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The Bible acclaimed by evangelical scholars and students is now available in a fine new binding—a matchless style to give and own. Beautifully designed in Hand Grained Mo­ rocco, leather lined, this NEW SCOFIELD Bible is printed on Ultrathin Oxford India paper and has gold edges. 1,600 pages; 16 pages of New Oxford Bible Maps with Index. Page size: 5% x 8%, only % " thick. N ow—a new de luxe style o f 'the most helpful reference Bible." —Moody Monthly THE NEW SCOFIELD REFERENCE BIBLE WITH CONCORDANCE

by Chester Larson

Q. How is Pioneer Girls financed? A . The expenses o f a weekday activi­ ty program are surprisingly modest. There are three distinct aspects to the financing o f P ioneer Girls in the local church. F irst is the cost o f the club activities. Girls bring “ shares” to each weekly meeting to cover the cost o f their crafts, outings and supplies. This is a voluntary offering and helps teach girls responsibility and sharing. Then the cost o f the guides’ packets and additional lead­ ership training helps is usually borne by the church. Many churches also choose to pay fo r the achievement awards earned by girls as a token o f their appreciation o f the value o f achievement work. The third phase o f financing is that as a missionary organization, P ioneer Girls depends solely on the voluntary support o f individuals and churches it serves fo r the maintenance o f its work. N o fee is set fo r the use o f the program or the services o f the staff. Each participating church is encouraged to share in this m inistry by placing P ioneer Girls on its home mission­ ary budget fo r a regular monthly amount. Q. What is the organizational plan o f Christian Service Brigade? A . In order to be successful, each Christian Service B r ig a d e m u s t have: 1. A Committee — Three to five men plus the pastor generally serve on the committee which has the over­ all responsibility fo r this program. 2. A Battalion — This is the pro­ gram fo r boys 12-18. It should be organized first. The leaders are called “ lieutenants” and “ captains.” Continued on p. 29

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“And seeing the multitudes, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and downcast like sheep withotit a shepherd.’ (Matt. 9:36—NASB)

If a man could for one moment see the world through the tears of Jesus, he would never be the

The purpose of the training at Talbot Theological Seminary is to produce skilled ministers of the Gospel whose theological knowledge is in direct proportion to a compassionate heart which seeks, in love, to share. For to know in itself is nothing. Effective training produces not just a theological thesaurus, but a throbbing thoroughfare from which the Word of God may pass to the healing of a sick and dying world. This is the Talbot perspective! Offering B.D., Th.M. and M.R.E. degrees TALBOT THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY 13800 Biola Ave., La Mirada, Calif. 90638 Charles L. Feinberg, Th.D., Ph.D., Dean

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