down an item or two about this thing called Christianity. A lot of women (and a lot of sermonizing men for that matter) seem to have the idea that everyone should have an identical religious experience. And usually this experience is the same as theirs. But the truth is that most men don’t want a well- meaning wife -— or anyone — pushing them around. Usually when someone starts pressuring another person into becom­ ing a Christian the real issues are lost in some pretty illogical arguments. It seems to me that most men I know are well equipped to think spiritual things out for themselves. The trouble is that most men just aren’t given the chance. As long as Uncle Charlie’s wife was banging away on her personal campaign to eradicate sin in his life the old fellow didn’t have a very good chance to get his relationship with God into proper perspective. Admiring beautiful women isn’t keeping a man from a right relationship with God. O f that I’m certain. Look at it this way. If there is something that keeps a man from God then it must be a fairly universal thing (unless we want to attribute favoritism to God). And if it’s universal that means we’re all in the same condition. Which doesn’t leave much room for stone tossing according to my book.

The Bible has the answer. It goes something like this. Sin (not sins) keeps all men from having a proper relation­ ship with God. The items we often hear cataloged as "sins” are but mere derivatives of sin. What is sin? According to the Bible it is the refusal to submit our will to the will of God. Not so complicated. But it is a problem. A problem we all share. If we’ve arrived at the problem (according to the Bible) then what is the solution? I imagine you’ve already come up with the answer. The solution is to bend our will to the will of God. An easy solution. But one that is difficult almost beyond imagination to put into practice. If God had told us to walk on hot coals or lounge around on a bed of spikes or give 10 percent of our money to the church in order to be right with Him then our problem would be almost ridiculously simple. These are all external and relatively painless items (as are all such items in this catagory). But to give up our will is entirely another thing. This is crushingly painful. Frankly I don’t think any man is about to make such a drastic commitment unless he’s overwhelmingly convinced of a great need. You know this. And because this is true it’s pretty foolish to think that everytime a Christian suggests to a non-Chris­ tian that he should join up he’ll do it. He’ll do it if he feels a need. If there is no sense of a need then all the persuasion in the world would be wasted. I’ve always had a hunch, however, that at some point in every life the sense of this need for God comes to the surface. It may come many times . . . and it may come only once. But I think it always comes. There may be one man who is reading this page that has that sense of need. If this is so, and he wishes to become right with God, I would suggest a reading of the Gospel of St. John in the New Testament of the Bible. Read it through several times. Note such absolute statements as these about Jesus Christ: But as many as received him to them gave he pow er to becom e the sons o f G od, even to them that believe on his name. H e that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life : and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life ; but the wrath o f G od abideth on him. I am the bread o f life : h e that cometh to m e shall never hunger; and h e that believeth on m e shall never thirst. I f anyone wills to do his will he shall understand the teaching. . . . If you are interested, why not make the experiment of committing your will to God through Jesus Christ?




This photo o f migrant missionary L eon Day and little Laura started the sequel o f events told on these pages.

Help for little Laura

Last March T h e K in g ’ s B u sin e ss ran a six-page photo story on migrant missionaries Rev. and Mrs. Leon Day (“Cotton-Picking Preacher”). There’s an interesting follow-up to that story. A San Francisco reader couldn’t forget about little five-year-old Laura. Laura, a migrant child, was receiving no medical care though dangerously ill with rheumatic fever. According to doctors the lack of proper treatment could sooner or later mean death for the youngster. Then came the letter from the San Francisco reader. We sent the letter on to Mis­ sionary Day. Laura was to get all the care she needed and the reader in San Francisco would pay all the bills. Meanwhile in San Fernando, Calif., Mrs. Eleanor Lively, a widow with three children, read the story

of the cotton-picking preacher. She too determined to go into action. Mrs. Lively heads a Bible club (the Phelians—a name suggested by a friendly Cath­ olic priest and meaning “Christians working to­ gether” ) and the members (mostly highschoolers) decided to adopt the Days as their special missionary project. The club visited the migrant camps and arranged for the Days to come to San Fernando twice (once the club even got Mrs. Day on TV ’s “Queen for a Day”). The pictures on these pages show a get-together the club arranged with the help of Cowboy Preacher Leonard Eilers for the Days and some migrant young­ sters. And with the group was little Laura. Now well on the way to a normal life, Laura even joined the others splashing in the pool.

Phelians gave Days a stack o f food and a 'Ò9 Ford. L eft is Ralph Blakeman, head o f Mission to Migrants.

