Annette Rawlings: "Transitions in Art"


A short introduction to ANNETTE RAWLINGS

Annette Rawlings is an American fine artist who has an extensive artistic biography as she has been showing for many years her artworks at different locations in America, Asia and Europe.

Her work is comprised of magnificent colorful paintings, sculptures and ceramics which were born in her mind and personal experiences. Shapes and brilliant colors are a characteristic of her work.

She has always been able to project a restless spirit that has never been detained by time or adversity. Ms. Ralwings is a clear example of tireless artistic work. Each piece, like a poem, deserves the analysis and thoughtfulness of the observer. Maybe we may say that each of her paintings can tell a different story.

This book pretends to show the world – thanks to digital media – part of the work of an artist whose sincerity and devotion to the arts and culture has no limits.

Dr. Raúl M. Oyuela, A.FIAP Director – Museum of the Americas May, 2022.

“Figure bending”, oil on linen, 122x152 cm. (48x60 in.)

“Figure”, oil on linen, 102x152 cm. (40x60 in.)

“Form in Space”, oil on linen, 92x122 cm. (36x48 in.)

“Form in Space IV”, oil on linen, 76x102 cm. (30x40 in.)

“Form in Space V”, oil on linen,102x183 cm. (40x72 in.)

“Form in Space VIII”, oil on linen, 92x92 cm. (36x36 in.)

“Girl with red socks” Mixed media on aluminum,

92x61 cm. (36x24 in.)

“Line inspiration #6” Oil on canvas,

102x61 cm. (40x24 in.)

“Louvre” Mixed media on aluminum,

92x61 cm. (36x24 in.)

“Muses” Mixed media on aluminum,

92x61 cm. (36x24 in.)

“Line inspiration - Clio”, acrylic on canvas, 76x102 cm. (30x40 in.)

“Nude”, acrylic on canvas, 76x102 cm. (30x40 in.)

“Provence” Mixed media on aluminum,

92x64 cm. (36x25 in.)

“Vanessa” Oil on linen, 61x46 cm. (24x18 in.)

“Reclining figure”, oil on linen, 76x183 cm. (30x72 in.)

“Provence afternoon”. oil on linen, 61x92 cm. (24x36 in.)

“Head and Shoulder” Acrylic on canvas,

92x61 cm. (36x24 in.)

“Seated figure”. Acrylic on canvas.

92x61 cm. (36x24 in.)

“Louvre”. Oil on canvas, 76x102 cm. (30x40 in.)

“Figures from Mexico - Mérida”, oil on linen, 56x102 cm. (22x40 in.)


Education: 1959-60 Art restoration and painting, Heidelberg, Germany. 1963-64 Painting, Etruscan vessel making, lost wax jewelry casting. Scuola di Sranieri, Perugia, Italy. 1964 Glass making, Venice, Italy. 1965-69 Private study in the Classical Tradition of Drawing and painting with Roberto Martinez (student of Marino Marini) BA University of Miami, understudies in Eastern Philosophy and Religion. Master studies in Fine Art. 1969-70 Pottery and Fiber studies, Mexico and British Honduras.

1973-75 Private Studies, chemistry of color formulation, Du Pont, NYC. 1982-83 Master Paper-making workshop with Aurelia Muñoz, Spain. 2011-2012 Writing and Speaking, Miami Dade College, Miami, Fl. 2013 Private study, Hand-Made books,, Lake Worth, Fl.

Solo Exhibitions: 1985 Metropolis Galerie Internationale D'Art, Geneva; 1986 Mandragore Internationale Galerie D'Art, Paris, France. Centre Internationale D'Art Contemporain, Paris, France; 1987 Gallery 841, Miami Beach, Fl; 1989 Miami Art Museum, Miami, Fl 1991 Musee D'Art Moderne de la Commanderie D'Unet, Tonneins, Bordeaux, France; 2001 Centre Culturel Christian Peugeot, Paris, France; 2004 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC.; 2006 Walter Wickiser Gallery, NYC.; 2008 Windisch-Hunt Gallery, Miami, Fl; 2009 Whatmore Art Museum, NC; 2010 Andrews Art Museum, NC.; 2013 "Retrospect" Lawrence A. Saunders Foundation Gallery, Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, Fl; 2018 Lawrence A. Saunders Foundation Gallery, Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, Florida.


