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y H E doubtless believes that there is very little value in writing to his elected representative, whether it be on the local, state, or national level. The attitude seems to be "What’s the use? My representative couldn’t care less about what I as one little voter might believe.” Perhaps this attitude is espe­ cially felt by the average conservative Christian who ordinarily does not dabble in politics. This is at least partially understandable in view o f the fact that a Christian’s mind is more likely to be concentrated upon our eternal habitation rather than upon the transitory things o f this life. Politics and politicians come and go. Why be unduly concerned about them when we have some­ thing that pertains to eternity to think about and proclaim? All o f this is perfectly true. However, during our earthly sojourn, we need to become somewhat involved in life as we find it. We have a responsibility to do what we can toward making our en­ vironment as wholesome a place as possible in which to live and rear our children. It seems evident that legislators on practically every level are dealing with more moral and spiritual problems in society than ever before. Therefore, the moral and spiritual aspects o f life are entering more and more into our every-day politics. For this reason, we as Christians must become particu­ larly involved in the whole gamut o f issues that confront us in this generation. In this beloved land o f ours we must do every­ thing possible to keep our religious liberties; otherwise, they could very easily be snatched away from us before we ever have a chance to do anything about them. We would then find ourselves in the same condition that so many Christian people who are living in deprived lands are, namely, having to worship God in secret, and having to be most careful in what they say and do lest the wrath o f the authorities descend upon them with its accompanying per­ secution, possible imprisonment, and even death. It can happen here! Life itself is becoming more precarious everyday. Recent decisions o f the Supreme Court, which is composed o f a body a v e r a g e v o t e r

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