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The fact this tea has edible 23crt Gold Leaf in it says it all, it is the highest of luxury teas and it’s smooth rich flavour is likely to delight your part- ners taste buds. FOR HER - WHITE ROSE GOLD BY THE AMBER ROSE TEA COMPANY This really is the finest of teas with delicate Jas- mine Blossoms blended with Pink Persian Rose and dusted with edible 23crt Gold Leaf. A deli- cate and floral blend guaranteed to be a hit with your loved one. FOR A FRIEND Step aside box of chocolates tea is here and set to provide the perfect gift for friends.


A gourmet tea with the right taste and delightful packaging can make a perfect gift this Christmas. It is super versatile and is something you can just as easily gift to nan as it is to a colleague. Make sure you get it right though or the receiving party might just be left with a long-term reminder on their shelf of how little you know them! Here is the guide from the experts at National Tea Day to 6 great tea gifts to give this Christmas: FOR DAD Are you keen to avoid the perils of buying Dad the same old Lynx gift set and DVD box set that he never uses? Well why not try this.

and a spa session out of the water!

Just launched is the MICH TURNER CHINA COL- LECTION BY WILLIAM EDWARDS , intricately hand crafted and inspired by a 1950’s chic style it is one designed to impress!

MOONLIT REFLECTIONS BUY THE EAST INDIA COM- PANY, £15.00 We are recommending this fine blend as it a mix of classic black tea flavours but also contains nat- ural ginger and green cardamom to create an en- tirely new taste sensation. A thoughtful and tasty gift we think it will be a sure fire hit with the grandfolks! A COLLEAGUE - SECRET SANTA We all know the feeling, the dreaded office Secret Santa, buying a gift for someone you barely know on a limited budget. Well, here are our thoughts to help you out: - DISCOVERY COLLECTION BERRY BLUSH - LOOSE INFUSION - CHRISTMAS TEA LOOSE TEA CADDY - DISCOVERY COLLECTION TWO SEASONS DARJEEL- ING - LOOSE TEA, £8.50 These delightful teas come in nice decorative cad- dies so make for a perfect gift. Not only this but you can buy each of them for within the dreaded £10 Secret Santa budget restriction! Here are 3 of our favourites, a delightful Two Seasons Darjeeling, A Red Berry Infusion and a Christmas Tea, give them a try! So these are our recommended tea gifts for your near and dear this Christmas! There are lots more other great teas out there though - do you have any tea gifts you are giving? Let us know by tag- ging us on social media @NationalTeaDay

We recommend the ‘Tea For One with Gift Box’ as a perfect gift for Mum at £60. Or if she is less of a tea for one person and more of a cake for all person then we recommend the Cake Stand at £70. FOR YOUR PARTNER If you are with someone who loves tea then we have an absolutely winning pick for you.

CHRISTMAS BLENDS FRUITY TEA SIXER SOLUTION BY THE TEA MAKERS OF LONDON, £23.95 Who ever knew there was a Mulled Wine Tea? It is here now and is one of the 6 luxury teas on of- fer in this gift set which also features Gingerbread House, Sweet Caramel Surprise, Spiced Choco- late Delight, Black Ginger Truffle and Assamica Chocolate Delight! The only challenge might be actually parting with it and giving it away to a friend! YOUR GRANDPARENTS Buying for grandparents is always particularly tough and this year we are recommending you choose tea over slippers!

THE ZODIAC COLLECTION, NEWBY TEAS The whole collection is available as a gift set for £123 or if that is out of your budget individual cad- dies are available at £8.50 each. This is a hugely charming collection where you can select a tea based on your Dad’s star sign, so it has that personal touch as well as being an absolutely delicious range of teas. FOR MUM We have a really stylish alternative to recom- mend for you here that certainly blows perfume





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