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Come See the Jerseys for Yourself

September can only mean one thing: It’s football

season! Being in the heart of Big 10 country means that allegiances more closely resemble the wars of bloodline patriarchies than they do casual sports fandom. The passion can be palpable.

dress down and give the option for our staff to don their colors. You’ll see

plenty of schools represented, and it usually serves as a conversation starter. I’ll wear my Penn State jersey, and if a patient went to a different school, odds are that I’ll hear about it. We’ll throw a few jabs as we go through exercises — well, except for the one time we had a patient play the Michigan fight song as he exited the office. That was more of a haymaker! Jersey Fridays aren’t just for college football. We have staff who will put on the black and yellow and have some fun with the Eagles fans. Of course, after this last Super Bowl, the Steelers fans might back off. Might . You never know with a Steelers fan. It’s not just new uniforms either. We see some excellent throwback jerseys from the NFL. Saturdays aren’t just for American college football. With the growing popularity of soccer, we certainly see our fair share of Premier League and La Liga jerseys. Of

course, we have to support the Union too. If you haven’t seen an MLS game, there’s


nothing better than watching the Union play on the banks of the Delaware River as the sun sets. Our primary objective with Jersey Fridays is to remind everyone that work doesn’t have to be a burden. We like to have fun with our patients, and with our team as well. By building strong relationships, we can achieve our mission of helping others reach their rehab goals. At the end of the day, we’re here to serve you. If a little back-and-forth about why the Nittany Lions are going to win the Big 10 this year helps do that, then we’re happy to have that conversation. –Dr. Michael Gilbert, DPT


I graduated from Penn State, so football is ingrained in my life. Turning on “College GameDay” Saturday morning to see Corso and the guys make their picks is something of a tradition. Of course, after Saquon Barkley took off last year, there weren’t many people who would predict a Nittany Lions loss. Now, just because we love our college football doesn’t mean we let it stand in the way of having fun at the office. Everyone likes different teams, and we have good, light-hearted banter with it. On Fridays, we | 1

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