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“Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space… On the one hand it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure.” – Zaha Hadid



Will be a small town that offers all the necessary services for the development of a quality life. Due to the inspiration of the architects, in the aid of the location and in the lines of the peaks of the Sharr mountains, the landscape of the complex has been treated in such a spirit as to offer the residents an environment as suitable as possible for the development and fulfilment of the essential needs of life within the complex. powered by CC APARTMENTS

designed by Laguarda.LOW

Based in New York, USA, Laguarda.Low is an award-winning international architectural practice founded in the year 2000 by a closely-knit group of design-oriented architects with many years of shared knowledge and experience. Our practice spans the globe with projects designed and realized in over 25 countries on five continents.


Our goal is simple: to exceed your expectations!

The INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCE (IR) complex will be a small town that offers all the necessary services for the development of a quality life. The complex will be part of the Regulatory Urban Plan, New Prishtina - Central Area, which includes an area of 360 ha and is located in the eastern peripheral part of Pristina. The development of the city center - the urban axis, offers developable land for central functions of the city with good access for retail trade (shopping), offices, university, hospital and for recreation.

In addition, the area also provides spaces for various cultural purposes, such as cinema, museum, opera, etc.




Absolute privacy and security for residents, welcoming atmosphere for friends.




THE ARCHITECTS Project description and the architect’s idea.


BEDROOMS Large bedrooms with balcony, walk- in closets/ wardrobes and en-suite bathrooms.



RESIDENCE IN IR Offers a different lifestyle and the feeling of being in the city, where nothing is missing for your family, but away from the chaos of the center. corner, where residents will be able to hold meetings without the need to disturb the comfort of the family inside the apartment. LOBBY / CORRIDOR Furnished to create a reception ENTRY AND RECEPTION Each residential building has its own the main entrance with a lobby. KITCHEN & DINING Large and very practical kitchens with enough space. A TYPICAL APARTMENT The creation of modular floor plans allows flexibility and ease to make combinations as desired.


BATHROOMS Complete bathrooms, with

Based in New York, USA, Laguarda.Low is an award- winning international architectural practice founded in the year 2000 by a closely- knit group of design-oriented architects with many years of shared knowledge and experience. Our practice spans the globe with projects designed and realized in over 25 countries on five continents. Based in New York, USA, Laguarda.Low is an award-winning international architectural practice founded in the year 2000 by a closely- knit group of design-oriented

PRIVACY One of the main reasons why people hesitate to choose an apartment over a house is the lack of privacy. PARKING All parking lots are underground and easily accessible. Each residential unit has two parking spaces, and each will have at least six parking spaces designated only for visitors. with different levelled topography, to form a beautifully landscaped central courtyard at the service of the community. THE LANDSCAPE Nine-story buildings are positioned around the perimeter, on a site minimalistic design, elegant and functional, with durable materials.






architects with many years of shared knowledge and

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experience. Our practice spans the globe with projects designed and realized in over 25 countries on five continents.



The facilities



SPA AND WELLNESS International Residence also has a spa, organized with all component parts. As well as a large space for gym and yoga.


& services

MAINTENANCE / SECURITY Maintenance and security have been and will be addressed with maximum care by the creators of this complex. ACOUSTICS Our aim is that noises, in general, are controlled as much as possible to ensure comfortable living conditions for our residents. FACADE / ENERGY Photovoltaic systems will be installed in the International Residence complex and their energy will be used. Playing in the park is a “rite” of childhood. It is not only an opportunity to be active, but also a chance to get to know nature and socialize with peers.


BUSINESSES IN IR The first floors of the buildings within the complex are intended for business and will serve residents as well as external visitors. THE MARKET Is located in the most convenient axis for easy access to all residents and users of the neighbourhood to meet all needs. KINDERGARTEN With an area of 1,042 m2, the kindergarten within the complex will serve the residents of the neighbourhood and beyond. There is also enough yard space for outdoor activities for the little ones and underground parking for parents. SWIMMING POOL The semi-Olympic pool and the children’s pool offer a rich environment for recreation and education, with high quality hygiene. In addition to residents, the use will also be allowed to external visitors.


FITNESS The gym within the complex will feature state-of-the-art equipment, which will encourage an active lifestyle.




COMMUNITY CENTER International Residence will also have a two-story community center, with over 400m2.





PARK / LANDSCAPING In addition to the private green terraces and balconies, residents have access to gardens, parks, playgrounds and many landscaped outdoor spaces.

