Abode Pronteau Brochure 2020

The new Pronteau taps are created to suit the kitchen environment in which they are designed to live and not to reflect the technology they are trying to integrate so style is a given, and on the inside we pack in lots of technology and safety with the minimum of fuss.

WH AT D O I G E T W I T H A 3 I N 1 M I X E R TA P ?

Everyday Cold Water – supplies of cold water perfect for those common chores from watering plants to washing away bubbles.


Everyday Hot Water – perfect for filling the sink for those oversized items, washing hands and cleaning tasks.


Instant Steaming Hot Water – available safely, instantly and temperature controllable from 80-98 degrees, it delivers perfect filtered water for making teas, coffees and all of your cooking needs.


WH AT D O I G E T W I T H A 4 I N 1 M I X E R TA P ?

Everything you get with the 3 IN1 tap with the addition of:

Instant Filtered Cold Water – providing crystal clear filtered water on tap, improving the taste of cold drinks by filtering out hardness/ limescale, discolouration and odours in your domestic water supply using advanced filter technology.

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