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A GRATEFUL HEART Appreciating Family, Patients, and Community This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, my family is off to Washington to visit my side of the family. I always look forward to the holiday season because Kate and I are able to see our families, and the kids get a chance to hang out with relatives they don’t see very often. This year, my two older half brothers will be at my mom’s house. One of my brothers lives in Idaho, and we hardly get to see him. All three of us will be under the same roof this year, so it’s going to be quite the party. My family loves to play board and card games, and things can get pretty rowdy as the day goes on. Traditionally, we do a progressive-style Thanksgiving. We will eat brunch at one family member’s house, then have a light lunch at a different house, and then end the day at my mom’s for the big Thanksgiving dinner. After dessert, we resume our games, and someone usually goes home with a couple bucks from the pot. A large portion of my mom’s family is Native American, so not only do we cook the traditional turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, but we also make two unique dishes. My mom makes a delicious clam dip with razor clams, cottage cheese, and chives. She also makes a smoked salmon dip, which is similar to the clam dip, but it’s cream cheese- based. These two dishes are probably the most unique foods in our family, and I would be very surprised if I saw them at anyone else’s Thanksgiving. Family is important to us, and we love seeing our relatives during the holiday season. We try to spend as much time with our family as possible outside of holidays, and we often organize outings that include more than just Kate, the kids, and myself. When we first moved to Portland, Kate and I left our families in Montana and Washington. However, my sister and her husband recently moved to Portland to be closer to us, and it’s been wonderful having them here. I am not an animated or emotionally expressive guy, so I like to express gratitude through actions more than words. Recently, I treated a patient who works for a commercial makeup company. I had been wanting to do something special for Kate for some time, so this patient and I came up with a great surprise. I took Kate to the store one day

and surprised her with a makeup treatment and spa pampering. I prefer to show others how much they mean to me through actions, and I am thankful I had a patient who was willing to help me put something together. "I amnot an animated or emotionally expressive guy, so I like to express gratitude through actions more thanwords."

To show my patients appreciation, I like to send personalized, handwritten cards if they experience a big win or if something cool happens in their lives. Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that medical providers don’t necessarily care about their patients beyond their treatment plan. I think handwritten cards are one of the best ways I can show my patients how much they mean to me. I am thankful for my wife and kids, my patients, the practice, the safe area we live in, and the community resources available to us. I am thankful for the diversity in our city and the fact that my kids get to grow up and experience people, cultures, and situations that are different than their own. I hope everyone has a chance to catch up with family and enjoy a little relaxation this season. Happy Thanksgiving! –Derek Lawr


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