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December 2018

Stepping Up for Others Providing More Peace to Our Community

M y kids are not overly spoiled, but in terms of survival, they’ve never had to work too hard. They have a roof over their heads, loving parents, plenty of food every day, and they only worry about what they want versus what they need. Unfortunately, not every kid in our community can say the same. As the holiday season begins, I’m reminded of different opportunities to give back to families who haven’t been afforded as many privileges as mine. This year, both MicroTech Systems and my family will be stepping up their game for the sake of helping more people. MicroTech has always prepared a few boxes of Thanksgiving meals for local families and helped at the local food bank. My family also volunteers to help with Thanksgiving collection boxes and buying Christmas presents for a local kid in need. But we can do more. MicroTech has been helping local families get a Thanksgiving meal since we were just an office of eight employees. We now have 17 employees, and we don’t have an excuse not to be doing more. At home, I want to show my kids the benefits of not being entitled and instead teach them that they must think of others. It’s not just about helping others; it’s about asking yourself if there is more you can do. This fall, I was talking with some of my employees about giving back over the holiday season and ways we could improve. I often hear from customers that the reason they trust MicroTech for their IT needs is because of the peace of mind we give them. But while talking with

Heather, our office manager, I learned our company’s impact on feeling secure can extend far beyond the digital world. A few years ago, MicroTech had an employee who was balancing being a single mother while sorting through some legal trouble. Due to timing and other factors of her situation, this employee was not going to have the time or ability to prepare for Christmas with her daughter. Instead of letting that happen, Heather and her family took it upon themselves to get our employee and her daughter a tree, decorations, and gifts for Christmas morning. I’m so proud of Heather and her family for doing this, but I can’t believe this is something I just learned about this year. Heather took giving back to the next level. She and her family are a great example of stepping up for someone in need, whether you know the person or not. I’m happy that this employee and her daughter were able to continue their Christmas traditions thanks to Heather’s generosity, and it has motivated me to do more this year. Prior to the holiday season, I took time to find more opportunities for MicroTech to give back to our Idaho communities. Daily, we work to make sure people feel fulfilled and satisfied with their digital needs. We love to see our clientele grow, but part of helping our communities expand is providing a safe environment for everyone to thrive in. We’re not just here to service your technical needs. We want to create a better community in our real world.

Happy holidays!

–Randy Amorebieta

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