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My Passion Bringing the Perfect Balance Into Life Keeping a healthy balance between work and life requires you to have at least one activity outside of your job that you regularly participate in. They have to be pastimes you genuinely love to do. Some people love their work, and while that definitely helps, you won’t achieve balance unless you have something you like to do apart from your work. For me, it’s working with my horses. When I’m with my horses, it takes me away from everything else because I have to concentrate on what I’m doing at that precise moment. It keeps me grounded and focused, which rejuvenates me for the benefit of my practice and myself. I’ve found that I can process things going on in my life better after I spend time with my horses than if I were just to sit and think about them. Once I’m done riding or training, I often find I have answers to things I didn’t have before. It's very similar to going to bed with a problem and waking up with the answers you didn’t have when you first fell asleep. Having my horses in my life helps me with problem- solving and reduces stress. Currently, I have two horses: a German warmblood named McLain and a half-Arabian, half-quarter named Smokey. I also had a beautiful Trakehner named Moya before I got McLain, and the pair of them got along really well. Sadly, Moya passed away, and both McLain and I became really lonely. I got Smokey to keep him company, and I’ve grown very attached to the pair of them. McLain actually teaches me instead of me teaching him, especially in the dressage discipline. Dressage began as a military horse-training method that started in Prussia when they used horses in battle. Those horses were trained and required to do all sorts of maneuvers in every direction the rider needed them to go. When horses stopped being used in battle, dressage evolved to become a popular sport. Any horse can be taught to do dressage. It's a foundation of horsemanship and shows the strength of the relationship you build with your horse.

March 2019

I’ve always loved horses and wanted one ever since I was young, but my father wasn’t too fond of them. In his younger years, my father had a pony, but it was mean, and he didn’t want another mean horse. I didn’t start riding until about eight years ago, and that was when I learned I had a passion I never realized was there. One of my clients needed some assistance but didn’t have the funds to pay me, so she told me, “The only thing I can give you is horseback riding lessons.” I thought it sounded interesting, so I took her up on the offer and immediately fell in love with it. Now I have two beautiful horses of my own. I think everyone has a passion they might not know about, and they just need to find it. It's never too late to start a new activity and bring balance to your life. So, my advice to you is if you always wanted to do it, just give it a try.

-Alysoun Eversole

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