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AgriScience Career Information


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Principles of Agriculture (7117)

Animal Science (5008)

Food Science (5102)

Next Level PoS- Agricultural Research Capstone (TBD) Next Level PoS- Agriculture Biotechnology (7230)


Plant & Soil Science (5170)

Advanced Life Science: Animals (5070)

Principles of Agriculture

Principles of Agriculture is a two-semester course that will cover the diversity of the agricultural industry and agribusiness concepts. Students will develop an understanding of the role of agriculture in the U.S. and globally. Students will explore Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource (AFNR) systems related to the production of food, fiber, and fuel and the associated health, safety, and environmental management systems. Topics covered in the course include animals, plants, food, natural resources, ag power, structures and technology, and agribusiness. Participation in FFA and Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE) will be an integral part of this course in order to develop leadership and career ready skills.

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Career Information

Animal Science

Animal Science is a two-semester course that provides students with an overview of the animal agriculture industry. Students participate in a large variety of activities and laboratory work including real and simulated animal science experiences and projects. All areas that the students study may be applied to both large and small animals. Topics to be covered in the course include history and trends in animal agriculture, laws and practices, comparative anatomy and physiology of animals, biosecurity threats, and interventions relating to animal and human safety, nutrition, reproduction, careers, leadership, and supervised agricultural experiences relating to animal agriculture.

Plant & Soil Science

Plant and Soil Science a two semester course that provides students with opportunities to participate in a variety of activities including laboratory and field work. Coursework includes hands-on learning activities that encourage students to investigate areas of plant and soil science. Students are introduced to the following areas of plant and soil science: plant growth, reproduction and propagation, photosynthesis and respiration, diseases and pests of plants and their management, biotechnology, the basic components and types of soil, soil tillage, and conservation.

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12 | MCCSC

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