Abode Pronteau Brochure 2020

The PROBOIL3 model boiler can be used with the following designer tap models

P r o f i l e M o n o b l o c

P r o j e c t M o n o b l o c

P r o f i l e 3 P a r t M i x e r t a p

P r o j e c t 3 P a r t M i x e r t a p

F E AT U R E S • Factory calibrated to maximise boiler to cup temperatures • Insulated to reduce heating noise and save energy • Predictable and regulated pumped splutter free water delivery • Filter life indicators both visual and audible

• Power saving mode – eco and holiday settings • Dual stage boil dry protection • 3 litre stainless steel tank • Controllable temperature range from 80° to 98°’ • Space saving installation • Everything you need supplied in one box

P r o v i n c e M o n o b l o c

Full specifications are available at www.pronteau.co.uk

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