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“We bring a breath of fresh air of change into your life”



Residential buildings connected to each other


Housing units, with different typology


Constructional area


Parking spaces for residents and IR facilities





At LAGUARDA.LOW ARCHITECTS, our philosophy of design embraces each project’s unique context and specific parameters. We do not adhere to any singular architectural style. We design places that enrich the human experience. International House is such a project. International Residence is a dynamic collection of eight multi-family residential buildings set amidst the rolling hills to the southeast of Prishtina’s center. The overall design is conceived from the dramatic site topography, the individual blocks articulated in a contemporary collage that reflects their surroundings. The nine-story buildings are positioned around the site’s undulating perimeter to form a central landscaped communal courtyard. Modern residential units with understated luxury rotate and stack within each block to assure at least two exposures for view and natural light. The unique rotation and stacking of units generate both terraces and balconies for virtually every residence. In short, the contemporary, modern design elevates one’s living experience, offering a dynamic atmosphere that reflects today’s international lifestyle. Materially, International Residence is composed of sleek contemporary finishes with great attention to detail, both inside and out. In the modern tradition, glass and metal are used carefully to identify form and function. Stone and wood are used specifically for scale and warmth. The color palette throughout is light and elegant, ranging subtly between white and earth tones, accented when necessary by dark mullions, doors, and roofs. International Residence offers a range of residential layouts from duplex townhouses to luxury flats to penthouse apartments. In addition to verdant private terraces and balconies, residents have access to numerous curated outdoor spaces – gardens, parks, playgrounds, and plazas. Additional amenities include a sports court, a fitness center with pool, a community center, kindergarten, leisure, and multiple lounge and social spaces, both inside and out. The commercial offer on site compliments the residential development with boutique fashion, food & beverage, and service stores in addition to a boutique supermarket. With an eye to a sustainable future, International Residence incorporates an all-encompassing eco- friendly strategy. The complex utilizes both active and passive solar energy as well as a rainwater collection system. Individual units are filled with natural light from at least two exposures and a radiant floor heating system is used throughout.

To call International Residence home is to inhabit the latest in design innovation.



Each residential building will have a lobby furnished to create a reception corner with an area of 65-80 m2, where residents will be able to hold meetings without having to disturb the comfort of the family inside the home. ENTRY AND LOBBY

address: st. Nekibe Kelmendi tel: +383 49 477 200 e-mail:


LOBBY The lobby is an environment which residents can use for reception and meetings.


rESIDENCE International



The floors in the common areas, corridors, entrances and lobbies will be covered with terrazzo, with adequate coefficient friction and slippage.

For vertical communication, two large elevators for 15 people will serve for each building, as well as the emergency stairs that are illuminated by the window to the roof, that is, with zenith lighting.

Access will be especially easy for people with disabilities, who will be able to move freely and without obstacles in every part of the building, both inside and outside.


Each building has its own vestibule, which serves to control the entrance and the access of dispatchers and postmen to only electric meters and mailboxes. The lobby space will be furnished to create a welcoming area, where residents of each building can hold meetings. Although, building 4 in particular, will in its lobby have an information corner - the reception, which will be available to all residents.




Residents’ access to the buildings will be monitored with a digital access control system, which means residents of one building will not have access to the stairs, elevators and lobbies of the other building. Communication, movement lines, and their arrangement in natural directions and positions are among the most significant features in a residential complex, and this has a direct influence on the well-being and general quality of life within a small community.





In the living spaces, they will be made of PVC profiles, which, in addition to the elegance of the profile, also offer a high thermal coefficient and long-lasting function and durability.

The architects, among the main values in the design of residential units, have considered the large dimensions of the openings - windows, ensuring sufficient lighting and sunlight in all the nooks and crannies of the residential unit. Likewise, the living room in a typical apartment has light and views in two directions. The window installation will to be done with the latest systems according to the “RAL-Montage” method. Motorized aluminium sheet louvre systems will be installed to control external light in the premises of residential units. Furthermore, all of this apparatus will be equipped with the infrastructure required to implement the Smart Control system.


Sufficient lighting as well as privacy are topics that have been treated with great care by the architects.


The floors of the International Residence complex will be given special attention. The floor levelling layer will be handled according to the standard, with a 6 cm levelling layer and a minimum 5 cm thermal and acoustic insulation layer. The final layers of the floor will be finished according to the usage of that space. The living room inside the residential units will be treated with first-class industrial parquet from European manufacturers.

