King's Business - 1968-03

NEW YORK GOSPEL M ISSIO N TO THE JEWS Since 1895 this Mission, founded by Rev. and Mrs. Bernhard Angel, has proclaimed the Gospel to the Jews of New York's fabled East Side. There are more Jews in metropolitan New York, and better opportunities to win them, than in the State of Israel. MINISTRIES: Gospel services; open-air meet­ ings; hospital and home visitation; Scripture distri­ bution. We invite your aid by prayer and gift. 149 Avenue B, New York, N.Y. 1009 THO U SAN D S OF M U S L IM STUDENTS are seriously studying the Bible NEEDED: (1) “ apostles" who like Paul will disciple these individually (2) prayer warriors who will strengthen both missionary and new Christian. Write to: NORTH A F R IC A M ISSIO N 241 Fairfield Ave., Upper Darby, Pa. 19082 205 Yonge Street, Toronto 1, Ontario, Canada NORTH AMERICA INDIAN MISSION Formerly Marine Medical Mission, Inc., this interdenominational faith mission has evan­ gelized native Indians of Pacific Northwest since 1949 through resident missionaries, DVBS, summer camping, and itinerant coastal villages. Worked in 17 Indian com­ munities in 1965. Write for free publication. William W. Lottis, Director 2205 Fir Street,, Dept. B., Vancouver 9, B.C. A n open door to preach to our Canadian Indians . . . but the laborers are few. Information sent on request. 58 - 18th Street, East Prince Albert, Saskatchewan O M S Interdenominational faith mission _ specializ­ ing in the establishment of indigenous churches on eleven fields through evangelism, medicine, radio, and teaching ministries. THE ORIENTAL MISSIONARY SOCIETY Box A Greenwood, Indiana 46142 POCKET T EST AM EN T LEAGUE International Headquarters 49 Honeck St., Englewood, New Jersey 07631 An aggressive missionary movement which combines mass evangelism using modern techniques and large scale Scripture distri­ bution. Currently conducting intensive cam­ paigns in Brazil, Viet Nam, Japan, Spain and France. REGIONS BEYOND M IS S IO N A R Y UN ION Redeeming The Time . . . in CONGO BORNEO IN D IA N EW G U IN EA N EPA L PERU 8102 Elberon Ave., Philadelphia Pa. 19111 TH E SCOTT M ISSIO N A faith work, ministering to the poor with material help, and spiritual sus­ tenance. Rev. A. Zeidman, M.Th., Director NORTHERN CANADA EVANGELICAL MISSION

Scripture Press' Bible Picture Dictionary A valuable class project Do your pupils really know the meaning of such strange words as hyssop, cruse, the idol Baal, and a priest’s ephod? Can they picture in their mind’s eye what is meant by such unusual words that have so much to do with the comprehension of a Bible passage? Most Primaries can’t. That’s why this Christian education tool was developed. It fills a very important need. Pupils themselves help make the Bible Picture Dictionary—and through personal involvement, they learn and un­ derstand Bible terms. One Bible Index Packet, alphabetically arranged (available for $1), serves an entire class. Each quarter there’s a new Primary Teaching Aid Packet* which includes pic­ tures and explanations that are to be cut out and mounted on 8^6" x II* sheets— then filed in the Index. It’s just one of the many extras you expect—and GET—from Scripture Press. See for yourself. *Picture Sets also available in separate packets for 501 each* MAIL COUPON orseeyourChristianbookstore IjgF SCRIPTURE PRESS” ! 1 1 .W .1 Scripture Press Publications, Inc. Dept. KBA-38, Wheaton, Illinois 60187 i j ED Send_______________Bible Index Packets | @ $1 (plus 150 postage and handling), j | ED Send______________ Bible Index Packets i plus set of four Picture Packets (88 j pictures) @ $3 (plus 300 postage and I handling). j D Check for $_________enclosed. □ Bill us. j | ED Send F R E E lesson sam ple packet for | Prim ary Departm ent and these addi- j tional departments: N am e_____ — --------------------------------------------- | A d dre ss ----------------------------------- ¡ City, State, Zip--------------------------------------— i Church----------------------------------------------------- - I j

502 Spadina Avenue Toronto 4, Ontario

RUSHING TORUSSIANS and others with the Gospel. Your pray­ ers and help needed to support Rus­ sian and other Missionaries in Europe, Alaska, and the Americas, sending Gos­ pel literature, and broadcasting the Gospel to Russians. Write For Free Slavic Gospel News SLAVIC GOSPEL ASSO CIATIO N M a r Dcyneka, General Director. Dept. K 2434 N. Kodzio Blvd.. Chicago, III. 60647


MARCH, 1968

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