CANNAPAGES May/Jun 2022 Edition - Denver/Boulder/Slopes

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Dispatches from the Highlands

$4.20 Cents

Tastes of the CannaBlog Continue reading and nd more at e Volcano Hybrid Blew Our Freakin' Minds Wacky Racky Nothing about this machine makes sense to me. How is every bag lled with vapor so consistently full of avor? How can it be so smooth yet hits like you should be coughing up a lung? Aer many weeks of testing I am still mind-blown. How many bags can this unit ll before the weed is spent? How do you tell when it's spent? When the eects are no longer hitting that hard? Most units it's when the weed starts tasting like burnt popcorn, which I have yet to experience that taste, even by bag #5. What I can tell you is most of the YouTube Videos out there are showing you the wrong way to use your Volcano Hybrid. Even the Storz & Bickel manuals could use clearer words and graphics, but their customer sup- port department kindly helped me nd the right instructions online when I reached out. I would actually describe this unit as "medi-

cal grade" and absolutely perfect for people with lung conditions that still need to smoke for whatever reason. ese people should already be aware their doctors would prefer them not to smoke, but if you are stubborn like me, wouldn't it be wiser to instruct patients about tools available to make that smoking more comfortable? ...Continue Reading e Volcano Hybrid comes with both tube and bag attachments

CANNAD CANNABIS CLASSIFIEDS Gratis Genetics! ats right, FREE cuttings and seeds when available. Problems with your grow? Pot questions? Free advice from an old '96 High Times Cannabis Cup winning farmer. Email me:

HowManyDispensaries CanYouVisit in aDay? ere is not really a central computer system in Colorado, where dispensaries keep track of what consumers purchase at other dispensaries. Because of this issue, Colorado dispensaries usually allow the purchase up to the legal pos- session limits, at one time. ...Continue Reading

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