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by Betty Bruechert O f t e n i t is claimed that the Sev­ enth-day Adventists have “ given up” some o f their original teachings but no evidence o f this ever has been presented. Among their unscriptural views is that observance o f the first- day o f the week as a day o f worship and work fo r the Lord in honor o f the resurrection o f Christ — instead o f the Jewish seventh-day, which was a time o f complete rest — is “ the mark o f the beast.” But have Seventh-day Adventists renounced their “ Mark o f the Beast” concept? Let p r e s e n t -d a y , official S.D.A. publications, and proclamation provide the answer: “ WHAT THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS : “ The sign, or seal, o f God is revealed in the observance o f the seventh-day Sabbath. . . .” “ The mark o f the beast is the -opposite o f this . . . the observance o f the first day o f the week.” “ . . . when Sunday observance shall be enforced by law . . . those who continue in transgres­ sion will receive ‘the mark o f the beast’.” (The Final Crisis and Deliv­ erance, pp. 2, 6-7.) “ I f the Sabbath commandment is the seal o f God (and it is ), and if the mark, o r seal, o f the beast stands in opposition to it, then, logically, what must we con­ clude as to the character o f the m ark !” “ Which will it be with you . . . the Sunday or the Sabbath, the mark o f the beast or the seal o f the living G od?” (The Marked Bible, Charles L. Taylor, pp. 1 1 3 -1 1 5 .) “ What is the seal o f God? The Sab­ bath, yes. . . . We are in the sealing time, and have been fo r many years.” (Review and Herald, Aug. 17, 1961, p. 9.) W ith unmistakable emphasis it is declared: “ . . . the Bible says if any man dares to take this mark o f man in preference to the seal o f God, he ‘shall drink o f the wine o f the wrath o f God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup o f His indigna­ tion . . .’ (Rev. 1 4 :1 0 ).” (Mark of- the Beast, Charles T. Everson, p. 33.) A proclamation by the Seventh- day Adventist “ Christ fo r Today Evangelistic Team” on Oct. 22, 1967 states: “ People ought to be inter­ ested in the ‘Mark o f the Beast.’ Whether a man receives it or not means the difference between eternal life or eternal damnation in the Judgment.” God’s Word is replete with warn­ ings concerning “ false teachers” and “ destructive heresies” — “ from such turn away.” HE

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