CANNAPAGES May/Jun 2022 Edition - Phoenix/Tucson/Flagstaff

Vol 4. Edition 5

News from CannaTown

Page 15

Nordic Bloom | Pierre R'Gnar Some critics dispute the likeness of the Scandinavian spring R'Gnar was going for, but to be fair, hewas totally ripped to shreds.

Cosas Aburridas | Frida Pakalolo As the name implies, Pakalolo sought to capture the exciting essence of her morn- ing, in which a fuzzy rainbow appeared to extend between half-eaten pieces of fruit.

"Sketch of aingy" Leonardo da Pinchie

e oldest piece of the collection and most valuable by far, Sketch of a ingy has stumped historians for centuries. Is it a bean? Is it a person? So much mystery.

ABumpy Night Vincent Van 'Dro

Years prior to some of his more famous works, Van 'Dro was cropping out the starry night, opting instead for the spiky hills dot- ting the landscape outside the castle walls.

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