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TALKING IT OVER with Dr, Clyde M, Narramore

Israel so literally that it is opening doors o f vast op­ portunity with Jews every­ where. They are showing an interest in the New Testa­ ment and a receptive attitude toward the Gospel that is unparalleled in their history. A Jewish reporter in the magazine “ Jewish Specta­ tor” wrote: “ The hunger for the Word o f G od o f which the prophet Amos (8 :1 1 ) spoke has seized many in all walks o f life; seeking along many paths and lacking leadership, they still resemble a dispersed herd that has not found a shepherd.. I B J M International Board of Jewish Missions, Inc. Dr. Robert 6. Lee, Chairman Advisory Board Dr. Jacob Gartenhaus, President Write for information and a free copy of the magazine THE EVERLASTING NATION.

NERVOUS TENSION? Q. I think you may be interested in learning o f the experience I have gone through recently. I was a pro­ fessing Christian, leading a victori­ ous Christian life, when 1 suddenly began to feel bad physically. I had heard you say many times that a person should get a good medical check-up when he begins to feel bad so I went to my doctor. He could not find anything wrong except “ nerves.” He gave me tran­ quilizers and. anti-depressants. I went to him quite a few times with aches and pains, and he always said the same thing — “ nervous tension.” 1 began to think I was losing my mind. I became very depressed and wrote you to see whether you knew o f a Christian psychiatrist or psycholo­ gist in our area. You gave me the name o f a hospital some distance away. For two years I was sick. Finally the doctor found that I had a cyst in the kidney which had start­ ed small and by that time was the size o f a grapefruit. I had the kid­ ney operation, and immediately after­ ward I felt fine and the joy o f my salvation returned. I am thanking the Lord for answering prayer. Once again I am serving the Lord as a vital, active Christian should and know the peace that passes all un­ derstanding. A. I so appreciated your letter. It speaks eloquently fo r i t s e lf . For many years I have been speaking around the country pointing up the fa ct that many o f our problems are physiological in nature. Many o f them are spiritual in nature and many o f them are emotional — stem­ ming from early childhood develop­ ment. I trust that your letter will cause people to seriously consider the possibility o f physiological causes o f apparent spiritual or emotional prob­ lems. HANDL ING TEENAGE BOYS Q. A s a mother o f six boys, three of them teenagers, I would like very much to have your booklet “How To Keep Ahead of Teenagers.” Raising children in this day and age takes a real close walk with our Lord and lots o f prayer. One thing I have noticed in most teens is that they don’t want any authority. They

Dr. Narramore, graduate of Columbia Univorsity, Now York City, is a nationally known psychologist. Ho is tho director of one of America's

largest psychological clinics— Tho Christian Counseling center in Rosemead, California.

don’t want to feel they are being bossed. So I have tried with my boys to make what I want them to do sound lik e a suggestion. Oh, it doesn’t always come out like that, but most o f the time it does. I’ll say, “ Boys, here is a list o f the things that should be done this week­ end.” Then I hear, “ Do we have to?” “ I’ve got football practice (or base­ ball, basketball or play practice)” or “ Jim and I planned on going to ____ ” But you see I’ve heard during the week in the boys’ conversation, “ Mom and Dad’ll have a million things for us to do.” So, during the week, I have tried to get at least one job done by each o f the boys. Then when they look at the list, they say “ I did this already!” And the other grabs the list and adds, “ Yeah! I already did that too.” That’s when I say, with a smile, “ Yes, and i f the rest o f the things are done this morning, your afternoon will be free.” Believe me, it takes a lot of prayer and patience to get even the little things done. It would be so much easier for my husband and me to do them all ourselves, but that wouldn’t help our boys to learn responsibility. A. I c e r t a i n l y a p p r e c i a t e your thoughful letter and I am sure it will help many. I too, grew up in a fam ily o f six boys, so I know ju st what you’re talking about. Indeed, an un­ derstanding approach such as you take with your boys is best and you are to be commended fo r your wis­ dom in this. Being a Christian parent means that you have a lot going fo r you. Problems will arise, but these can be handled on the basis o f Christian principles. And, in striving to bring up your children in a godly manner, you are sure you have the blessing o f the Lord and the guidance o f the Holy Spirit all along the way. It is God’s purpose that we should teach our children and lovingly discipline them (P rov. 22 : 6 ) .

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