King's Business - 1968-03

o f nine men, most o f whom have been appointed to the bench by Democratic presidents and selected especially for their "lib­ eral” views, are tending more and more to cater to criminally- minded individuals, and less and less to the protection o f many other individuals who make up our society as a whole. In other words, the criminal is protected in his "rights” and his victim apparently is completely ignored. We are inclined to accept this most unfortunate situation and wring our hands saying, in effect, "It is a shame that such a condition exists, but what can one individual do about it?” Fortunately, there are some things that individuals can do about it. In a recent address to the Biola stu­ dent body, for instance, Mr. Roger Arnebergh, Los Angeles City Attorney, and himself an oustanding Christian and member o f the Biola Board o f Directors, said, in effect, that we should let our elected representatives know exactly what we believe and why. He said that, contrary to popular opinion, our representa­ tives do pay attention to individually written letters; not the petitions signed by a group o f individuals, or form letters, copied and individually signed; but instead, personal letters expressing our own convictions and written in our own individual style. These do have an effect upon our representatives, and if enough o f the right-minded people will let their convictions be known, the representatives will give an attentive ear to the wishes and convictions o f their constituencies. Recently a letter was received by a California voter from the Junior Senator from California. The letter stated, in part, "I have received your communication regarding your concern with the Supreme Court. . . . Under our constitution we have three separate and coordinate branches o f government. The function o f the judiciary is to interpret the laws. It has been felt by many that the Supreme Court in recent years has been encroaching upon the powers o f the Congress. As you know, I have strongly differed with the Court in some o f its decisions. . . . The courts’ do not have the final word in constitutional law, for our found­ ing fathers wisely established an amending procedure giving the people the final verdict. . . . I have sponsored, along with some o f my colleagues, bills designed to correct some o f the courts decisions. Thus far we have not been able to persuade the neces­ sary two-thirds o f the Congress to agree; however, I am certain, that as the views o f the American people are made known to the Congress, our chances will improve.” The only way that it is possible for the views o f the American people to be made known is to communicate with their elected representatives. Unfortunately, pressure groups o f various kinds have their own appointed lobbyists in state capitals and the national capital who are endeavoring in every way to influence the legislators to vote in accordance with their plans and wishes. The National Council o f Churches has its representatives in Wash­ ington to try to influence the passage or rejection o f bills accord­ ing to its own modernistic and liberal program. Unfortunately, (continued on page 42)


THY YOUTH —Ecclesiastes 12.1


There is no book of guidance, no textbook for the young, that can equal the Great Textbook of the Ages — the Book that gives us rules for living that will never be superseded, that will never pass away. There are no Bibles made with more care and skill than the Bibles made ip Cambridge, wheretheprintingof Bibles has been a responsibility of fine craftsmen since the sixteenth century.



MARCH, 1968

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