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LoveUrns® Treasure Treasure™ by LoveUrns® is the largest and finest selection of Cremation Jewelry made of Sterling Silver 925. The jewelry has a hollow chamber inside and a portion of ashes can be placed inside and sealed. Many of our customers purchase memorial jewelry to hand down as a family heirloom. We hope that in some small way our pieces will bring you years of comforting memories. Necklace and Bracelet Pendants include Necklace, made from 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated. 18 Inch length with 2.25 Inch extension and lobster claw closure. Cremation Beads do not include a Bracelet. Separately available as #AC1001. Ashes Chamber Allen Screws and tools provided for easy opening and secure closing of ashes chamber. Design Combination of Classic and Contemporary designs ~ Discreet Memorial Jewelry.

LoveUrns® TreasureBox™ LoveUrns® TreasureBox™ to keep your Memorial jewelry with dignity and respect, when not wearing it.

Family heirloom for future generations.

Includes care kit and filling kit.

Care Kit inside the TreasureBox™ Please pull this fabric loop, to find the Care Kit kept underneath the surface.

Allen key included with each Pendant and Bead to access the Ashes chamber via Allen screw at the back.


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