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THE CONVERSION CENTER A soul-winning mission to Roman Catholic priests, nuns and people. 500 million Roman Catholics lost without love, trapped by traditions, paralyzed by popery, deceived by the Devil. 47,000 priests, 138,000 nuns dedicated to ‘‘MAKE AMER­ ICA CATHOLIC.'* W ill yo u help keep America free to evangelize the world? Pray, f ive, write for soul-winning material. • W. Eagle Rtf., Hivertown, Pennsylvania To bring God’s Word to a little known and neglected people. _ To p l a n t indigenous churches on Pauline principles and 'train National workers. A complete program of diversified evangelism:- radio, colportage, children, prison work, open air, etc. W rite for free literature P.O. Box 1353-K Fort Pierce, Florida 33451 EVANGELICAL MISSION TO URUGUAY, INC. Rev. Frederick V. Dabold, D.D., Director Serving fields of great need in Bolivia, Bra­ zil, Colombia, and Patagonia. A faith work for 55 years. Send for free magazine and information. 78 W. Hudson Ave. 132 High Park Ave. Englewood, N.J. 07631. Toronto 9, Ont., Can. Member I.F.M.A. TH E FRIEND S OF ISRAEL Missionary and Relief Society, Inc. More than 25 missionaries—in India, Israel, Europe, and across America—are giving the Gospel and material relief to Jews. Read thrilling reports of this work in our maga­ zine, ISRAEL MY GLORY. W rite for your free copy 1218-K Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19107 GOSPEL M IS S IO N A R Y UN ION Founded in 1892 325 missionaries working in Morocco, Mali Republic, Europe, Colombia, Ecuador, Pana­ ma, British. Honduras, Bahamas, Mexico, Alaska and Canada. Send for sample copy of The Gospel Message and other literature to : Smithville, Missouri 64089 HOME OF ONESIPHORUS Completed fifty years of evangelical faith mission work in 1966. Rescues and trains orphans and refugee children in Hong Kong, Lebanon, aJordan. Full time missionary staff in each home. Ask for FREE copies of the Harvester —includes stories of outstanding Chinese and Arab Christians. Personal rep­ resentative available. George E. Hedberg, President Dept. 11, 3939 N. Hamlin, Chicago, III. 60618 Having no connection with any denomination. Holding the Westminster Confession as a subordinate standard to the W ord of God, which is our" o n ly infallible rule of faith and practice." Biblical evangelism, teaching and medical ministries. W orking in 14 countries. Write for Magazine B IB L IC A L M ISSIO NS, 246 W est W alnut Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 19144. IN D O -B U R M A PIONEER M ISSIO N Rochunga Pudaite, Executive Director P.O. Box 805 Wheaton, Illinois 60137 Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through National Missionaries in India and Burma. EVANG ELIC A L UN IO N OF SOUTH A M E R IC A THE INDEPENDENT BOARD FOR PRESBYTERIAN FOREIGN MISSIONS

usually for treatment o f malnu­ trition or resulting diseases, such as TB. Cribs were so close togeth­ er that the doctor and nurse had to squeeze in sideways to take care o f a baby. Diapers and sheets were washed by hand. An appeal was made to Emer­ gency Mission o f the Month for more adequate facilities. The committee consisting of Dr. Bob Pierce, Dr. Ted Engstrom, Larry Ward and Norval Hadley prayed over the request, balancing it against the many others that had come in. The babies tipped the scale. A gift was made that permit­ ted a complete remodeling o f the clinic, terrazzo floor, sh in ing sinks, small tubs for bathing babies, increasing the number of beds from twenty to thirty, spe­ cial isolation room for contagious cases, even a pleasant rest room for the nurses and pomos (or nurse aids).

