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APRIL 2019


April showers bring May flowers. While this statement certainly originated from the literal process of rainfall helping foliage grow, the more symbolic interpretation has to do with the rewards that can come from life’s many struggles. Everyone has their fair share of rainy days, but most would attest that the saying is true — out of pain blossoms goodness.

It took some time — five years after the initial accident — but I eventually decided I couldn’t live like that anymore. I saw a doctor, who revealed that I had suffered a labral tear as well as

other serious injuries in my shoulder. I’d spent five years trying to strengthen the area while managing (and frankly, just dealing with) the pain. But with tears, all the rehabilitation in the world can’t repair the damage without the use of stem cell injections. I look back over those years now and wish I’d known about stem cell therapy. In the end, I had two surgeries on my shoulder, one in 2005 and the other in 2009 after I tore the exact same labrum again while lifting weights. Now my shoulder is feeling great. I still work out five days a week and play beach volleyball with Doc on the weekends. I know that I still need to be cognizant of the injury, but overall, it doesn’t slow me down anymore. My experience with this injury and its recovery time (and several others, like getting a plate and seven screws in my ankle, a bulging disk in my lower back, etc.) has given me an empathetic perspective toward my clients, who come to me for help with their own injuries. When I tore my labrum, I didn’t think I

had any other option but to get surgery. So many people share this same mindset. They think they either need to immediately schedule surgery or depend on steroid shots and OTC pain medication for the rest of their lives. But there is another option: You can use a combination of stem cell therapy and muscle strengthening to make the tear obsolete. In the end, I just want my clients who are dealing with their own injuries to know that I have shared a similar experience. I understand their pain and frustration because, regardless of the injured location, the struggle is the same. Because I’ve already gotten through my rainy day and found sunshine on the other side, I can help clients understand that they have more options for healing than they may have thought possible. -Daniel Tribby

“I understand their pain and frustration because regardless of the injured location, the struggle is the same.”

I’ve experienced this phenomenon in various ways in my own life, but the one that affects me most today started when I was 19. I was snowboarding, and a skier cut me off, causing my board to slide right out from under me. As I fell, I landed on my arm, which was outstretched behind me. In excruciating pain, I came down the mountain and discovered that I had dislocated my shoulder. I did some rehabilitation to heal it, but I never really slowed down. Between playing college sports, pickup games of flag football, and all the other stupid things 19-year-old guys do, my shoulder continued to worsen. In fact, at one point, my shoulder was so loose that if I slept in certain positions, I would wake up with it dislocated.



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