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For some of you, coming to Bounce Back Physical Therapy is

PT Key #3. Physical Fitness Checkups & Tune Ups. That’s right. We all know how important twice a year dental checkups are. However, not many people re-visit their Physical Therapist to see if they are still moving freely and painlessly. At Bounce Back, we offer 2 “movement” screenings per year. We want our clients to stay in touch with their bodies! These “tune ups” help both you and us identify pains that may still be lingering or that may be just starting. PT Key #4. Ongoing Medical Fitness Training. Now that the PT on your leg, foot, back, neck, arm and/or hand is over, you’re ready to return to your sport or activity, right? Well, almost. You need to make sure the rest of your body is properly prepared. This includes performing sport specific movements and exercises. Physical therapy allows you to heal and recover while starting the process of returning to a sport. The transition from physical therapy to the field, the court, or the golf course is not as seamless as one would think. It is for this reason, that we encourage each of our athletic and active clients to perform sports specific movements and engage in a Medical Fitness Training Program . Without this option, you are probably going to go back to your sport without full preparation. It is this lack of proper preparation that gets people in trouble. Bounce Back has come up with a solution!

even better”! What are the 4 PT Keys for your ongoing physical fitness training progress and success? Other physical therapy clinics and fitness training centers may not tell you, but we will. PT Key #1. Establish Healthy Habits Early and Often. During your time with us, you may recall the home exercise program we suggested you follow. The key once you have recovered from an injury is to keep up with your “home workout.” True, we all lead busy lives and time is a factor, but with a 5 minute routine twice a day (Just 10 minutes a day) you can stay “tuned-up.” PT Key #2. Eat Right, Hydrate and Get a Good Night Sleep. Eating right is the obvious choice. There’s plenty of evidence demonstrating that fruits and vegetables help us heal. Hydration could be the single most undervalued advice that we give. Our bodies are made up of so much water that we when we do not drink enough water, our bodies will attempt to pull the water out of the organs, bones, and skin making us feel thirsty, fatigued, and leaves us with a headache. Sleep heals us too. Your body is amazing… skin cells slough off every day and regenerate at that same time. Your liver and organs regenerate. Your brain and muscles crave this ‘downtime.” No surprises… you need sleep and a lot of it.

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