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Lorsque c’est le temps des cabanes à sucre, Thaila Riden fait le tour des érables à sucre et des autres arbres de sa ferme familiale qu›il entaille pour en extraire la sève afin de fabriquer son propre sirop d›érable. En tant que candidat du Parti vert pour Glengarry- Prescott-Russell, il veut donner aux questions relatives au secteur agricole une voix plus forte à l›assemblée législative. -photo Gregg Chamberlain

Thaila Riden is the new Green Party candidate for Glengarry-Presott-Russell. A farmer at heart, he wants to focus more attention by the provincial government on the issues that a rural riding faces, which includes protection of farmland, better broadband service, more affordable housing, and strong health care services. -photo Gregg Chamberlain


over to other groups to start community HBSEFOTXPVMECFBHPPEXBZUPIFMQTPNF local families deal with their food needs. 5IFMPDBMGPPECBOLXBTPOFPGUIFàSTU UPUBLF3JEFOVQPOIJTPGGFSPGDPNNVOJUZ garden space. There are now six garden QMPUT UFOEFECZ GPPECBOLWPMVOUFFST UP HSPXGSFTIQSPEVDFGPSMBUFSEJTUSJCVUJPOBU IBSWFTUUJNFUPGPPECBOLDMJFOUT4FWFSBM other groups and individuals have adopted garden plots at The Grand Barn, for a total of 20 small community gardens. After getting the community garden QSPKFDU TUBSUFE  3JEFO CFDBNF JOWPMWFE XJUI&DP&BTU UIFSFHJPOBMOPOQSPàUHSPVQ dedicated to fostering awareness of climate DIBOHFBOEMPCCZJOHMPDBMNVOJDJQBMJUJFTBOE regional governments to create and enforce their own action plans to address potential DMJNBUFDIBOHFJTTVFTJO&BTUFSO0OUBSJP %VSJOHPOFNFFUJOHPG&DP&BTUUIFSFXBT EJTDVTTJPOBCPVU UIFVQDPNJOHQSPWJODJBM FMFDUJPOBOEUIF MBDLPGB MPDBMDBOEJEBUF GPSUIF(SFFO1BSUZ%VSJOHIJTPXOSFTFBSDI 3JEFOOPUFEUIBUUIF(SFFO1BSUZTDBNQBJHO QMBUGPSNDPWFSFEPUIFS JTTVFTCFTJEF UIF FOWJSPONFOUBOEBQQMJFE UPCFDPNF UIF QBSUZT(13DBOEJEBUF «I want to go door to door now,» Riden said, adding that he wants to explain to local voters how the Green Party would address JTTVFT MJLFIFBMUIDBSFTFSWJDFTTVQQPSU  NBLJOHNFOUBMIFBMUITFSWJDFTFMJHJCMFGPS coverage under the provincial health insu- rance program, and promoting support for NPSFQVCMJDUSBOTJUBOEBGGPSEBCMFIPVTJOH j5IFCJHHFTUSFBTPOGPSXIZ*BNSVOOJOH is the need for action,» he said. «»The word from Science is that we have to do something meaningful now to deal with climate change issues. I am here to say that we can do it SJHIU CVUXFIBWFUPEPJUOPXv More information on Riden and the Green Party is at thaila-riden/.




Thaila Riden is a farmer at heart and thinks the Green Party can best re- present the interests of a rural riding like Glengarry-Prescott-Russell at Queen’s Park. “I am very aware that, geographically, 80 per cent of the riding is agricultural,” said Riden, during an interview at The Grand #BSO IJT GBNJMZ GBSN JO&BTU)BXLFTCVSZ 5PXOTIJQi*XBOU UPCFBCMF UPTQFBL UP and for the farmers.” Riden, 40, has lived in the Prescott County BSFBBMNPTUBMMPGIJTMJGF)JTGBNJMZNPWFE to the area when he was six and he attended IJHITDIPPMBU7BOLMFFL$PMMFHJBUF *OTUJ - tute. After graduation he went to Ottawa to attend Carleton University where he earned BCBDIFMPSTEFHSFFJOMBXBOEBCBDIFMPST degree in integrated science, with a focus on genetics. )JTNBJOJOUFSFTUJTJOBHSJDVMUVSFCVUIF UIJOLTIBWFBUMFBTUBQBSBMFHBMFRVJWBMFOU FYQFSUJTFJOMBXJTBCFOFàU)FXPSLTBUUIF )BSNPOZ(BSEFOTNBSLFUHBSEFOJO%BMLFJUI and is in the process of transforming the family farm into a large-scale community garden site open to any community groups, school classes, or individuals who want to set up a community garden project. «It was never a dream of mine to get into politics,» he said, regarding his decision UPCFDPNF UIF(SFFO1BSUZDBOEJEBUF GPS Glengarry-Prescott-Russell in the June 2 provincial election. )JTDPNNVOJUZHBSEFOQSPKFDUBU5IF (SBOE#BSOCFDBNFUIFàSTUTUFQUPXBSET IJT(SFFO1BSUZDBOEJEBDZ)FCFHBOUIBUQSP - ject two years ago soon after the pandemic CFHBO3JEFOCFHBOGPMMPXJOHSFQPSUTBCPVU how the pandemic was interfering with supply chains for some products and he thought that turning some of his unused farmland


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