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Meet Alli Our New Legal Assistant!

As we kick off the new year, we’re excited to feature the newest member of our team, Alli Ginn! Since last November, Alli has taken care of all the odds and ends that keep our cases running smoothly. From reaching out to clients over the phone to conducting invaluable research on cases, her upbeat attitude and years of administrative experience shine through. Originally from Bentonville, Arkansas, Alli got her start in administrative assistance working in the oil and gas industry. “I learned that I don’t really like being in charge, but I love helping people,” she reflects, “I’ve always preferred to be the right hand to the boss.” Beyond just a great attitude for customer service, Alli has a passion for learning and personal growth — by her first week at our firm, she was already halfway through Lee’s first book!

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The Best Podcasts to Start in 2019

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This is the first time Alli will be using her administrative experience in a legal setting, and she has risen to the challenge with gusto. “I like delving into the complexity,” she remarks. “I’ve been learning so much, from marketing to criminal law — it’s exciting!” Between her many years of experience and her willingness to learn and adapt, we knew we’d found the perfect fit for our firm. Outside the office, Alli enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters, taking in all that the greater Tulsa area has to offer. “I love it here because you get the big city experience, but you can drive 30 minutes and be at a lake. You still get the peace of nature.” Indeed, her family avoids keeping their boat in the water so they can explore different lakes year-round. At home, Alli enjoys cooking, especially when it comes to trying new dishes. “I try to cook something we’ve never had before at least once a week,” she explains. “The kids find it annoying,” she adds with a laugh, “but I think it’s important for them to learn to try new things while they’re young.” Indeed, this philosophy characterizes Alli’s professional approach as well. “I always try to have an open mind. I want to learn and grow with this firm so I can be the person they need me to be.”

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