Duracell 4 Page Brochure

PROXIMITY • TRANSPONDER • FOBIK • REMOTE HEAD • OEM styles so replacements look like original • Variety of configurations available per style to account for exact features on car SECURITY KEYS ADVANCED


BENEFITS • Customers can save up to $250 off dealer prices • Makes YOU the one-stop shop key destination

COST • 50 SKUs

• Offers the ability to duplicate keys that competitors cannot

• Starter kit cost $2,429 • Starter kit retail $5,389

Required to program advanced security keys to the car:

The SmartBox™ Automotive Key Programmer brings you a powerful, cost effective tool to quickly & easily pair transponder keys, remotes, smart keys, flip


keys and everything in between saving you time and money and ultimately allowing you to increase your revenues by programming more cars in less time. The SmartBox™ Key Programmer features a built-in frequency tester, advanced cloning technology, easy to use application with training materials built in.

• No expensive equipment to purchase or maintain • Simple step-by-step programming • Automatic software updates

ADVANCED KEY PROGRAMMING Established tech with a twist.

OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE Unlimited use? No problem. No WIFI needed. The SmartBox™ Key Programmer uses the most advanced electronics to deliver you the most powerful tool on the market.

UNLIMITED FREE UPDATES Get the newest and most recently added vehicles by simply connecting to a WIFI network and starting your secure cloud sync.

Reduce cloning cost and simplify your process with the SmartBox™ key programming technology.

FEATURES • Drastically increases your company’s auto key coverage • Built-in frequency tester

BENEFITS • Remotely updated • Does NOT require internet connection during use

COST • $18 per month fee • No per-use fee • Hillman maintains the device

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