King's Business - 1968-03

Duffy and Darla opened their eyes wide with excitement, as Uncle Bill told his story! “As a matter o f fact,” con­ tinued Uncle Bill, “there is prob­ ably only one animal that can get over that jagged rock. Look at the far end o f the tunnel and you’ll see what I’m ta lk ing about.” Duffy and Darla shined their lights to the far end o f the tun­ nel and saw the two bats hang­ ing upside down, right over Razor Blade Rock! “But Uncle Bill,” Duffy said, “ it was easy for those bats to get over Razor Blade Rock. They just flew over it.” “Yes,” replied Uncle Bill, “but did you stop to think about how dark it was when they flew into that tunnel?” “ That’s right!” claimed Darla. “ The whole cave is dark! How can the bats fly around in the dark, Uncle Bill?” “ It is easy for bats to fly in the dark,” answered Uncle Bill, “because when God made the bats, He gave them a built-in ra­ dar system.” “What is radar?” asked Duffy. “ Radar is something used by the Air Force,” explained Uncle Bill. “ Radar equipment sends sig­ nals into the sky. If something is flying through the sky, such as an airplane, then the signals will bounce off that plane and return to the radar equipment. A man, who is watching this equipment, will then see a little blinking dot go across the screen. This dot tells him that something is flying through the sky. Even though the man cannot see that airplane, the radar signals tell him where the airplane is, and how far away it is.” Darla thought for a minute, and then asked, “How do BATS use radar, Uncle Bill?” “ That’s easy for them,” re­ plied Uncle Bill. “Bats cannot see anything in these dark caves, so they send out signals, while they Continued on p. 25 IT

JR. KING’S BUSINESS Days with Du f fy and Darla by Gary R. Williams ■ AST m o n t h , Duffy and Darla ™ discovered a cave, which Uncle Bill said was King’s Cave. When they began to explore the cave, Duffy and Darla saw beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and glittering crystals along the rocky walls. They became frightened when Uncle Bill turned off all the flashlights, because the cave be­ came so dark that they could see absolutely nothing, and so deadly silent that they could only hear water dripping from the ceiling. Uncle Bill then told another na­ ture story. This month, while Duffy and Darla were exploring farther into the cave, something startled them! As they were shining their flashlights toward the wall, they saw two little dark brown bird­ like animals hanging upside down on a rock! The creatures had wings like a bird, but no feath­ ers. Their bodies looked like mice, and their faces were flat with tiny needle-sharp teeth. As Duffy and Darla came closer, the tiny animals suddenly screeched and flew right at both of them. Duffy and Darla quickly fell to the ground, and the two creatures flew right over their heads and into a small tunnel! “What were those awful things?” shivered Darla. Uncle Bill walked toward Duffy and Darla and answered, “ Those were bats. Let’s go take a peek into the tunnel they flew into; there’s something very interest­ ing I want you to see.” “But what about the bats?” asked Duffy. “Won’t they hurt us?” “ Bats don’t want to bother you, if you don’t bother them,” Uncle Bill replied. The three then went to the tunnel. They stooped down at the entrance and shined their flashlights inside.

“Wow!” ex c la im ed D u ffy , “what kind o f a rock is that?” He was looking at a rock which was covered with little sharp points and jagged edges. It seemed as if it would be impossi­ ble to climb over a rock as sharp and dangerous as that one. “That is what I call ‘Razor Blade Rock’,” said Uncle Bill. “ One time, I actually tried to crawl over it. I didn’t get very far, however because it cut holes in my pants and gloves, and scuffed up my shoes pretty badly. When it began to cut and bruise my hands and legs, I had to turn around. I had no business going into that place!”

MARCH, 1968

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