King's Business - 1968-03


by Stanley G. Felgar, Battalion Chaplain

with James, “ I by my works will show you my faith” (Jas. 2:18, RSV). These observations are based on my experience of Christian youth in the service. This is also clearly seen in the past demonstrated attitudes toward the Viet Nam war. We have seen widely publicized efforts to aid and comfort the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese by certain groups. Relatively nothing has been done to care for South Vietnamese victims o f war atrocities by the same organizations. Yet each warring country has among its political allies the major powers. All the while, many churches have remained silent; or are con­ tent with the pronouncements o f the government.

T h e u p r o a r over the Viet Nam involvement, be­ gun a few years ago and still continuing among collegiate age youth, has provoked a need to re­ appraise a Christian’s attitude toward warfare. This intellectual earthquake has appeared because the churches of Jesus Christ in our land too long may have overemphasized belief in doctrines about Christ and His church. Correspondingly, there is therefore, among our youth, a void in knowing how to practice the Christian life, and in applying the actions of Christ to today’s situations. I believe that, among our Christian youth, the question is not so much of faith (belief) as it is of works (living). Assistance is needed so he or she may say


MARCH, 1968

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