Group Exhibitions: 1972 "Florida Artists / New, Lowe Museum, Miami, Fl; 1979 Virginia Miller Galleries, Miami, Fl; 1984 Paris Expo, France. Birmingham Museum of Art, AL; 1987 "Masters Handmade Paper" Metropolitan Museum of Art, Miami, Fl; 1988 Ariel Gallery, NYC; Centre Culturel Paul Dumail, Bordeaux, France; 1989 "The Three Americas" Luxembourg Museum Paris, France; 1990 "Grand Prix de Paris International" France. Ariel Gallery NYC; 1991 Stamford Art Assoc., CT. Ariel Gallery, NYC; 1992 Musee D'Art Moderne de la Commanderie D'Unet, Bordeaux, France; 2003 Limner Gallery, NYC; 2004 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC; 2005 Walter Wickiser Gallery, NYC. "The Landscape of the Body" Reviewed by ARTnews Magazine, Walter Wickiser Gallery, NYC.; 2006 Latino Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA.; Crisolart Gallery, Barcelona, Spain; Museum of the Americas, Miami, Fl; 2007 Jewelry, special event, National Museum for Women in the Arts, DC; "Summer Traveling Exhibit" JMA Gallery, Donbrin, Austria; AAI Gallery, Vienna, Austria; International Fair of Luxembourg, EXPO Center, Luxembourg; 2008 Walter Wickiser Gallery, NYC; Art Domain Gallery, Leipzig, Germany; Walter Wickiser Gallery, NYC; 2009 Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France. Crisolart Gallery, Barcelona, Spain; 2010 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC; Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC; 2013 "Summer Invitational" Art Essex Gallery, Essex, Ct.; 2015 Museum of the Americas-"Outstanding Small Format" Traveling Exhibit, Austria - Hungary; Palm Beach Cultural Council, PBC, FL.; 2021 Frost Art Museum, Miami, Florida; Films and Books: At (Password: arawlings), you can see the trailer of the film based on the book "Upside Down & Backwards", written by Ms. Rawlings. and rated 5 stars has been listed in the NYT Book Review. The film won first place in the L-Dub Film Festival She took a class of writing, speech and debate and took her 3 years to write this book. Since then, she wrote four more books: “Metamorphosis of the Figure”, “Right Side Up & Forward“, “Spot & Boots” and “Anatomy of Dreams” CONTINUES

Honors & Awards: 1984 First Place Painting, International Art Centre, Paris, France; 1985 Judges Mention d'Honneur, Metropolis Galerie Internationale D'Art, Geneve, Switzerland; 1988 First Place for Abstract Painting, Centre Cultural Paul Demail, Bordeaux, France; 1990 First Place Painting, La Sorbonne, Paris France; 1991 "First Place for Creativity" Musee D'Art Moderne, Bordeaux, France. National Competition Faber Birren Color Award Show, Juror Laura Resnick, Curator, Museum of Modern Art NYC; 1992 "First Place Painting" Musee D'Art Moderne, Bordeaux, France; 2014 "Fine Artist "Worldwide Who's Who Registry; 2015 Venice International Prize Marco Polo-Art Ambassador for Artistic Merit; Selected Bibliography: 1987 Foremost Women of the Twentieth Century, 1st Edition, World Distribution, IBC; AMemorial Document on Men and Women of Achievement and Distinction, Delhi, India; 1988 Who’s Who in Society, ABI; 1990 Notable American Women, ABI First Edition, The New York Art Review; Leading Artists, American References; American Artists: An illustrated Survey of Leading Contemporaries, American References; 1991 Prestige de la Peinture et de la Sculpture d’Aujourd’hui dans le Monde, Les Editions Arts et Images due Mode; 2010 American Artists, reference book, Signatures & Monograms; 2012 Important Artists of the World published by World Wide Art Books, U.S; 2013 ART a illustrated limited edition hand-made book by Annette Rawlings; 2014 Upside Down & Backwards, a memoir by Annette Rawlings;

Contacts: - Instagram: annette_rawlings_artist

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