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book reviews by Arnold, D. Ehlert, Librarian, Biola College

Each age has its myth, whereby life and its origin are interpreted. The myth takes the place o f history. In history man plays the role o f an actor; in myth he can be the play- right, and this is more to his liking. God alone knows firsthand the history o f creation and He has revealed it to us in the Bible. Man is not satis­ fied with this and devises his own myths to explain life. Finally man has come to the place where he seeks to produce and control life, and it has been admitted a number o f times in the secular press that man is now looking forward to playing the role o f God. The first temptation was that through disobedience man might be­ come “ as gods,” and man fell. Both wonderful and terrible things are planned if modern man should suc­ ceed in his endeavor to play God. 134 pages; paper; Craig Press, Nut- ley, N .J .; $2.50.— Reviewed by Dr. Bolton Davidheiser. BOOK ENDS_______ (A Review of Current Publications) THE GOOD LIFE by Henry Jacobsen. 96 pages; paper; Scripture Press Publications, Inc.; $1.25. Based on a study of the most practical epistle of James, the author divides the book into the important areas of consideration. He gives some very practical suggestions as to m aking Bible study more meaningful, especially in reference to this portion of God's W ord which is so rele­ vant for today's need. HUDSON TAYLOR AND MARIA: PIONEERS IN CHINA by J. C. Pollock. 207 pages; ' paper; Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids; $ 1.95. Reissue of the 1962 edition. JOHN, THE GOSPEL OF FAITH by Everett F. Harrison. 128 pages; paper; M oodv Press, Chi­ cago; $.95. Reissue of the 1962 printing. MOODY: A BIOGRAPHICAL PORTRAIT OF THE PACESETTER IN MODERN MASS EVANGELISM by J. C. Pollock. 336 pages; paper* Zondervan Pub­ lishing House, Grand Rapids; $1.95. Reissue of the 1963 edition. FORGIVE THEM: THE STORY OF AN AFRICAN MARTYR by J. E. Church. 126 pages; cloth; $2.95. Story of Pastor Yona, an African native who gave his life for his faith. THE INCOMPARABLE SALVATION by N. A. Wovchuk. 112 pages; paper over boards; Miracle Press, P.O. Box 12,000, St. Louis, Mo., 63112; Price not listed. W ith clarity and simplicity, yet with depth and warmth, the author sets forth m an's sinful condition and God's marvelous pro­ vision for his salvation. THE CROSS AT ZARIN by Jean Bell Mosely. 256 pages; cloth; Broadman Press, Nashville; $4.50. Fictional treatment of Zebedee. father of James and John of the Gospels. Tne span covers the vears from the coming of John the Baptist to the resurrection of Jesus. Chosen as the book of the month by the Farm Journal Family Bookshelf. THE QUEST FOR REALITY compiled by Merton B. Osborn. 128 pages; cloth;* M oody Press, Chi­ cago; $2.95. Fifteen stories of men and women who found peace and salvation. Included are Dwight D. Eisenhower. Tony Fontane, Dorothy C. Haskin and Bobby Richardson.

Baker's Pictorial Introduction To The Bible by William S. Deal

While reference volumes have a tendency to overwhelm the average layman, in this volume the author and publisher have been able to b r i n g together practical material concerning each o f the books o f the Bible, along with specific pictures, in readable form so that one is able to grasp readily the information de­ sired. Dr. Deal author has been used o f the Lord in the preparation o f more than 20 books in addition to various articles and columns appear­ ing in Christian publications. The illustrations are up to date as a re­ sult o f recent archaeological discov­ eries. Reinactments o f various events from Scripture, based on paintings and sculpture, are also supplied. 431 pages & bibliography; Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, M ich; $7.95 ($6.95 until April 15, 1968). Evolution and The Modern Christian by Henry Morris The manner o f the origin o f man is o f vital importance because his destiny is dependent upon it. The Gospel is the “ good news” o f salva­ tion by grace while evolution is “ bad news,” a delusion “ offering an illu­ sionary Utopia fo r the race in some long-distant age but only meaning­ less existence and imminent death fo r the individual in the present.” The various evidences o f evolution are discussed and refuted. O f particular value is the treatment o f the fossil record (the other evidences are ad­ mittedly circumstantial) an d th e problem o f geologic age. 72 pages; paper; The Presbyterian and Re­ formed Publishing Co., Philadelphia; $1.00. — Reviewed by Dr. Bolton Davidheiser. A t a time when there is much con­ fusion in the minds o f the Christian laity with regard to the rapid ad­ vance o f science and its bearing on Scripture, there appear some men whose writings describe and clarify the situation. Such a man is R. J. Rushdoony and such a book is this. The Mythology of Science by Rousas John Rushdoony

and you save a d o lla r! Now you can know your Bible better . . . and save money as well! These two volumes offer a wealth of back­ groundmaterial on the Bible to enrich your knowledge of the Scriptures. N E W C O M P A C T B I B L E DICTIONARY __ Designed for exceptional convenience without sacrificing content. Features 5,000 entries, illustrations and maps. An exhaustive reference for all per­ sons, places, objects and events of the Bible. Cloth, $3.95 HALLEY’S BIBLE HANDBOOK — New revised edition of the most widely used Bible handbook in the world. New photos of the Holy Land; new section on archaeolog­ ical discoveries; 860 pages o f helpful Bible facts; abbreviated commentary; and much more. BOTH BOOKS (Compact Dictio­ nary and Regular Edition of Hal­ ley’s), a $7.90 value, packaged to­ gether, only $6.90. Offer valid until June 30, 1968. Deluxe edition, $5.95 Regular edition, $3.95

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