JYSK - “JYSK is the international retail chain selling ‘everything for the home’. JYSK is owned by the family behind the Lars Larsen Group. The founder, Lars Larsen, is recognized throughout Denmark as a leading retailer who always has a ‘ fantastic offer’.”



Our daily environments have a powerful influence on our emotional state and our mood. A dark room evokes feelings of depression, unlike an airy and light-filled space. Adequate levels of natural light in living spaces can alleviate stress and anxiety. Studies show that a healthy, pleasant environment can do more than just improve your mood—it actually affects your immune system and physical health. It is the key to our physical and psychological well-being, and International Residence apartments will enable this.

Exposure to natural light helps our bodies produce vitamin D, improve circadian rhythm (a natural internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats every 24 hours), helps us focus, give more of ourselves, and even helps us with our mood. In any case, the International Residence apartments will provide you with this well- being.


IT CAN INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME It is true that windows increase the value of a home. A study conducted by Building Technology Innovations found that increasing natural light makes a space more rentable it appears larger and more open and therefore increases people’s willingness to pay more. Plus, if you’ve got a great view, those big windows will show it off in the best way!


This is a given, but it’s worth saying here anyway. Strategic natural lighting can reduce electricity costs because it helps heat or light a space without using electricity. A space with natural lighting will help you be more productive than a work environment with artificial lighting.


“Change is coming, feel it”



The truth is that International Residence apartments can offer much more than just comfort and stylish living spaces. They provide you with amenities without which you would drive extra miles outside the complex and pay extra, along with the priceless peace of mind that you are living in a quiet and safe community. Contemporary apartments are known for their selected location. This is also the case with those of International Residence, which are located in a convenient and quiet area, where residents will have easy access to all the main parts of the city. All IR colors and styles are designed to complement each other creating a sense of harmony and aesthetics. In a luxury apartment at International Residence, all the amenities offered make it easy to get along with your neighbours. Residents will be surrounded by those who love where they live and who care about the complex as much as they do! Best of all, you can socialize with others who have similar interests and share the same culture as you.


“The morning coffee at International RESIDENCE tastes different...”


Kitchen &




Who wouldn’t want to cook in such a space? Let’s not talk about the fact that I have all the ingredients I need “two steps” away - at the market in the IR complex.



K 04





Ballkoni 22.2 m 2

Depo 2.5 m 2

Ballkoni 7.2 m 2


Dhome gjumi 15.6 m 2

Kuzhina 12.9 m 2

Qendrimi Ditor dhe tryezaria 33.7 m 2

Dhome gjumi 18.2 m 2

Banjo 8.2 m 2

Qendrimi Ditor dhe tryezaria 33.7 m 2

Utiliti A: 2.8 m 2

Dhome gjumi 29.7 m 2

Korridor 18.2 m 2

Kuzhina 12.9 m 2

Banjo 5.3 m 2

Dhome gjumi 15.5 m 2

Utiliti A: 2.8 m 2

Wc 3.9 m 2

Ballkoni 22.2 m 2



Wc 3.9 m 2

Depo 2.5 m 2


Banjo 8.2 m 2

Ballkoni 6.6 m 2

Korridor 18.2 m 2

Dhome gjumi 30.4 m 2

Banjo 5.1 m 2

Dhome gjumi 18.0 m 2

Dhome gjumi 18.2 m 2



Banjo 5.1 m 2




Dhome gjumi 30.7 m 2





Korridor 24.9 m 2





Ballkoni 6.6 m 2


Banjo 8.2 m 2

Depo 2.5 m 2

Wc 3.9 m 2

Ballkoni 22.2 m 2



Dhome gjumi 15.5 m 2

Utiliti A: 2.8 m 2

Wc 3.9 m 2

Banjo 5.1 m 2

Kuzhina 12.9 m 2

Utiliti A: 2.8 m 2

Korridor 21.8 m 2

Banjo 8.2 m 2

Dhome gjumi 28.7 m 2

Qendrimi Ditor dhe tryezaria 33.7 m 2

Qendrimi Ditor dhe tryezaria 33.7 m 2

Kuzhina 12.9 m 2

Dhome gjumi 17.9 m 2

Dhome gjumi 15.5 m 2


Ballkoni 7.2 m 2

Depo 2.5 m 2

Ballkoni 22.3 m 2

TYPICAL APARTMENT “Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space. On the one hand it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure” - Zaha Hadid. emri i projektit: project name: investitor: investor: projectues: projected by:



Living in “International RESIDENCE” offers a different lifestyle and creates the feeling of being inside the city where nothing is missing for your family, but away from the chaos of the center.


