Abode Pronteau Brochure 2020

I N T R O D U C I N G . . .

The PROBOIL3 unit is an intelligent ‘self-diagnostic’ boiler that is capable of delivering over 100 cups an hour, each one guaranteed to be as perfectly hot as the last. It will measure its own temperature & monitor its long-term health, keeping an eye on any limescale build up. It will even prompt you when it needs a change of filter or a descale, so you don’t have to remember. PROBOIL3 is insulated and has an ‘eco mode’ ensuring that the daily running costs remain low – in many cases less than the cost of using your kettle.

PROBOIL.2X is the next generation in intelligent hot water boilers by Abode, offering fast and trouble-free delivery of steaming hot filtered water at the touch of a handle. Fast and simple to install, this model offers a 2-litre stainless steel tank, toolless installation and is an insulated model with low running costs but with quick re-boil times and simple intuitive digital controls. Distinctly Smarter.

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