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By Chris O’Connor, CCC Promotions Strategic planning for the 2015 industry trade shows


•Was a representative of your company there in thepast twelve months - 88% said no. •Seven out of ten plan to purchase one or more products based upon results from the show. •What percent of the visitors ask for quotes at the show - 76% and on average 26% result in purchase orders for the products seen at the show. •What percent of the visitors at the show were influenced by what they sawat the show- 72%. •What percent of the visitors will share what they learned at the shows with other on staff -

id you know that the largest percentage of the company’s market-

87%. •What percent of the visitors were there for the first time - 40%. •Did youknow it cost 22% less to see a customer one on one at a show rather than the office? 1. Set measureable realistic goals – thiswill insure yourwrap upmeetingwill be able to correct any issues for the next show. 2. What is the budget? Each show is different but using a guidenumber canhelp. Take the size of the booth and the cost per booth. For example, a 10 ft x 10 10 Planning steps for your next show

ft booth costs $2,555. Using the guide number of 3 the overall budget should be $7,665. The largest percentagewill be for the booth services such as delivery, dismantle, setup, and dismantle and pack for shipping to the next location at the end. Also include the cost of lodging, meals, etc. 3. Select the right show to do. Selecting the correct show for your products is key. 4. Space selection is usually done by length of time you will be at the show. What you can choose is the booth size. But here again it is imperative to choose the size with knowledge of what

your budget is. Largest is not always the best. 5. That first impression goes a long way. When was the last time you reviewed your booth? Will your clients get that first impression that you desire? The well designed booth is able to cut through the trade show confusion and get your message to the targeted audience. The graphics need to say what you do and what the benefit to the prospect is. The CEIR came up with the following information ona typical trade showvisit. 1 - 2 1/2 hours are spent on the floor over a 2 day period visiting an average of 25-30 booths which allows 5-15minutes per booth in whichyouhave to sell your prod- uct. Check out CCCPromotions, providingwinning boothdesigns for over two decades. 6. The right trade show pro- motional itemwill increase your traffic and increase your sales. Many trade show visitors have a list of booths to visit made up prior to show date and they have their routemapped out. By including something inyour pre- show mailing they will include your item will mean your booth will be one of the ones seen, not bypassed. Be sure to pick out promotions for your targeted audience and not just anyone at the show. Let CCC Promotions help you determine promotions to give out and be sure they have your contact information ON them. 7. Is your booth staff prepared for the visitors? The staff draw people into your booth, engage the visitors, and ask qualifying questions to determine the level of interest they have. This needs to be placed on the lead sheet so it can be used when making follow-up calls. Train your staff for the visitors with the four step approach EQPC (Engage/ Qualify/ Present/Close). 8. Lead follow-up should be a top priority of all. Is the informa- tion on the lead card complete? Before you leave each day check the lead basket and train on any itemwhich ismissing.When fol- lowing upwith the customer use the lead sheet and the customer will see your follow up trail is complete. 9. Hold a wrap up meeting as soon as you come back so that if needed adjustment can bemade for the next show to improve. 10. CCC Promotions has been providing trade show solutions for over twenty years. ChrisO'Connor is theCEO of CCC Promotions. n

ing budget goes to trade shows? Did I get the maximum return on my investment? Here is a sim- ple test for you to take that

Chris O’Connor

can help you answer many of your trade show questions. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) provided an- swers.

Chris O’Connor chris@cccpromos.com 973-489-9331

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