BEDROOMS What you may have adored in the unique and spacious rooms, full of sunlight - shown in international film projects, we have brought to Pristina. We spend a third of our lives sleeping and International Residence has thought in detail of that part of our life, to enable the peace and comfort needed without being disturbed by the noises of the neighbours or environmental noise. This is made possible by the doors and windows, although in larger dimensions than the standard ones in our country, prevent unwanted acoustics.

The FLOOR of the bedrooms will be completely covered with carpet according to the wall-to-wall system, with antibacterial products suitable for living. This gives a feeling of softness to the movements in the room and creates an atmosphere of privacy and warmth, as well as the tranquillity necessary for a light and peaceful sleep.


INTERNAL WALLS The internal partitions between residential units as well as the partitions within the units will be made with plasterboard dry walls, according to the latest market standards. These walls offer high sound insulation, while in certain positions, fire- resistant walls will be installed. So, it’s not just any bedroom. We have made it possible for its residents to adapt to the sufficient space where you never get the feeling of suffocation or discomfort of not having anywhere to put the furniture you want to have there.


Among the main values in the design of the residential units, the architects have considered the large dimensions of the windows, ensuring sufficient lighting and sunshine in all the nooks and crannies of the residential units. According to Feng Shui, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. The body needs to be able to regenerate after a long day of activities, so that the mind is rested and ready for the new day and daily activities. A bedroom with large dimensions, as the International Residence apartments have, also offers you the pleasure of not being limited by the size of the bed that suits you. And what most of us want is a big bed on which to release our weight and troubles.



The bathroom is the most used space in your home. With the latest trends, designs are minimalistic and elegant. This is also the path that has been chosen at International Residence, where you will find bathrooms with sufficient and functional space, accompanied by sunlight and a natural ventilation system thanks to large windows. The key point is the selection of durable, aesthetic and easy-to-clean materials. The floor will be covered with superior quality stones that will protect you from slipping.


THE MATERIALS According to our planning, everything is designed and worked with care, including modern state-of-the-art installations. The sinks are of large dimensions, which give a contemporary look to this environment, made with quality marble. The other important part of the bathroom is the shower, equipped with quality material and mounted on the wall, creating a minimalist look but with high functionality. Tiles are also a prominent design feature. Their quality material not only adds value and function to the environment, but also creates an expressive and modern aesthetic.

The bathrooms in the apartments of the International Residence complex are of a completely different level, from functionality to aesthetics. As in other parts of the apartments, the bathrooms also have sufficient natural lighting, which makes this environment very pleasant. In recent decades, more importance has been placed on self-care and relaxation. For this reason, a larger bathroom space not only makes you feel relaxed, but also allows you comfort while using it. So, the secret of our bathroom is its ease of use. A beautiful, comfortable and functional bathroom allows you to create a private haven ideal for daily rest and relaxation. Since the bathroom is a space that is used regularly, it is desirable to have an attractive and modern appearance, and such are the bathrooms of our apartment complex.

Many people want to have the bathroom as a separate space, where they can rest even while taking a shower, as luxurious as possible, therefore our apartments enable these requirements to be met. Opting for bigger space is often better when it comes to modern construction and remodelling. With more space, you can add more services to your bathroom and therefore get more out of it.

Research shows that when you are relaxed, your heart rate slows, circulation and blood pressure, stress and tension decrease. This relaxation also aids digestion, as our body absorbs nutrients more efficiently when it is relaxed, thus preventing many diseases and infections.


THE LANDSCAPE The architects were inspired by the relief of the location and by the shape and position of the peaks of the Sharr mountains. The landscape of the International Residence has been treated in such a spirit as to offer the residents an environment as suitable as possible for the development and fulfilment of the essential needs of life within the complex. Wide paths, greenery, lighting and stone mosaics give a desirable look to the landscape and, at the same time, warm atmosphere and proper functionality.

The detailed landscape project envisions the planting of greenery, always keeping in mind the appropriateness of both shape and size. A children’s playground is also planned in the inner courtyard of the complex. To complement and highlight the beauty of the landscape, designers have designed outdoor lighting that fits the size and type of greenery, thus creating an attractive and pleasant environment for residents and users.