T h e Phelians, headed by Mrs. L ively ( second from le ft), adopted Rev. and Mrs. Leon Day as project.



Because o f the generosity o f a K.B. reader in San Francisco little Laura received m edical attention to k elp combat rheumatic fever. H ere she is shown

splashing in a pool at ranch o f L eonard E ilers during get-together sponsored by Mrs. E leanor L iv ely and her Phelian B ible club. Trip was big event fo r migrants.



And h e spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint . . . . And the Lord said, H ear what the unjust judge saith. And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though h e bear long w ith them? I tell you that h e will avenge them speedily. . . . — L u k e 18:1-8 O f all the mysteries of the prayer world, the need of persevering prayer is one of the greatest. That the Lord who is so loving and longing to bless should have to be suppli­ cated time after time, sometimes year after year, before the answer comes, we cannot easily understand. It is also one of the greatest practi­ cal difficulties in the exercise of believing prayer. When after per­ severing supplication, our prayer remains unanswered, it is often easiest for our slothful flesh, and it has all the appearance of pious submission, to think that we must now cease praying because God may have His secret reason for withholding His answer. It is by faith alone that the dif­ ficulty is overcome. When once faith has taken its stand upon God’s Word and the name of Jesus, and has yielded itself to the leading of the Spirit to seek God’s will and honor alone in its prayer, it rleed not be discouraged by delay. It knows from Scripture that the power of believing prayer is simply irresistible; real faith can never be disappointed. It knows how, just as water, to exercise the irresistible power it can have, must be gathered up and accumulated until the stream can come down in full force, there must often be a heaping up of prayer until God sees tha^ the measure is full, and the answer comes. It knows how, just as the plowman has to take his 10,000 steps and sow his 10,000 seeds, each one a part of the preparation for the final harvest so there is a need-be for oft-repeated persevering prayer, all working out some desired blessing. It knows for certain that not a single believing prayer can fail of its effect in heav­ en, but has its influence and is treasured up to work out an an- swer in due time to him who per- severeth to the end. It knows that

The greatest mystery of the prayer world

Persevering Prayer

by A N D R EW M U R R A Y

so long with the answer to prayer? And why must God’s own elect so often in the midst of suffering and conflict cry day and night? He is long-suffering over them. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, being long-suffering over it, till it receive the early and the latter rain. The husbandman does indeed long for his harvest but knows that it must have its full time of sunshine and rain, and has long patience. A child so often wants to pick the half-ripe fruit; the husbandman knows to wait till the proper time. Man, in his spiritual nature too, is under the law of gradual growth that reigns in all created life. It is only in the path of development that he can reach his divine destiny. And it is the Father in whose hands are the times and seasons who alone knows the moment when the soul or the Church is ripened to that fullness of faith in which it can really take and keep the blessing. As a father who longs to have his only child home from school and yet waits patiently till the time of training is completed, so it is with God and His children: He is the long-suffering one and answers speedily. The insight into this truth leads the believer to cultivate the corres­ ponding dispositions; patience and faith, waiting and hasting, are the

it has to do not with human thoughts or possibilities, but with the Word of the living God. And so, even as Abraham through so many years in hope believed against hope and then “through faith and patience inherited the promise,” it accounts that the long-suffering of the Lord is salvation, waiting and hasting unto the coming of its Lord to fulfill His promise. To enable us, when the answer to our prayer does not come at once, to combine quiet patience and joy­ ful confidence in our persevering prayer, we must specially try to understand the two words in which our Lord sets forth the character and conduct, not of the unjust judge, but of our God and Father towards those whom He allows to cry day and night to Him: He is long-suffering over them; He will avenge them?speedily. He will avenge them speedily, the Master says. The blessing is all prepared; He is not only willing but most anxious to give them what they ask; everlasting love bums with the longing desire to reveal itself fully to its beloved and to satisfy their needs. God will not delay one moment longer than is absolutely necessary; He will do all in His power to hasten and speed the answer. But why, if this be true and His power be definite, does it often last



