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CWC cont. from p. 26 3. A Stockade — This program is designed fo r boys 8-11. It is built around the fron tier theme. The lead­ ers are called “ rangers.” 4. Brigademen — The men in the church are invited to take a personal interest in the program through this arm o f brigade. Although the Com­ mittee is responsible to the church fo r maintaining the proper spiritual and program standards o f Christian Service Brigade, the Brigademen are challenged to support the program through prayer and financial invest­ ment. Q. What are the standards o f Chris­ tian Service Brigade? A . This organization stands fo r the fundamentals o f the Christian faith, including verbal inspiration and the final authority o f the Scriptures, the deity o f Christ, His death, resurrec­ tion, and coming again, and the ne­ cessity fo r the new birth through faith in Christ. In addition to agreement with the Brigade Standard o f Faith, all local units must be organized according to the CSB plan and be chartered officially by the head office in Whea­ ton, Illinois. Q . What are the aims of Christian Service Brigade? A. There are at least th ree: to win boys fo r Christ, to guide boys in Christian growth, and to meet the needs o f grow ing boys. This last objective includes their physical needs, i.e., running, swim­ ming, games, etc., their mental needs through the achievement program and their spiritual needs by provid­ ing Christian men as friends and Christian boys as pals. Q. What is a sample program held each week? A . The weekly program is set up as fo llow s: 7 :00 PM— “ Fall in”— Boys come to order and prayer is offered. 7 :05 PM— Squad meetings— Boys run this themselves. They take care o f squad business and pass achieve­ ments. 7 : 30 PM— Squad’s report — Each squad reports on its meeting. 7 :40— Captain’ s Special — A sur­ prise feature ranging from a special movie to a special guest. 8 :45 PM— Council R ing a Story— message or discussion led by one o f the leaders. 9 : 00 PM— Dismissal. 8 : 00 PM— Games. 8 : 40 PM— Songs.


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T e a c h e r R a d io B ib le C la s s M Y SON KURT was only four years old when he came running into the house one afternoon, just after my wife Margaret had lit some new candles, letting them burn long enough to give them the correct ap­ pearance. As Kurt rushed past the living room, he stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes opened wide with expectancy as he cried out, “ Hey, Mom, I smell a birthday!” You see, whenever that important day rolled around, he always had candles on a cake, so the odor of burning wax spoke of just one thing: Happy Birthday! Although the smell of burn­ ing candles meant this to Kurt, the same stimulus could trip various responses in the minds of others. We are all conditioned to some extent by prior experience. How we react to a certain situation — what these things suggest to us— often can be quite re­ vealing. Indeed, they may be a key to what we really are. A device used by psychiatrists is based on this very principle. A list of terms is recited and the patient is instructed to utter the first thing that comes to his mind.

Whether or not this is a completely reliable means of analysis may be debatable but, in spiritual matters, it certainly might be helpful in determining the state of the "inner man.” Take this spiritual "test.” Note the first thought that comes to your mind at the men­ tion of the following terms: Sunday. (Did it suggest a morning to “ sleep in,” or church?) Wednesday. (Did you think of ‘bowling night,” or "prayer meeting” ?) Your pastor’s name. (Was there an urge to criticize, or to pray for him?) Witnessing. (Your first thought— did it suggest a burden, or a privilege?) What did your answers reveal? Regardless of your response, the KEY to knowing what a person really is, devolves from his reaction to the following word: JESUS! (What does that Name suggest to you? Merely a good Man? OR do you regard Him as truly the Son of God, YOUR Personal Saviour?) THOT: As a man “ thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Prov. 23:7)!

The above is selected from Our Daily Bread, the devotional guide published monthly by Radio Bible Class. This booklet contains interesting meditations, Scripture portions, poems, and a thought for every day of the month—as written by Richard DeHaan, Henry Bosch, Herbert Vander Lugt, and the late Dr. M. R. DeHaan. Your copy is waiting for you, free and postpaid. _____ r MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY! I __

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MARCH, 1968

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