Therefore, unlike many residential complexes in the capital, for the residents of International Residence, standing on the balcony or looking out the window will be a pleasure in itself and a feeling of home. In the north-western part of the complex, a square is planned, a meeting point for all visitors and users. This square will be between buildings 3 and 4, where it is also planned that the business in this area will be mainly intended for similar quiet services.

In short, this residential complex offers the feeling of small Scandinavian towns to all those who love urban life, but who also like the tranquillity and the presence of rules that are based on respecting the well-being of the residents.


SOIL PREPARATION AND GROUND WORK / +383 44 143 615 / +383 44 239 160 / Rr.Josip Rela nr 18/4 -Prishtinë / Kosovë


857 Underground parking


Parking spaces for each apartment


Storage spaces for residents

According to the request of the investors, the architects of the International Residence complex have planned the organization of underground parking lots in such a way as to meet the requirements of residents, users and visitors. Taking into account the fact that nowadays, especially in Pristina, each person needs a personal car in order to move around more easily in the capital and further afield, which we have thought about, and will offer two parking spaces for each apartment. All parking is organized on the underground floors, and there will be no above ground parking.




Parking spaces for guests


Parking spaces for businesses

Controlled entrances with access-control. Parking spaces for spa, swimming pool, garden, market and for all facilities according to standards.

All parking lots are underground and easily accessible. Each residential unit has two parking spaces and each building will have at least six parking spaces for guests only.


GARAGE The added value of this residential complex is also the planning that has been done to this underground part. In addition to the safety of the cars, the thought is also convenience for the visitors of the residents. Like nowhere else, in each residential building at International Residence there are reserved spaces for visitors’ car parking. It is planned that each residential building will have at least six parking spaces for guests. A parking space is designed for every 30 m2 of business. The dimensions of the roads inside the garages are of standard width that enable easy movement and parking, while the sizes of the parking spaces have standard dimensions of 2.5x5.0m.


One of the biggest factors that makes people hesitate to choose an apartment over a house is PRIVACY . Apartments are usually described as small, cramped spaces where neighbours can peer into your home and where privacy is a rare luxury. However, these images are becoming a thing of the past, because our project has paid special attention to this issue. Our architects have given primary importance to privacy because it is the primary requirement of most buyers of our apartments.

In our complex there are no balconies next to each other.

Leaving balconies open is a great way to let natural light and fresh air into your home. However, if your opposite neighbour’s balcony is close to yours, then you will most likely keep the balcony closed.


At the International RESIDENCE , meticulous care has been taken to ensure that every balcony benefits from as much natural views as possible, and especially when you open your balcony doors. Each resident can open the balcony doors and windows and enjoy the beautiful view without any fear that their privacy may be violated.


PRIVACY We have taken special care to ensure sufficient space for each block of apartments on all sides, not placing

Large openings allow each unit natural light to the deepest surfaces of the interior space. Our residential complex also offers individual terraces, which are exclusive to the penthouses, to provide residents with greater privacy. Penthouses are perfect for someone who wants the security and comfort of an apartment, similar to the features and garden spaces that detached residences have.

them too close to each other. This provides the residents with opportunities to see and enjoy sufficient views of the surroundings.

To create dynamic volume from the outside and intimacy between the apartments on different floors, the architects have planned the rotation of the next floor above by 90 degrees. Each unit has at least two views, that is, two orientations.


Within building 4, at the basement level, there is the space intended for the market. With direct access from the outside, with a vertical connection to the business part on the ground floor and with a direct horizontal connection to the garages, this market is located in the most convenient axis for easy communication and access for all the residents and users of the neighbourhood.

Residential Market




The business space will have a bank, pharmacy, bakery, restaurant and any activity that will not disturb the tranquillity of the neighbourhood.

Business, as an important space within the complex,

facilitates and enriches the lives of residents, but also provides opportunities for the expansion of various businesses, depending on the activities. The business space is designed to carry out necessary business activities or similar services without noise for the residents. In addition to the residents of the International Residence, other citizens will also have access to the business space, but with a completely separate external entrance. An entrance towards “Nekibe Kelmendi” street is the entrance to the parking lot designed exclusively for business needs. The presence of business space within the complex will be an added value that will save a lot of time and energy, especially for residents, because they will have everything they need within the residential area.


