King's Business - 1968-03

Junior King's Business (Cont.) are flying. The signals bounce off the rocks and walls o f the cave, and return to the bat. The signals tell the bat if a wall is in front o f him, even though he can­ not see it. Now you know why those bats can fly over Razor Blade Rock without getting hurt.” Duffy’s eyes gleamed as he ex­ claimed, “God sure put an awful lot o f stuff in a little oP bat!” “Yes,” Uncle Bill agreed, “but God gave US something even BETTER! Because we are Chris­ tians, we have Jesus in our hearts. Every day, in everything that we do, we should send out our signal to God.” “How do we send a signal to God?” asked Darla. “We send a signal to God when we pray,” answered Uncle Bill. “ I call it our ‘prayer signal’ ! We should ask God to tell us what to do and where to go. We should ask Him to help us in everything we do! “After God receives our pray­ er signal,” he continued, “ He will then send a signal back to us.” “Excuse me, Uncle Bill,” in­ terrupted Duffy, “but how does God send signals to us?” “God sends s ignal s to us through the Bible,” answered Un­ cle Bill. “ I call them ‘Bible Sig­ nals’ ! The Bible has answers for every problem. If we study it faithfully, then God is able to send us signals at all times.” Duffy looked at Uncle Bill with shining eyes, as he said, “Uncle Bill, Christians have even more than ‘prayer signals’ and ‘Bible signals’. They have Jesus right in their very own hearts!” “Yes,” Darla added, “ and if Jesus is right in our hearts, then we should live lives which would make Him happy! We should ask God to keep us away from all trouble!” “You know what ? ” Duffy asked. “ Today we learned some­ thing else from God’s nature! We learned that Christians even have better signals than bats!” Hil

Open your heart... choose one of these!

You can share your blessings by sponsoring a destitute Asian child for just pennies a day.

B ring Christian loving care to a b o y or girl o f you r ch oice in one o f our Hom es. On ly $12 a m on th —ju st4 0 p en n ie sa d a y—provides every necessity including shelter, food , clothing, m edical and school supplies. In terest a co-sponsor, y o u r S u n d a y s c h o o l o r o th e r group. Y o u can write or send parcels as y ou wish. R eplies are prom p t, in English. Sponsors are t h r i l l e d w ith this personal con ta ct. M an y new sponsors are urgently needed to take in desolate children wan­ dering the streets. Victims of Tragedy and Grief #129 Hae C hun . Admitted to a Compas­ sion Home at the request o f village author­ ities. Previously cared for by minister after being abandoned by both parents. #123 W ei Sun . Abandoned—cared for temporarily by grandmother after mother died o f serious disease; father’s where­ abouts unknown. #157 M i J in . Brought to a Compassion Home with a sister and brother. Chil­ dren know nothing o f either father’s or mother’s whereabouts. Y o u will get picture and h istory o f the H om e; life story, picture ii23 wei sun an dadd ressofth ech ild y ou select.

#129 H AE CHUN

#157 MI JIN


#163 TAE SOO

#119 OK SOON


DID YOU KNOW? COMPASSION... Cares for nearly 22,000 Korean children. Maintains 171 Homes (including 11 homes for children of lepers; deaf, dumb, and blind children), supervised by Christian staff and directors. Provides more than 27,000,000 meals each year. Awarded highest recogni­ tion by the Korean government.

Compassion will send a pair of lovely, colorful Korean Baby Shoes to each new sponsor.



o m m r n

Ç j à f s *

Rev. Henry L. Harvey, Pres. □ Yes, with God's help, I want to spon­ sor a child for $12.00 a month. I en­ close support for □ first month □ one year. I understand I may discontinue at any time. My choice is Number _ _ _ _ _ If this child has been chosen, please send case history and photo of a child you select for me as soon as possible. I prefer □ boy □ girl, approximately ________ years of age. □ Please select a child for me and send particulars at once. □ Please send folder, "Information About Sponsoring Korean Orphans." □ I cannot sponsor a child now, but want to help by giving $------------------ enclosed.

Rev. Everett F. Swanson, Founder

Interdenominational, Gov.-approved Non-profit Corporation— Est 1952 Dept. K38 7774 Irving Park Rd., Chicago, III. 60634 Canadian residents write:Compassion, Inc., Box 880, Blenheim, Ont. Sponsorship or gifts tax-deductible.




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MARCH, 1968

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