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because a big part of my love for the sport is the solitude. I always leave my phone at home when I go. When I’m hunting, I don’t want any distractions from the here and now. That being said, I do still enjoy getting out and hunting with others. The first week after Thanksgiving, I always join my dad and a few of my cousins at my parent’s property for a camping and hunting trip.

I look forward to fall in Ohio every year. Cooler temperatures and cutting firewood are a big reason why, but mostly I look forward to the start of bowhunting season. From September through the end of November, I spend my weekends in the woods on the hunt for the perfect buck. The quiet of the early morning and the solitude of the woods are part of what I enjoy about bowhunting even if I don’t manage to shoot anything. I’ve been a bowhunting enthusiast for the past 10 years — about as long as I’ve practiced law. It was something that my family had done for years, and, slowly but surely, it became something I enjoyed as well. Before bowhunting, I tried golf as a pastime. I know a lot of lawyers who enjoy it, but I could never really get into the swing of it. Bowhunting replaced golf for me because it was a lot less frustrating, and, unlike my golf balls, my arrows went where I directed them. That’s not to say I was a natural at bowhunting, or that I even enjoyed every aspect of it right away. During the first few years that I hunted, I practically had to drag myself out of bed on those early September mornings. After a week of getting up for work, it’s hard to fight the body’s natural desire to sleep in on the weekends. But eventually, my desire to get out in the woods overcame my tiredness. I don’t really ever go bowhunting with others WHY I LOVE BOWHUNTING IN THE FALL AN ESCAPE TO SOLITUDE

We use shotguns instead of bows, and we sleep in my parents’ barn. Even though deer hunting season technically goes through February, it’s too cold for me to enjoy being outside for extended periods of time after Thanksgiving. So, after hunting by myself all fall,

a big hunting trip with family is a great way to cap off the season. I think one of the main reasons I enjoy bowhunting is because I don’t consider shooting a buck a successful hunt, and I don’t consider a hunt where I come home

empty-handed a failure. Sometimes I’ll see a little deer and let it go, with the hope that it will come back bigger the next year. It’s been a

few years since I actually shot one. For me, if I enjoy the environment and return from the woods relaxed, I call that a success.



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