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Human Services Career Information


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Principles of Human Services (7176)

Understanding Diversity (7174)

Relationships and Emotions (7177)

Human Services Capstone (7241)

Principles of Human Services Principles of Human Services explores the history of human services, career opportunities, and the role of the human service worker. The course focuses on target populations and community agencies designed to meet the needs of various populations. The course includes a required job shadowing project in a Human Services setting. Understanding Diversity Understanding Diversity encourages cultural awareness and appreciation of diversity. The course focuses on cultural variations in attitudes, values, language, gestures, and customs. It includes information about major racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Relationships and Emotions Relationship and Emotions examines the key elements of healthy relationships. The course explores the main problems that damage relationships and presents research findings on successful and unsuccessful relationships and emotional connections. It explores the impact of one’s emotional and relationship history on current and future romantic relationships. The course presents practical, scientific-based skills for improving relationships. Additionally, this course offers practical and useful information for people who have experienced loss. Students have the opportunity to evaluate their own experiences and attitudes toward loss and grief.

Human Services Career Information

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