King's Business - 1968-03

ing advantage o f o c c u p a t io n a l courses and other vocations that are also made possible through the min­ istry o f Wycliffe Bible Translators. Scripture Press Foundation, o f Glen Ellyn, Illinois, sponsored thirty-five workshops, messages, panels, a n d sharing sessions in a 3% day con­ ference in Wheaton. It gave oppor­ tunities fo r missions personnel from 47 countries and 43 mission boards and 35 other organizations to seek answers to numerous problems relat­ ed to local church Christian educa­ tion in varied situations ranging all the way from civilized cities like Tokyo, Japan, to prim itive tribal areas such as those in Chad, A frica . Follow ing the seminar theme o f “ Mobilizing C h r i s t i a n E d u c a t io n Overseas,” Dr. Howard G. Hendricks, o f Dallas Theological Seminary, stated that “ the key to mobilizing the teach­ ing m inistry o f local churches in any country is always the national pas­ tor.” Other speakers included Rev. Edwin Frizen, Executive Secretary to IFMA and Dr. Roy B. Zuck, Executive D irector o f Scripture Press Founda­ tion. "Letter to An American Lady," a book o f C. S. Lewi* letters, edited by Dr. Clyde S. Kilby, professor o f English at Wheaton College, has ju st been pub­ lished by William B. Eerdmans. It con­ tains 152 letters written in a corres­ pondence between C. S. Lewis and an anonymous American lady whom he never met. All o f the letters are part o f a collection belonging to the Whea­ ton college library. W ritten between 1950 and 1963, the letters, according to Dr. Kilby, “ pretty well iden tify the events in Lewis’ life after 1950.” The Navigators o f Colorado Springs, Colorado, sent three couples in the last month o f 1967 to Indonesia, New Zealand, and Kenya, to start new Navigator ministries or to supple­ ment those presently existing. Mr. Edwin Norman has been appoint­ ed Advertising Manager in the Edu­ cation and Information Division o f

The great lied in COMMUNICATION IS- YOU!

. . . and M B I ’s new major can help you to meet the challenge and prepare for a rewarding career in CHRISTIAN COMMUNICATIONS

But the challenge and the opportunity for Christian communications is coupled with the urgent demand for trained personnel.

To meet its responsibility in training and preparing young people to communicate the never-changing gospel message in an ever-changing world, MBI introduces a new Major* in Communications . . . offering challenging studies in four areas o f emphasis: audiovisuals, oral, writing and radio. Never has the need for these skills been more vital to the cause o f Christ than NOW! With today’s tremendous advances in globe-circling techniques, mass communication has virtually reduced our shrinking world into what has been termed a “global village.” The worldwide rise o f literacy, the advance o f Christian broadcasting, the preparation and the distribution of literature has reached staggering proportions. MBI—with over 80 years o f teaching experience— is in an eminent position to offer in-depth training in C hristian communications with its highly qualified faculty and excellent on-campus facilities for acquiring practical experience.

Gospel L igh t Pub­ lications o f Glen­ dale, California. D i­ visional D i r e c t o r Dean A. Dalton made th e r e c e n t a n ­ nouncement. Mr. Norman has held a position as Accounts Executive

Write for the illustrated booklet, “Christian Career Guide.” Director of Admissions, Dept. 3K8 MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE

Mr. Norman with Metromedia o f Los Angeles. He was form erly with Delta Lithograph o f V a n N u y s , Calif., as P rin ting Quality Control Engineer. F or fifteen years he worked in the promotion department o f the Haven o f Rest, Hollywood, Calif.

‘ Students with two years of liberal arts study (60 hours of credit) combined with the three years of MBI’s professional study can qualify for the B.A. degree.

820 N . L A S A L L E S T R E E T C H I C A G O , I L L IN O I S 60610


MARCH, 1968

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