CANNAPAGES May/Jun 2022 Edition - Denver/Boulder/Slopes

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Dispatches from the Highlands

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Cannatown Lifestyle

High Art Exhibit: Vibrance! e Cannatown Museum of Very High Art has a new exhibit just in time for belated- spring. is is Vibrance, the "Colors and Vi- suals of Woah," and features such great artists as Keshawn McGinty, Carrie-Yanda Bemidji- Bolenda-Tryansaydat and others known for their bright works. "We're just so excited to bring everyone a little taste of Woah , the kind of art that just, smacks you across the face and chills hard," said Museum Director Maury Auseng. "Plus, the diveristy and depth of experienced artists is something we almost never achieve on this scale--alot of bud, and genius, went into this collection." "We pretty much walked into our back room and grabbed the brightest, trippiest stu we could nd," he added. Although you'll have to see it in person for the full eects, we've selected a few to preview:

Morning Ears Georgia O'Keef

Although made from a dierent part of her face, "ears" were the rst thing O'Keef saw when she awoke atop her painting.

Sally Rolled the Dice | Carradabbio Although Carradabbio is canon avant- garde, this particular piece is really, really avant-garde in that no one can seem to de- cipher any sort of meaning, not even one.

iTurning Markshon DeactivatorToren-Ton

Most fascinating about this piece, like many of abstractist DeactivatorToren-Ton's later works, is that the objects are meant to represent penguins.

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