8400 m 2 BUSINESS SPACE At International Residence you will live like in a practical town. Excluding noisy businesses, you will have everything else that a family needs close to you without feeling the need to leave. The businesses that will operate within the complex will be carefully selected by the investor, and places will be reserved with the aim of including as many varieties of services as possible in the interest of the residents, and why not, also of external visitors. In addition to the favourable location for the development of business, in the vicinity of the area where IR is located, the Presidential Residence, the Parliament of Kosovo, as well as various international diplomatic missions are planned to be located.



“The whole city within a complex”


rESIDENCE International


This space, in addition to the indoor facilities, will also have its own courtyard for children’s activities - the playground, as well as underground parking dedicated to parents/child minders.

The children of our kindergarten will have various professional activities, physical activities in open spaces, as well as access to the children’s pool with all the conditions and standards for these age groups.

In the International Residence complex, space is also planned for a kindergarten.

The kindergarten is located in building 5, with an area of 1,042 m2, and will be at the service of the residents of the neighbourhood and the wider community. The kindergarten in the International Residence will be treated with great care and will be a genuine educational institution, where the professional activity will be based on play, song and practical activities for children such as drawing and social interaction as part of preparing the transition phase from home to school.




KINDERGARTEN Everyone already knows about the heavy traffic and long queues in Pristina, especially in the early morning hours and during the afternoon and evening hours, specifically when the usual working hours and those of nurseries and kindergartens begin and end. We are also aware of the stress and concerns that parents experience in their daily routine when they have to send their children to day care and then continue to their workplace. This takes a lot of energy and negatively affects the progress of the day. Living in the International Residence will save you from this stress, because you will leave the child under the care of professional educators within the complex.



The organization of changing rooms with wardrobes and separate showers for men and women according to international standards, brings a new and unprecedented environment in our country, with high hygienic quality.

Having an indoor pool inside the residential complex, especially during the cold winter days, is a dream for many people. You feel like you are in a five-star hotel, where, at the end of the day, instead of returning to the reserved room, you return to the comfort of your home.

Pools within the housing complex, like this one at IR, are also ideal for those who just want to do something for fun.



SEMI-OLYMPIC SWIMMING POOL Another added value of the International Residence complex is the swimming pool designed in the basement of building 6, with southeast and south orientation, which offers a rich environment for recreation and for the education-training of children of all age groups, who can come organized by the kindergarten. In addition to the semi-Olympic pool, there will be a smaller pool for younger children. Laid out over an area of 1,228 m2, this pool will have a separate entrance controlled by a reception, where both residents of the neighbourhood and external visitors will have the right to equal use.

The pool can be used alone or with family and friends. Pools can become incentives for people to leave the couch, step away from the computer, or put down the video games. Instead of letting your kids sit on the phone or computer all day, you may find that they’ll enjoy a swim lesson just as much. Special attention has been paid to the water treatment and ventilation of these pools, for which different groups of international experts have been engaged, to offer professional expertise in the service of the well-being of the users. Usage of the pool is determined by the relevant rules.

Swimming Pool

pishina e femijeve



Swimming is undoubtedly one of the best sports. Swimming brings many health benefits that no other sport can bring. By nature, swimming is a sport that deprives you of oxygen. Being an aerobic exercise, it expands the heart and lungs. The stronger the heart, the more efficient it is at pumping blood with oxygen. The lung power that can be developed over time is remarkable. Swimming keeps you focused. Many people think that swimming is a very peaceful sport because it helps to relax the mind. Swimming is an escape from the chaos of everyday life, during which you can free yourself from accumulated stresses and create an emotional balance




Wellness “While you watch your children having fun in the pool, you can enjoy refreshing drinks from the Lounge Bar, which is an integral part of the SPA within the complex.” FACT: Finland has over two million saunas nationwide, more than any other country in the world. This Scandinavian country was crowned the happiest country in the world, for the fifth year in a row, in the World Happiness Report 2022.


The heat and humidity of the sauna soothes pain and relaxes tired muscles. Saunas help alleviate arthritis pain. In these cases, it is recommended to use saunas up to three times a week.

A session in the sauna is much more effective than a shower for cleaning of the skin, making it soft and healthy.


Sauna improves blood circulation. - Heating has an effect on blood vessels, favoring better blood circulation and lowering blood pressure. Increased blood circulation has positive effects on the muscular system, especially for those suffering from arthritis.



