King's Business - 1968-03

Somebody Cares” are still coming in. Even now, weeks after the end of the campaign, some people are still sending in their cards. Chick worked for years perfecting his books and details for “Operation: Somebody Cares.” While he held down a full-time job during the daytime, he worked on his books during lunch and coffee breaks. Then at night he’d go home and package orders for his already printed books until midnight. Now he says, “ It seems like a wonderful dream that they are finally paying off with results like the ones we are seeing now.” In the instructions that go with each “Opera­ tion : Somebody Cares” package, Jack prophetically says, “When the results are in, each home will have heard the Gospel presented six different ways. The hearers will be without excuse. Souls will be saved, and you will have done the job that our Lord has ordered us to do. . . .” Bethany Baptist Church o f West Covina, Cali­ fornia, has conclusively proved that Chick knew what he was talking about. EE

Visits are quick, courteous and effective.

Jack Chick, creator of the program, and Joe Kirkwood acquaint the workers with the books.



Dr. Anderson instructs new converts from the Word.


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