A M E R IC A N M ISSIO N TO GREEKS, Inc. Spiros Zodhiates, President In U.S.A.: Coast-to-Coast Broadcasts; In Greece: Publishing House, Printshop, Book­ stores, Missionaries, Bible Institute, Orphan­ ages, Camps; Clothing, Food, Medical Dis­ tributions; Paid Gospel Messages in Greek Newspapers and Magazines. INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 801 Broad Ave., Ridgefield, N.J. 07657 A Brightening Beacon In Dark Times Teaching The Unchanging W ord through rural Sunday School organization since 1817 — today with urban work added! W rite for a cdpy of "T H E S U N D A Y SCH OO L M ISSIO N ­ A R Y " to: A M E R IC A N SU N D A Y -SCH OO L U N IO N 1816 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 ARCTIC MISSIONS, INC. Pioneering person-to-person evangelism in Alaska since 1951. Reaches Alaska for Christ through 57 missionaries in 20 centers—Bible conferences, Gospel team evangelism, camps and vacation Bible schools, a Christian High School and a native Bible Institute, 16 mm. sound color film available on offering basis. For details - and literature write: Rev. John M. Gillespie, General Director P.O. Box 512, Gresham, Oregon 97030 BIBLE C H R IST IA N UN ION Over 100 missionaries serving in Western Europe. Others serving in North America among Jews, children and French Cana­ dians. Member mission I.F.M.A. WRITE FOR INFORMATION AND MAGAZINE. Opportunities for service at home and abroad. 1101 E. 35th St., Brooklyn, New York 11210 B R A Z IL GOSPEL M ISSIO N A fundamental faith mission dedicated to soul-winning in the area of Sao Paulo, one of Brazil's largest cities. • Establishing Churches • Bible Institute • 40 Acre Bible Camp • Jewish Evangelism P.O. Box 816 Tempe, Arizona 85281 THE C EN T R A L A M E R IC A N M ISSIO N Founded by Dr. Scofield in 1890 Pray for the 700 CAM congregations and hundreds of national and missionary lead­ ers in "our Samaria." Help us present the best in radio, literature, and Spirit-led evangelism to educated youth and multitudes everywhere. P.O. .Box 28005 Dallas, Texas 75228 THE CHILDREN'S BIBLE MISSION, INC. P.O. Box 44, Lakeland, Florida 33802 CBM Workers in 9 states reach thousands of boys, girls and youth in* schools, Bible Clubs and summer camps. Abundant oppor­ tunities for qualified workers. Write for informative literature, and inquire about our challenging sound-color film. "W in A Child and You Win A Life" C H R I S T ' S M I S S I O N , I N C . R ev . S tu ar t G arver , Director & Editor 275 State St. Hackensack, N.J. 07602 Publishing for 85 years the Christian H erit­ age magazine to awaken Christians to their responsibilities to Roman Catholics and keeping them abreast of developments by the hierarchy. Rehabilitating former priests — providing information and help to Roman Catholics and pastors. Write for free copy of magazine. NON-PROFIT.

Hundreds of families in Seoul, Korea., lost their homes when the Hem River flooded. EMM funds were used to help settle some of the families in new homes or in a tent city. This mother cooks for the refugees in the Tent City. Now it is one o f the brightest, most cheerful places which I vis­ ited on my world-wide tour of missionary projects. The children enjoy being there. One ten-year- old boy, who looked eight, had gained four pounds in his two- week stay at the clinic. Pak Yun- cho had been a beggar boy, sleep­ ing under culverts, begging for scraps of food. When taken to the



P.O. Box 1256 Atlanta, Georgia 30301 Combining evangelism and relief to Hebrew Christians and refugees in Europe, Israel, Asia, Africa, and South America, with a strong witness in America. 37 missionaries on all continents. Write for free copy of magazine, The Everlasting Nation. Jacob Gartenhaus, D.D., Pres., Robert G. Lee, D.D., Chairman Advisory Board.

Sending missionaries throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, British Honduras, Honduras, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Special opportunities for short term mis­ sionaries in campus and inner city work. For literature and information write to: Dr. Rufus Jones, Box 828, Wheaton, III. 60187


MARCH, 1968

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