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Principles of Agriculture (7117)

Horticultural Science (5132)

Landscape & Turf Management (7115)

Landscape Management Capstone (7234)

Principles of Agriculture Principles of Agriculture is a two-semester course that will cover the diversity of the agricultural industry and agribusiness concepts. Students will develop an understanding of the role of agriculture in the United States and globally. Students will explore Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource (AFNR) systems related to the production of food, fiber, and fuel and the associated health, safety, and environmental management systems. Topics covered in the course range from animals, plants, food, natural resources, ag power, structures and technology, and agribusiness. Participation in FFA and Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE) will be an integral part of this course in order to develop leadership and career ready skills. Horticulture Science Horticulture Science is a two semester course that provides students with a background in the field of horticulture. Coursework includes hands-on activities that encourage students to investigate areas of horticulture as it relates to the biology and technology involved in the production, processing, and marketing of horticultural plants and products. Students are introduced to the following areas of horticulture science: reproduction and propagation of plants, plant growth, growth-media, management practices for field and greenhouse production, marketing concepts, production of plants of local interest, greenhouse management, floral design, and pest management. Students participate in a variety of activities including extensive laboratory work usually in a school greenhouse. Landscape & Turf Management Landscape and Turf Management is a two-semester course that provides the student with an overview of the many career opportunities in the diverse field of landscape and turf management. Students are introduced to the procedures used in the planning and design of a landscape using current technology practices, the principles and procedures involved with landscape construction, the determination of maintenance schedules, communications, and management skills necessary in landscaping operations, and the care and use of equipment utilized by landscapers. Upon completion of the program, students have the opportunity to become Indiana Landscape Industry Certified through a state approved program. Landscape Management Capstone The Landscape Capstone course builds upon the knowledge and skills developed in the Principles, Horticultural Science, and Landscape and Turf Management courses by developing advanced skills that students can apply to the field. As a capstone course, students should have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and use skills through an intensive work-based learning experience.

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