Abode Pronteau Brochure 2020


As the use of instant hot water taps increase, they are proving to be much safer than using the kettle in the kitchen. Included within all of our taps, we have designed innovative safety systems ranging from two stage locking handles to our patented HotKey ® (for use with the Proboil 3 systems), which offers a simple to use but effective mechanism for the safe delivery of piping hot water. Without the HotKey ® , the tap will become just an ordinary 3-way mixertap, but with it, the hot and steamy magic begins. All Pronteau hot taps are insulated so that the water arrives at the end of the spout hotter, but the outside surface of the tap remains cool and safe to the touch.

WH Y 9 8 D E G R E E S ?

In developing our ranges, we took into consideration every aspect of safety, not only for the dispensing of the steaming hot water, but also the governments maximum temperature requirements for stored water in domestic boiler systems. This is the main reason our products store water at a maximum temperature of 98ºC – the products are all complaint with Part G of the UK Building Regulations and achieve the coveted WRAS approval certification.

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