Enabling Empowerment Workshop


Dear Leaders,

Congratulations on being selected to attend the Enabling Empowerment Workshop for leaders at your hotel.

During this one day workshop, we will be exploring:

• How individual natural tendencies on your personality may have an effect on your leadership behaviors associated to empowering teams. • What are the critical components that create a culture of empowerment and how are they evidenced daily with our guests. • What gets on the way of building a culture of empowerment. • What business outcomes have been found associated to an active culture of empowerment. • What are the behaviors that empowering leaders demonstrate.

In preparation for the workshop, you are required to complete the two pre-work activities described in this document (next pages).

We look forward to an exciting learning experience in which we reflect on the importance of empowerment and its association to driving business results.

Warmest regards,

William Mackay

Daniel Agudelo

EVP – Europe and the Americas

Dir. of L&D EMEA – North America


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