secret of his perseverance. By faith in the promise of God, we know that we have the petitions we have asked of Him. Faith takes and holds the answer in the promise as an unseen spiritual possession, rejoices in it and praises for it. But there is a difference between the faith that thus holds the Word and knows that it has the answer and the clearer, fuller, riper faith that ob­ tains the promise as a present ex­ perience. It is in persevering, not unbelieving, hut confident and praising prayer that the soul grows up into that full union with its Lord in which it can enter upon the possession of the blessing in Him. There may be in these around us, there may be in that great system of being of which we are part, there may be in God’s government, things that have to be put right through our prayer ere the answer can fully come: the faith that has, according to the command, believed that it has received can allow God to take His time; it knows it has prevailed and must prevail. In quiet, persist­ ent and determined perseverance it continues in prayer and thanks­ giving until the blessing comes. And so we see combined what at first sight appears so contradictory; the faith that rejoices in the an­ swer of the unseen God as a present possession, with the patience that cries day and night until it be revealed. The speedily of God’s long-suffering is met by the tri­ umphant but patient faith of His waiting child. Our great danger in this school of the answer delayed is the tempta­ tion of thinking that, after all, it may not be God’s will to give us what we ask. If our prayer be according to God’s Word and under the leading of the Spirit, let us not give way to these fears. Let us learn to give God time. God needs time with us. If we only give Him time, that is, time in the daily fellowship with Himself for Him to exercise the full influence of His presence on us, and time, day by day in the course of our being kept waiting, for faith to prove its reality and to fill our whole being, He Himself will lead us from faith to vision; we shall see the glory of God. Let no delay shake our faith. Of faith it holds good: first the blade,

then the ear, then the full com in the ear. Each believing prayer brings a step nearer the final vic­ tory. Each believing prayer helps to ripen the fruit and bring us nearer to it; it fills up the measure of prayer and faith known to God alone; it conquers the hindrances in the unseen world; it hastens the end. Child of God, give the Father time. He is long-suffering over you. He wants the blessing to be rich and full and sure; give Him time while you cry day and night. Only remember the words: “I tell you, he will avenge them speedily.” The blessing of such persevering prayer is unspeakable. There is nothing so heart-searching as the prayer of faith. It teaches you to discover and confess and give up everything that hinders the coming of the blessing; everything there may be not in accordance with the Father’s will. It leads to closer fel­ lowship with Him who alone can teach to pray, to a more entire surrender to draw nigh under no covering but that of the blood and the Spirit. It calls to a closer and more simple abiding in Christ alone. Christian, give God time. He will perfect that which concemeth you. “Long-suffering — speedily,” this is God’s watchword as you enter the gates of prayer: be it yours too. Let it be thus whether you pray for yourself or for others. All labor, bodily and mental, needs time and effort: we must give up ourselves to it. Nature discovers her secrets and yields her treasures only to dili­ gent and thoughtful labor. However little we can understand it, in the spiritual husbandry it is the same: the seed we sow in the soil of heav­ en, the efforts we put forth and the influence we seek to exert in the world above, need our whole being: we must give ourselves to prayer. But let us hold fast the great confidence that in due season we shall reap if we faint not. And let us specially learn the lesson as we pray for the Church of Christ. She is indeed as the poor widow in the absence of her Lord, apparently at the mercy of her adversary, h e l p l e s s t o obtain redress. Let us, when -we pray for His Church or any portion of it under the power of the world, ask­

ing Him to v i s i t h e r with the mighty workings of His Spirit and to prepare her for His coming, let us pray in the assured faith: prayer does help, praying always and not fainting will bring the answer. Only give God time. And then keep crying day and night. “Hear what the unjust judge saith. And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night to him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. . . .” L e d , TeacSi Us fro Pray O Lord my God, teach me now to know Thy way and in faith to apprehend what Thy beloved Son has taught: “he will avenge them speedily.” Let Thy tender love and the delight Thou hast in hearing and blessing Thy children, lead me implicitly to accept Thy promise that we receive what we believe, that we have the petitions we ask and that the answer will in due time be seen. Lord, we understand the seasons in nature and know to wait with patience for the fruit we long for — 0 fill us with the assur­ ance that not one moment longer than is needed wilt Thou delay and that faith will hasten the answer. Blessed Master, Thou hast said that it is a sign of God’s elect that they cry day and night. 0 teach us to understand this. Thou knowest how speedily we grow faint and weary. It is as if the Divine majesty is so much beyond the need or the reach of continued supplication that it does not become us to be too importunate. 0 Lord, do teach me how real the labor of prayer is. I know how here on earth when I have failed in an undertaking, I can often succeed by renewed and more continuing effort, by giving more time, and thought: show me how, by giving myself more entire­ ly to prayer, to live in prayer, I shall obtain what I ask. And above all, 0 my blessed Teacher, author and perfecter of faith, let by Thy grace my whole life be one of faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me, in whom my prayer gains acceptance, in whom I have the assurance of the answer. Lord Jesus, in this faith I will pray always and not faint. Amen. END.



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