Within building 6, a part of the basement is a planned space of 640 m2, dedicated to fitness and yoga, which together with the swimming pool will enrich the space for recreation.

There will also be saunas, steam- and shower rooms and Lounge Bar in this area, as an integral part of the Spa.

A sauna at the end of a workout at the gym or after sports helps muscles relax, removes lactic acid and relieves micro-trauma caused by muscle cells. After a hot shower, it would be great to have a massage: the treatment will be effective because the muscles are already very relaxed. Heat and sweat are also an excellent anti-stress and a good natural anti-depressant.


Physical well-being is not just about going to the gym. It is about a way of life that encompasses the holistic well-being of mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of Yoga

- Increased flexibility - Increasing muscle strength and tone - Improved breathing, energy and vitality - Maintaining a balanced metabolism - Regulation of body weight - Maintenance of heart health and blood circulation - Improved athletic performance - Protection from injuries



The fitness center is planned within building 6. Together with the pool, they will enrich the space for recreation. The gym will occupy a sufficient basement space for recreation.

The fitness center within the complex will feature state-of-the- art equipment that will provide an active lifestyle.

If you are interested in living in a residential complex that offers a high-level of well-being, then with us you are in the right place.



Since the beginning of human life, the emotional need for connection with one another, indeed for social life, has been felt. In our lifetimes, this has never been clearer than during the Covid-19 pandemic, when we truly saw how essential human contact and interaction is to our health and well- being. Today, when cities continue to open more and more every day, we have also thought about this important aspect of human life. This is why we have designed facilities to promote and develop the community. This is an additional fact as to why the creators of the International Residence complex can feel proud and unique. The Community Center is a two- storey area over 400m2, a place where people from a particular community can meet for social, educational or recreational activities. Residents of the neighbourhood can use this space for regular meetings according to their interests, have contacts with other people and create new friendships and connections. Community Centres can also play an active role in improving the health and well-being of residents. This center will also serve young people as a safe space for recreation and new activities. It will play a positive role in their development and preventing bad behaviour.


The investment in common spaces in the “INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCE” project has had special treatment, for which large areas have been sacrificed to create them - the Lobby spaces, the two-story Community Center, which has over 400m2, then the great dimensions of the vertical and horizontal communication. All of these require proper assessment and maintenance.



GREENERY That the well-being of the residents is important to us is proven by the planning of numerous green spaces in the IR complex, which are designed to meet the needs of all ages. Greenery provides a quiet and relaxing area for residents. It actively reduces carbon production and provides natural freshness. Planted trees, like those in our complex, absorb harmful emissions, clean the air and give aesthetic appearance to the surrounding environment.

IR’s beautifully designed landscapes, with seating areas, are also intended for elderly residents, while the walking and jogging paths around the green gardens will motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our parks provide safe, green and clean spaces for children, where they can play and learn. This opportunity for recreation helps improve physical and mental health and quality of life.

And this gift for your family is guaranteed at the INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCE complex.


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In addition to adults, our architects have also thought about the little ones. In the inner courtyard, a modern children’s playground is planned, in a space that offers easy access for children and good visibility for parents and guardians, so that both parties can enjoy and relax at the same time. Playing in the park is not only an opportunity to be active, but also a chance to learn about nature and socialize with others. The children’s playground at the International Residence is especially important because today children are mostly addicted to indoor activities: television, video games and mobile phones. Therefore, the sports and outdoor activities that you can do in the spaces arranged within our complex play a decisive role in the right development of the new generations.


Mental and physical development. - Away from the isolation and limitation of four walls, the playground fosters more enthusiasm in children. They become more active, which makes their bones stronger and increases their level of physical activity. It also helps them burn extra energy, affecting their overall growth. Being outdoors and having fun encourages and supports children’s creative imaginations. The freedom of outdoor play allows children to release pent-up energy, relieve monotony or boredom from sitting for long periods of time. Outdoor activities make the little ones calmer thus helping their concentration in the classroom. Outdoor spaces help children naturally come out of their “shells” and be more social. This means that they will be more willing to join in games and activities as well as talk to other children and make new friends. This helps toddlers develop social skills to interact with other children away from adult supervision.


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The latest contemporary systems will be used on the perimeter walls of the buildings in the International Residence complex. The multi-layer dry wall system consists of gypsum boards on the inside, with two layers of thermal insulation with mineral wool, and on the outside from gypsum boards with paper cellulose fibres resistant to external climatic factors. The outer casing of the perimeter walls will be worked with a ventilated facade. The application of these walls has many benefits for the construction method as well as for the comfort that the thermal and sound insulation creates in the interior environment. VENTILATED FACADE




Photovoltaic systems will be installed in the International Residence complex and their energy will be used for the common expenses of the residents, which will result in lower maintenance costs and common expenses.

Photovoltaic systems are a clean, sustainable and renewable source of electricity. Using solar energy is a practical, efficient and profitable solution. These systems not only affect the protection of the environment, not only show the awareness of businesses about energy efficiency, but also affect the savings of the businesses themselves by reducing electricity bills.


The interior walls in the International Residence complex will be painted with the highest quality Scandinavian ecological and anti-allergic paints Scan Color. Natural dyes or ecological dyes consist of raw materials mainly plant or mineral, which are renewable and non-toxic. Therefore, a natural color has a limited impact on the environment and is characterized by the absence of toxic substances harmful to the user and is also anti-allergic.

Especially indoors, but also outdoors, eco-friendly colors can help improve air quality for people looking to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals. Harmful chemicals can cause minor problems like headaches and nausea, but they can also cause major health problems.


Mineral wool insulation

ACOUSTICS Noise is usually a concern of most residents living in apartment complexes. But this will not happen in International Residence, because we will use dry multilayer partition walls, which have the highest acoustic coefficient, starting from 54 dB to 72 dB, depending on the function of the wall. So, the walls between the residential units will be treated with layers with an appropriate acoustic coefficient to minimize the noises that can be caused by the neighbours.

The partition inside the unit is made with multilayer walls that have a lower acoustic

Rainscreen cladding Fixings Vertical xing rails Double layer of plasterboard Thermal break pads Rainscreen brackets xed back to structural frame Cementitious particle board Mineral wool insulation between steel studs Vapour control layer 72 CC APARTMENTS ©2022

coefficient, but which are comfortable and do not allow the penetration of noise. In the apartments of the International Residence complex, windows with special insulation will be installed to reduce the penetration of unwanted sounds and any other noise from outside.


Muret ndarëse mes njësive banesore Partition walls between residential units

Muret ndarëse brenda njësise banesore Partition walls within the residential unit

In addition to the walls, the issue of acoustics in the floors has also been considered. Consequently, between floor levels, a layer for thermal and acoustic insulation with a minimum thickness of 5 cm will be built in. In conclusion, our residential complex offers acoustic protection from all sides of your apartment, which means that you will not feel restricted in movement or by sound/acoustics within the private environment. This fact gives comfort to both you and your neighbours because the privacy of none of you will be violated. The intention of the investors and the architect is that the noises in general are controlled as much as possible to ensure comfortable living conditions for our residents.

HEAT PUMPS All residential units of the International Residence complex will be equipped with the most efficient system on the market for heating/cooling and heat pumps, which within the system provide boilers with sanitary water from 180 to 210 litres of water per unit. According to the expertise provided by experts in the field, this type of energy source will enable heating/cooling at an average annual cost, which will not exceed €100/month for typical units in the International Residence complex.


Maintenance at INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCE Maintenance is one of the main elements that, in addition to prolonging the life of the buildings, will make visible the benefits of the project, and above all, it makes the living environment a pleasant place to live in. This element has been treated and will be treated with precision by the creators of this complex. SECURITY All residential buildings will be equipped with a controlled entry-exit system, elevators and a 24/7 monitoring system. Resident Maintenance and Communication Application - will be created to provide residents with communication and updates on everything that will happen regarding the complex and its maintenance. Residents will also be informed about the activities, maintenance payments, as well as any possible violations by the residents or users of the apartments/premises.

Additionally, the residents of i.e., the fifth floor will only have access to button no. 5 on the elevator and will be able to open the emergency door from the side of the stairs only on the fifth floor. This is a well thought out extra step for the safety of the residents. In order to preserve the privacy of the residents to the greatest extent possible, we will try to ensure that no one feels vulnerable and unsafe. Installing cameras in common areas will help deter miscreants, should someone eventually manage to enter the building behind a resident. The camera surveillance system protects property and residents by reducing theft and vandalism. It is estimated that the presence of cameras alone can reduce criminal activity. However, if property crimes do occur, law enforcement officials are more likely to catch and prosecute the perpetrators when they have video evidence. INTERNATIONAL RESIDENCE - SAFE ENVIRONMENT



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